Fallen Angel

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    It was a bright, sunshiney day like it always was in heaven. The
    golden gates sparkled, and the angels lived in harmony. Well, most of
    them did. Kieara wasn't one of them. She never really was at peace in
    Heaven. Always so curious, and wanted to have fun.

    Something very peculiar had happened today. She'd been banished from
    Heaven. Oh, this had happened before, but normally an angel was sent
    to Hell when this happened. She was banished to Earth. This was an odd
    happening in heaven. One would think it would be inhumane for the
    angels to even think of this torture right? Well, for most. There
    wasalways the exception made on....rare offenses. This was one of

    A loud boom echoed for miles around. Kieara was in a local park
    unconcious. She lay across the ground loose feathers scattered about
    the area. There was a large crater that she'd landed in. Her wings
    would no longer function to allow her to fly into Heaven. Yes she
    still had them, yes she could still fly, but not very long, or very

    She was a new angel and had a very open mind and a kind heart. She was
    also very niave. She didn't mean to be, but it was in her soft, smooth
    nature. She couldn't help being the way she was. After all, her
    creator had made her that way.

    She was a petite girl and had pretty light greyish brown eyes. Unlike
    most angels, she had yet to get her white robes and such. She was
    still wearing what she had been when she died. Her simple outfit was
    black and loose. She had long brown hair that framed her face.