Fallen Angel

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    It was a bright, sunshiney day like it always was in heaven. The
    golden gates sparkled, and the angels lived in harmony. Well, most of
    them did. Kieara wasn't one of them. She never really was at peace in
    Heaven. Always so curious, and wanted to have fun.

    Something very peculiar had happened today. She'd been banished from
    Heaven. Oh, this had happened before, but normally an angel was sent
    to Hell when this happened. She was banished to Earth. This was an odd
    happening in heaven. One would think it would be inhumane for the
    angels to even think of this torture right? Well, for most. There
    wasalways the exception made on....rare offenses. This was one of

    A loud boom echoed for miles around. Kieara was in a local park
    unconcious. She lay across the ground loose feathers scattered about
    the area. There was a large crater that she'd landed in. Her wings
    would no longer function to allow her to fly into Heaven. Yes she
    still had them, yes she could still fly, but not very long, or very

    She was a new angel and had a very open mind and a kind heart. She was
    also very niave. She didn't mean to be, but it was in her soft, smooth
    nature. She couldn't help being the way she was. After all, her
    creator had made her that way.

    She was a petite girl and had pretty light greyish brown eyes. Unlike
    most angels, she had yet to get her white robes and such. She was
    still wearing what she had been when she died. Her simple outfit was
    black and loose. She had long brown hair that framed her face.
  2. Tucker hadn't always wanted to be a priest. Hell, he wasn't exactly sure where the idea had come from in the first place. His father had blamed it on his inability to find a lasting relationship and that he had turned to God, instead. Tucker wasn't sure how accurate that was, but his family was happy, and thus he wasn't about to tell them he was just a lost man in his world.

    He had been doing this for two years already - three more to go and he'd be preaching in the church like Father Richard had when he was a kid.
    Some of the men here - most all long and lanky with little to show for muscle - were hell bent on keeping up with tradition and preaching the Lord everyday. But that was what priests were supposed to do, right? After all, church-goers came to them everyday for guidance and prayer.
    The more Tucker thought about it, the more he doubted his path. He was supposed to praise the Lord all day, every day? Tucker had brought up to fear God but never to such an extreme. Sometimes the praying made his stomach ache, and his mouth just craved another beer.

    He laughed at himself. What the hell was wrong with him? The kid that always played in the mud... rode the bull his father had warned him against and raked hay all day... was going to pray all his life?
    Tucker shook his head as he ascended to his chamber, a small room he had to himself. They prayed so many times per day, studied the Bible so heavily, that he rarely saw the room anymore. He knew that his regular clothing was hidden in that wardrobe, and his hands itched to reach out for it. Was one beer really a sin? He sure as hell didn't think so... but then again, swearing was a sin, and he had probably thought more curses in the last five minutes than a priest did in his lifetime.
  3. The little angel was unconcious. She lay in a pool of white, her halo laying but a few feet away from her maintaining a celestial glow as her wings, and the feathers surrounding her did, though her weakened state weakened the glow, but not to the point of being unseen. She lay in her crumpled heap banished to this rock from the heavens.
  4. Yeah, this was definitely a sin. The priesthood called for no worldly possessions; but then, why did they let him have a wardrobe? Tucker had kept his everyday clothing anyways and was now thankful for it. No way he was going to a bar in his priest garb.

    He was passing a small park, abandoned but a park nonetheless, when the smallest of movements caught his attentions. A woman - a girl, even - was on the ground. Tucker squinted his eyes, trying to make out the small form. She sat huddled in a small crater, like she had fallen from the Earth at top speed.
    Fearing she was hurt or lost, Tucker found the entrance to the park and traveled towards her.
    She was all dressed in black, and Tucker furrowed his brow. What was she, some kind of runaway bride? Her hair was dark brown, like chocolate.

    Tucker approached and released that she was surrounded by feathers, now floating out and away from her. A sparrow swooped down and grabbed one, surely to make a nest for her eggs.

    Tucker touched her slender arm, "you alright there, honey?"
  5. ((ummm.......her description is in my intro, and she doesn't have purplr hair nor blonde in it.....))

    Kieara stirred a bit in the pile of feathers she'd ended up in. She opened her greyish eyes and blinked weakly. "H-huh?" She asked and sat up shakily. A few more loose feathers fell and two broken wings raised out of the pile of feathers with flecks of blood on the remaining feathers on them. She winced as she tried to stretch them out. A golden halo stuck up from the pile a few feet away.
  6. (Sorry... the photo you posted had purple hair, so I figured that was what she had.)

    It wasn't until she began to sit up that Tucker realized that she was not just sitting in the feathers... no, in fact, the feathers had come from her. There were two crescent-like structures settling behind her, looking battered and beaten but they nearly glowed nonetheless. Tucker stared at them momentarily, partially in shock. It almost looked like the girl was wearing a costume...

    He settled his eyes back onto her sweet little face. Huge grey eyes stared up at him, innocent and the slightest amount of pain reflecting back at him. Tucker felt the bile rise in his throat; there was blood, he could see. It coated the feathers she laid on and her black outfit.

    "Are... are you alright?" he pressed, staring into those pools of grey, "I'm Tucker, I think... I think you fell, or something..."
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    It's hard to tell what the others back at his school would do when they saw her. Be disgusted and call her a phoney, or be amazed and ask her questions. She looked up at him and left her wings folded in their contorted manner behind her unable to move them for the risk of being in pain. She smiled weakly. "I'm Kieara. I did fall." She spoke to him. "I fell a long long way." She said. "Thank you for checking on me."