Fallen and Livian (hatalia)(Luka nd Livian only!!!!!!)

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  1. Fallen had just found her sister after many years but she wasn't the same she was married to Alfred or Ameria, but it wasn't odd herself was married to Gilbert or Prussia and still love him even when he bugged Rodrick or Austria. Today she was going to be united with her sister anit was going to be weird..........
  2. (at her home in america)
    "livean will you get that?" alfred mumbled through his pillow
    "ughh... fine! lazy bum!" she hit the alram and smashing it to pieces
    she sat up with eyes sqiunted by the sunlight coming through the window
    'today i get to see my sister again and she will be surpiesed with what i bring' she thought to herself looking at alfred.
    (you didnt know she was married to america or how her appaerance changed since they last saw each other when they were kids)
  3. (its just an intro dhe doesnt know Livy)

    Fallen awoke to Her husbands snorring, she rolled over to push him off the bed but he wassnt their. She peaked over the edge of the bed to find him laying on the ground sparled out she couldnt help but laugh.
    "GET UP LAZY BUM WE"RE MEETING MY SISTER TODAY!" she shouted at teh top of her lungs.
    Gilbert woke up with a jolt smacking heads with his wife causing her to yelp in suprize. Today was going to be fun.
  4. Livean gets up and heads to the shower letting her husband sleep
    ' i havent seen my sister in years. i dont know what she will be like.'
    she gets out and dressed and walks out of the bathroom and sees alfred snoring like a bear half way off the bed livean grabs a bucket and fills it up with ice and cold water and pours it on him cuasing him to fall on his head
    "not cool! the hero should never get to go through this things" he said crossing his arms pouting
    livean stood there giggling and thinking 'he so cute when he pouts'
  5. Fallen got dressed quickly leting Gilbert have the shower she knotted up her black and red hairthrowing clothes intothe bathroom for him rubbing her forhead it still hurt as she made breakfest and poured orange jucie.
    "Your heads hard hun." she muttered as Gilbert joined her in the kitchen.
    "Not my fault you screamed in my ear." he gave her a kiss then sat down eatting breakfest.
  6. america gad finished his shower and walked downstairs to find his wife had finished making breakfeast. Egg omlets like the way he likes with a coke and livean was staring at her plate not touching her food
    "Livean whats wrong?" alfred said putting his hands on her shoulder eaning over to look at her with a worried look on his face
    livean didnt notice her husband there a jumped at the sound of his voice. "its i havent seen my sister in years and.... i worried how she might of changed or if she is doing poorly" she said while sighing
    "dont worry she your. she was and still is capable of taking care od herself. Besides you'll have your hero by ur side!!" alfred said with a a huge grin and his eyes gleaming
    it was that smile and eyes that she fell in love with and felt it makes all her troubles go away
    "alright!" she smiled at him pulling him down for a kiss
  7. Fallen ran half the way dragging her husnamd along.
    "Come on slow poke she's gonna be their before us at the rate your going move et" she yelled.
    Gilbert never sped up he continued to walk in a steady pace behind her sighing at her egerness.
    "I'm not running it'll ruin my hair." he grumbled.
  8. "AHHHHH!!!! AMERICA SLOW DOWN!!!!" she tried to scream over the motorcycle and the air rushing by. alfred stops the motorclye and she is cutching him like her life depended on it. she never liked it when he drove. it was always to fast with weaving in and out of traffic and it scared the living shit out of her. "well we are here! BESIDES THE HERO IS ALWAYS THE FIRST ONE TO SHOW!!! HAHAHAHAA!!" he kept laughing on and on. the two sisters had agreed to meet at a local resturant. she let go of alfreds back and got off the motorcycle.
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  9. (call me)

    Fallen ran into tyhe door as someone opened it falling back on her butt.
    "Ow ow ow ow.
    she looked up to glare at man and women enter the small restruant.
    "That hurt apolojize now." she demanded as her husband caught up to her.
  10. Livean was opening the door to the resturant and a women hit with it.
    "ohh my goodness i am so sor-....." she looked around staring and holding the womens gaze "Fallen... is.... that .. you?"
  11. Fallen looked up "Oh hey Livian but i still demaqnd a sorry." she felt as if she had a concusion.
  12. "No!! Too bad!" she said sticking out her tounge with her arms crossed with a playful look on her face luaghing as she stuck out a hand to help her up
  13. She took her hand and yanked til ashe fell onthe ground then jumped up.
    "Ha i got you now you dont have to say sorry." she laughed.
    Gilbert gave her a amused stare as she laughed then looked at the girl on the ground.
  14. america came out to help his wife. he grabbed her elbows and helped her up. as he did she looked at the man with her sister and kicked in in the nuts and took the other leg to knock him on his butt while his grion was in pain and he took his wife down with him "hahaha!!! arent you two so cute!!!" she said to the awkard position you two had landed in.
  15. Gibert glared at the man that had just hurt him.
    "That wasnt very nice." he said threw gritted teeth.
    Fallen could help but burst out laughing.
    "No kids yaaaaay." she cheered getting a glare from her husband.
  16. livean couldnt help but laugh at what her sister had said
    "well thats what you get for hrting my wife nut now you know ot to push her to the ground!!!!" Alfred said pulling livean into a tight hug while sending daggers at the man
    "Alfred it was my sister who knocked me on the ground because of the door which was A COMPLETE ACIDENT!!" she said as she scream at her sister
    "OWW!! ur going to cuase the hero to lose his hearing!" alfred said letting her go and covering his ears
  17. Gilbert was helped up by his wife as she laughed.
    "Well i dont know about you guys but people are staring we should go inside." she opened the door entering with out looking back to see who falloed as soon as she sat down Gilbert was next toher checking the bump on her head.
    "I'm going to take you to the hospital later you've done alot of damage today." he muttered
  18. livean sat doing next to alfred and overheard what gilbert had said
    "well thats mysame old sister. she was always causing damage." she giggled
    "by the way my name is Livean Jones but it used to be blackwolf and this is my....sister be for i say this i just want u to i love and deal with it becuase i know you are going to kill me," she said sighing "i am married to the knucklehead next to me america." she said pointing to alfred
    alfred had his head in the menu looking for a hamburger and noticed his wife pionting to him
    "what!?!?!" he said with a confused face and livian smacked herforehead leaving a red hand print
  19. Fallen smiled "I'ts good to see ya livy." she pointed to Gilbert. "And the one he kicked is my lovable teddy bear." she giggled as he scolded.
    "its been ages how have you been and i have not been causeing damage....much."
  20. "Loveable!" said livean "teddy bear!" said america said looking at his wife after staring at each other for a few seconds the bursted out laughing and livean fell on the floor. america still laughing bent over to help his wife up
    "Prussia you reached new levels of unawsomeness!!" he said cracking up more and so did livean
    sunnedly she stopped and thought "PRUSSIA!!!!!! THE MAN WHO DIDNT LET ME SEE YOU FOR YEARS!" livean took a knife and threw it at prussia and it pinned the shoulder of his jacket against the wall "PRUSSIA I AM GOING TO KILL YOU!!!!" she said with fire coming out of her mouth and her eyes going bloody red. alfred was trying to hold her back