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  1. Note, purple ([This is just a little something I typed up, so feel free to reply if you so wish to do so, and we'll see where things go from there. ^-^ If you're interested in taking this RP is a certain direction with a good plot, feel free to PM me and we can discuss ideas.~])

    Ripples spread as the light footsteps of a young female tapped down upon the small puddles that lined the city streets. The evening was just beginning, but the street lights had yet to turn on. Only a few of them pierced through the cloudy sky that covered the city. A crisp chill caught itself against the walking female's cloak and made it flutter in the wind before allowing it to fall back in place. The city looked peaceful right now. Strangely peaceful, compared to how busy it usually was. Rainy days had this effect upon this particular city. It seemed to calm the Hell that this city was on any other given day. This was something Aois enjoyed though. She was able to walk the streets without as many worries.

    There weren't many worries to be had for her anyway. She lived on the "better off" side of the city, so the dangers were far less numerous than what they were in the "less successful" portions of the city. She lived in a modestly-sized home with her grandmother, where she did most everything. She was even homeschooled, which was a necessity on the part of her albinism. Today was a day for which she was outside for the most part. She had the clouds that were blocking the sunlight thank for that. Unfortunately, she also had those same clouds to thank for Sam to not be open today. How she wouldn't have minded a churro on one of the days where she could actually be outside for a long period of time.

    She didn't pay it too much mind though. She was determined to use this opportunity to go farther than she'd previously gone before; to places that were, more often than not, barred from her access by the sunlight.

    Aois swiped a bit of her shoulder-length, white hair behind her ear and examined the park before her with her dark purple hues - another byproduct of the albinism she was inflicted with. She wasn't very fortunate to be inflicted with such mutation, but she did what she could what what she had, and she enjoyed life the best she could. Right now though, she wanted to relax.

    One of her pale hands set itself down upon a bench that overlooked a small pond. It was wet, naturally. There weren't many other people around, so she was pretty much by her lonesome here. She pulled out a small towel that she'd draped over her arm and laid it down on the bench, folding it over before she took a seat. She was a short person, only five feet tall, weighing only ninety-five pounds. No one would believe this girl was seventeen. Anyone who saw her sitting there would rather think that she was a child. The only thing arguing against it was the level of indifference that was displayed on her face.

    Once she'd settled herself, she went about to petting the black cat that had found his way from the top of her head to her lap, where he curled up as if he was going to take a nap there. The chances were likely that he would indeed take a nap as she sat there, feeding the birds with the breadcrumbs she'd brought from home. Little words were spoken by the invisible young, male that stood near where she sat, watching her as she fed the birds. His quietness would normally concern her, but she was enjoying the peace for this moment. The sun was away, and it was her chance to spend her day in what was, to her, the most beautiful part of the city.

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    He never really took a strong, decent liking to his name until this moment. His empty eyes gazed through his glasses and down into the eyes of the smaller one in front of him, glossy and full of pathetic tears. Her sniffling was being to become rather annoying, and she looked so tense the hardest shove wouldn't move her small frame. Not minding her, he reached into his back pocket to touch a familiar 'Singarette' box. He rattled it softly, his arm with tufts of black coming back to his front as he tapped it's upside down onto the back of his hand. He let the stub in his mouth fall to their feet, his gaze not faltering, he crushed it under his heel. The male kept his '....And?' expression on his face as he lit the cigarette in his mouth, the horrified look on her face was almost laughable. Mari's once adorable, high pitched voice had it's unique rumbling squeak when she cried. This time, it was worse.

    "What? I thought you said you stopped smoking...!" She sounded crushed, just like the cigarette under his foot right now. After a long drag and silence, he opened his mouth. "I did. I stayed sober for you." He muttered. Her frown grew, her lower lip quivering. That seemed to make her heart wrench, because there was a immediate increase of the water works. The male was unaffected, however, and this didn't change anything. All this snibbling and snobbling was making this harder than this needed to be. "I told you my reasons, Mari." He repeated firmly. His jaw was tight. "I can't...! I can't do it...!" "It's not a matter of what you can do. I'm still leaving you." A merciless puff of smoke blew into her face, causing her to sink her face into her hands and weep pitifully. "But... I love you, Max!" The male stared and turned. That was all he had to say. If she couldn't handle it, that was her problem. He was done with her, and he's not going to sit around to go back to coming to every beck and call to help her. "Please! Please, baby, pleaase!" She screamed, reaching out towards him. He, however, shoved her away hard before she could cling to him.

    He wasn't 'Max' or 'Baby'. He was Maximillian.
    And so he sped walked away with hands in pockets. You can call him mean if you want, he already knows.

    Eyes with dark circles peering about the park. God, he needed a good place to smoke and he knew just where. Turning and walking in the correct direction, he finally got those desperate words that were echoing... Echoing... Echoing in his mind repeatedly out of there. He was in peace once again. Walking towards the pond, he barely even noticed a figure there before he promptly sat. Maximiliian knew benches didn't feel soft and fleshy. He jumped up, eyes wide. "Shit. Shit!" He cursed, running a frustrated hand through his hair. "Sorry, kid." He muttered. Was that even a kid, or? Whatever, he just sat on her.
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