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  1. Hello there!
    I thought we needed a thread like this in here. I scrolled through the forum and could only find artsy threads (which I think is great, you're all champs).
    Are you like me and sometimes prefer your characters to be portrayed through an actual photograph but can't find the right actor/model/etc? Do you love an actor/actress, but do you wish their skin's darker or their hair was a different colour to fit your darling OC perfectly? Well, I am here to assist with my Photoshop and picture-finding skills!

    What I can offer you:
    + edited pictures (recolouring, resizing, text etc)
    + face claim finding (actors/actresses, models, public figures: real-life photos - if you want art, I suggest poking a lovely person in another thread)
    + free internet-hugs

    What I can't offer you:
    + gif edits for now - it swallows too much of my time
    + beautiful drawings (duh)
    + edits of personal pictures or pictures of non-public figures
    + coconuts

    That's pretty much everything. Poke me if you need my help with finding the face of your character, or even a character's pet!

    Fairy out.
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  2. What if I could provide you with a real character photo. Would you edit the image as specified? Is this a free service? :o
  3. Yep. And yep!
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