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    The children of fairy tail have grown up and have had children of their own. The new guild master is Laxus. You are the child of one of the previous fairy tail characters. Some of the the parents you can be a child of are, Natsu/Lucy, Gray/Juvia, Jellal/Erza, Gajeel/Levy, etc. After one night seven years before the rp. All the parents disappeared the children have been looking and are now in their low to mid teens. The only one who didn't disappear was laxus because he was out on a year long mission, he got back three weeks after. It was then that he was promoted to guild master. After months of searching and grief most of the fairy tail guild members quit searching though, most of the kids continued.

    If you have any question please feel free to ask. If I have been unclear with anything please also let me know.
  2. Fairy Tail, not tale, it's an anime.

  3. Do you have a CS
  4. i will by tomorrow morning
  5. well if we can place dibs on any of the children i call Jellal/Erza

    also just because their the child of those characters doesn't mean they have to have the same magic like natsu and lucy's kid doesn't have to be a fire dragon slay/celestial
  6. Okay I will allow there to be 2-3 kids from each parent so then multiple people can be of the same parents. Don't post your CS here wait for a ooc thread. Now time to tag some people. @Dragon-Goddess @firejay1

    Special Item: (an item their parents gave them)
    Short Bio:
    Other: (anything I missed)

    @Iroh magic is passed on genetically, or through a lacrima so yes you do.

    Edit: I plan on making two characters
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  7. @Iroh they also generally learn only one of the parents magics, there is also a thing called magic transfer, along with learning new magic which is very difficult.
  8. I know it's never clear what jellal is capable of with his magic
  9. well you use mystogyns magic since jellal used his magic in the gmg (grand magic games) or you could use heavenly body magic, or re-quip from erza
  10. I plan on a gray and juvia and a laxus and mira child
  11. Well I like heavenly body it's a little OP but can I have my character know some requip spells not as talented as Ezra tho

    I will also make a gajeel levy child as well

    Will you be making male and female children I plan one of each
    Jellal Ezra have a son and gajeel levy daughter
  12. I plan on mine both being female
  13. Can i be a nalu child?
  14. of course
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  15. I already have a pic in mind
  16. So I'll make the ooc today
  17. I'm thinking of being the child of Grey/Juvia. I'm open to siblings if anyone is interested. Or even being a twin would be cool.
  18. I planned on making a girl but if you want we could do twins, maybe a boy and a girl
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