Fairy Tail: The Next Generation (Re-Reboot!)

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  1. Fairy Tail
    The next Generation
    2nd Reboot

    Original Idea By: Shadows

    Fairy Tail the strongest magic guild in all of Fiore. Built on the ideals of family this guild has been around since before the 10 wizard saints. Mavis the first guild master, made the guild's name a question, because nobody really knows if fairy's have tails. Just like the first guild master, the second, third, and even the sixth guild master has past, even though the 3rd, 5th, and 6th were all the same person. Now the time has come for the new members of Fairy Tail to shine.

    Okay, so the first version worked really well the second fell apart, I'd like this to be like the first one. Basically you are a child of one of the mainstream ships, such as NaLu, GaLe, or Gruvia, etc. I will allow there to be up to 3 children of each family. The plot will be based on the parents of Fairy Tail disappearing. If you are interested please let me know, try to stay informed as it will be first come first serve for which you want to be a child of.
  2. I would be up for being a child of Gruvia!
  3. I'm down for a spawn of NaLu even though I haven't gotten far enough to see that ship develop xD
  4. I'll put down a list of most the ships if this gets people
  5. I'd be interested in being a child of GaLe if this takes off!
  6. I'm up for GaLe if @Raven Haruka doesn't mind a sibling. I'm torn between that, Jerza and AlBis.
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  7. @Rin Mico I don't mind at all!
    If you want I can shoot you a PM about relations, looks, etc. etc...?
  8. Well I'm gonna be a gruvia child
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  9. Salutations! I would be interested in doing this and possibly being an antagonist. Just eh wondering if depending on how many people join what would be the posting order or how often it would work.
  10. I'm interested in joining I'd like to be the child of Jallel and Erza
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