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  1. Just what is this thing?

    Good question, the idea behind this is to have alternate universe of Fairy Tail, plain and simple

    The base

    What i had in mind was that the story begins from the day the guild gets created. Times are tough and having such small and weak guild of course has it's own problems, so we need more members and fast! Jobs are hard to find and only few people end up asking help from the guild and most seek help from larger guilds.

    The Guild

    But what is the guild named? Where is it located?

    These two for sure are important questions and here is an answer for you


    Welcome to Crystal Owl!

    Crystal Owl is a new guild located in the town of Cedar, it was founded in 3.8.X437.

    How does the story advance then?

    The story advances in story arcs that are the guiding light for our young mages. Every arc contains some kind of trouble that is the main goal for the arc. How the guild finds out about this problem? Who knows, maybe it's in a form of job or maybe some guildie just turns out to run into it, you never know.

    So now in the end of our short introduction i wanna say that feel free to make suggestions and questions.
    And i hope to see you in Fiore as well!

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  2. I'm Interested. I have a magic I thought up which I thought was pretty cool
  3. Alright, i'll wait for a few more people before starting to work on signup + ooc
  4. I'm interested also I thought up a unique type of magic to
  5. Me please!
    I have a character for a fairytale-esque RP that I've been dying to use but never got the chance D;
  6. @Ali Sure! I'll be waiting to get around 5 people in total to start with, but i will make the ooc and signup on sunday anyway

    More people is more than welcome to get around though :P I'm going to have signups open after starting anyways.
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  7. i'm interested :D
    i have several fairy tail characters I could use, would a slayer be ok? i have both a dragon slayer (wood) and a devil slayer (blood), if no i have a requip mage i can use :3
  8. @CursedDawn I'm fine with the slayers as long as you don't take them to same extent as fairy tail where most of the slayers are just ridiculously op :P
  9. wood dragon slayer then lol, grew up with a dragon but she has 0 combat experience so she'll be at a good starting level :P
  10. If we get 1 more person, i will start working on the ooc + signup tomorrow as i have my day off, if so, then IC will probably be up on thursday or sunday
  11. Cool so one more person can I pm you an idea i have for a character I like some mystery to a character I wanna make sure the idea is ok
  12. @Iroh Sure, go ahead
  13. 1 more person needed eh? Well i'll fill that slot if ya don't be minding.
  14. @Blitzfang43 Good to hear that! I'll start working on the ooc + signups shortly after i've managed to actually wake up :P
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  15. Interested.
  16. OOC/Signup thread is now up, go and create your characters!

    IC will be up on thursday
  17. Still have room for one more?
  18. So I can just... Join?
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