Fairy tail dragonslayer league

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  1. The dragonslayer league
    The dragonslayer league will have to save the world from darkness the plot is the fairy tail guild seands a group of powerful dragonslayers lead be calyx an elemental dragonslayer

    1. Must get you characters approved
    2. There can one be one type of the dragonslayer magic such as fire, earth,sky
    3. There can be a little bit of blood
    4. No hash words
    5. I will list who gets what part on the cast list

    1.Calyx elemental dragonslayer( Tomb raider
    Natsu fire dragonslayer (
    Gajeel iron dragonslayer (
    Wendy sky dragonslayer (
    Sting light dragonslayer (
    Rouge shadow dragonslayer (
    Laxus lightning dragonslayer (
    Cobra poison dragonslayer (
    If you want to make your own dragonslayer let me know
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Thread Status:
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