Fairy Tail Blues

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  1. Zakuro made her way to the bar. She had heard about a job from the bar owner, who's friend was making the request of the magic guild. Apparently it was to find "the son of satan". She was skeptical though. That seemed like an exaggeration. She had seen far worse enemies to fight that she could have easily compared to the "son-of-satan". She had fought in battles that sounded tougher than this, but for some reason, people wouldn't touch this job, no matter what the price. She headed to the job site. However, she knew that there would be other wizards, only the daring ones, would be looking for this job, so she headed there, but with caution.
  2. Keiren woke up inside one of the many bars in Magnolia that he frequented. It wasn't unusual that he slept in there. Though, it was strange that he never drank any alcohol at any of them. He usually just went there to take naps. The atmosphere in bars and taverns made him feel calm. He felt groggy, so he asked the bartender for a glass of water. He looked around the bar to see who was there, but it wasn't one of their busy times, so he wasn't surprised when he found few people inside. He looked over at a girl who looked familiar to him. She was in this bar a number of times over the last week and always heard her talking about this "son-of-satan" kind of thing. It seemed interesting.

    When she left, he followed her out. Then, he decided to confront her. He tapped her on the shoulder. "I've seen you inside the bar quite frequently. Though, you don't order drinks all the time. I've heard you talking about this 'son-of-satan' thing and I was wondering what it was. Would you be wiling to tell me exactly what you're doing?" He had a somewhat condescending tone to his voice.
  3. Zakuro asked the bartender about the job to see if anyone had taken it. He had confirmed that no one had been brave or confident enough to take the job. She nodded, telling the bartender she would take the job. He handed her the poster and waved her off as she left the bar. When she left, however, she felt a tap on her shoulder. This man was asking her about the mission she had just taken on. She smiled happily.

    "I'm sorry, I don't mean to be rude, but I just was accepting a job. I first, however, wanted to see if anyone would take it before I decided to give it a whirl. I don't know anything about this Son-Of-Satan, but the mission to take him into custody seemed intriguing and valuable so I took it. Your welcome to join me on this mission if you want. I'm Zakuro Mesenthal from the Fairy Tail guild...may I ask who you are?"