Fairly Wicked - A Fairy Tale where nothing is ever simple

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  1. What would happen if the fair and innocent girl was also a witch? The proud and noble prince actually only seeking a bride to ascend to the throne and help his people? The Wicked Step-Mother trying to teach her idealist and naive charge how to become independent in her own way? The Big Bad Wolf being actually a gentle shepherd afflicted with lycanthropy? What then?

    This is what I would like to create with you, a world where nothing is simple and not everyone can be happy with their choices, and where the Happy Ending must be fought for and STILL be bitter... Basically, I want to crate a dark fairytale with you all, where everyone deserve happiness and, with luck, effort and a little magic, may very well get it.
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  2. Sounds awesome. I would be interested in an rp like this!
  3. Possibly.
  4. You had me at dark. Would the characters be known characters, like Sleeping Beauty, Snow White, ect? Or are the characters to be cliche's of the generic fairy tale, like damsel in distress, wicked witch, prince charming, ect ect?
  5. Only generic stereotypes that we build upon, yes.
  6. I actually like the idea. If it gets started I'd like to participate.
  7. Will there be a plot?
  8. I think that Mademoiselle has a basic idea of how the RP would go and setting it takes place in, he/she probably just put it here for polishing and refining.
  9. Yes, but the plot will be based around the characters,which will be the central point of this roleplay.
  10. Sign me up -- this is the kind of RP I love. :3
  11. Does anyone have a role they want to claim yet?
  12. Im thinking of being a rather dark surgeon/wizard kind of deal, but Im not sure how that would turn out
  13. I have a basic character in mind, well its actually two characters in one. A witch who was tricked by a jinn. The jinn was sick of being alone, being stuck in an inanimate object of some sort, only to be used for a temporary time for its power. It befriended a witch, was patient and manipulative, and tricked the witch into to becoming the vessel. The witch and jinn now reside in the same body.
  14. Based on the Grimm tale of The Golden Bird, I was thinking of making my character the golden bird/phoenix which is really a shifter that's a trickster. She's stealing the golden apples off of a king's tree, and the king not being pleased, wants her for execution. This is just an random idea though.
  15. I was thinking of a fire orientated character, like the Crisp man, or the Phoenix type person

    My second idea was kinda like a Demon of Rage/Chaos......

    My other idea was kinda like a werewolf type character
  16. Is it too late to sign up for this rp? :D
  17. Is the RP still alive?
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