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  1. Inspiration


    Welcome to Sundown, Florida! Sundown is the new home of the recently formed Super Team, and things are going great! The tower is the center of the booming downtown area, and heroes from all over the world are applying for membership! With crowds pouring into town, what could go wrong? It turns out, everything. The ST has decided to proclaim your super abilities as essentially useless. Feel free to watch the heroes as they battle super villains, just don't interfere!

    "Breaking News from Channel Five News! It is a dark day for Sundown as the last hero of the Super Team has fallen. Villains roam the streets, and it seems no one is safe. We go to Christina Villis with a live report. Christina?"

    "A dark day indeed, Sally. I'm here in the Sundown Police Department building, and the phones are ringing off the hook. Crimes of vandalism, robbery, and even physical assault have already been reported. It seems that Sundown, possibly the world, is lost. For the last time, this is Christina Villis, signing off."

    What is this? A year has passed since the rise of the Team, and now they're all gone! The villains roam the street, looking for blood! Is this the end? What will become of the world? Can we really just give in? NO. We must fight back! We may be useless, but maybe if we're together we can pull this off! Its time for a new super team to jump into the fray! The villains seem to be building up to something, and we can't let them just get away with it!

    Please, sign up here to save our city!

    Age: (anywhere between 16-40)

    NOTE: I'll probably be gone for about a week after today. Mainly just wanted to see if there would be any interested. If there's enough interest, we can start when I get back.
  2. Name: Bianca “Ms. Direction” LePorte

    Age: 16


    * Able to selectively control peoples’ focus within 50 meters. Can greatly amplify a subject’s fascination at specific sights/sensations, making said sensations unbelievably clear and extremely hard to ignore, cause complete disinterest and foggy senses, or both simultaneously on different objects. Increasing alertness is easier to achieve mid-combat, with the “disinterest” ability used mainly for stealth. Bianca can also modify her own focus for investigation/aiming purposes, or to numb her own pain.

    * Talented hypnotist. In conjunction with her power, she can induce light trances in flightier opponents.

    * Skilled knife thrower.

    * Photographic memory.

    * Can do this kind of shit like a boss.

    Appearance: Wavy, wheat blonde hair, shoulder length. Average height and build for her age. Skin is a shade between peach and pale. Light blue eyes. Wears leotard with a spiral pattern centering on the abdomen. Brown work shoes. Black rave gloves. Wears night vision goggles. 12 switchblade throwing knives in a holster belt around her left thigh. A pouch on her right thigh holds a high-end smartphone, with apps for a laser pointer, camera, music, and isochronic tones on the homepage. Carries a portable speaker, a spray bottle of light perfume and a homemade smoke/stinkbomb in a pouch on her waist.

    Weakness: Average human weaknesses. Overconfident. Coward when faced with daunting situations. Socially awkward outside of combat, doesn’t like to look at people. Holds grudges.

    Background: UNDER CONSTRUCTION... If it looks OK so far.
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  3. I would love to join!

    Name: Nathaniel/Nate De Leathe (Innk)

    Age: (anywhere between 16-40) 23

    Abilities: Nate has many tattoos on his body. All of them, at his will, can leap off of his skin materializing into reality. Each tattoo has their own specific abilities and characteristics. Currently, Nate has 6 tattoos. A dragon and snake sleeve, two swords-- one on the inside of each arm, a gun on his chest, and Wings on his back. Along with this, he seems to heal faster than most people. A stitched wound that would take a usual person a week to heal from will heal in three days for him.

    Appearance: Nate is a tall man, standing at about six and a half feet tall. He has short black hair and more often than not wears jeans and a longsleeve t-shirt. Most of the time his tattoos can't be seen.

    Weakness: Nate can not use his powers in the rain or water-- as the ink will wash away and take with it his tattoo. He has to have tattoos re-done in order to use them again. On the bright side, if a tattoo is badly drawn, this method of tattoo removal is cheaper and less painful than lasers.

    Background: Nate is actually an entrepreneur. He owns an occult shop in Sundown Florida, just off of I95. Most people who come to his shop are silly teenagers or new-ageists who don't know what they are looking at, but for true practitioners, Nate has a good stock in back. By no means is Nate rich, though he has come contacts around the Broward County area.
  4. Name: Edison Huang (The Eastern Shadow)

    Age: 20

    - Mastered the Chinese martial art called Wushu.
    - In a very high level of gymnastics, specially trained in parkour.
    - Skilled in Chinese melee weapons like the Liuyedao and the Niuweidao.
    - Able to see in the dark as clear as an average human could see in the day.

    Appearance: Edison is an average size man with strong Asian features and lean but very toned body with jet black hair and surprisingly bright blue eyes due to his ability to see in the dark. He wears; black jeans that he could easily move around in, a black, long-sleeved shirt with a sleeveless jumper in the same colour that has a hoodie with it, a holster that carries his melee weapons and other utilities and a face mask that covers his chin, mouth and nose.

    -Unable to see clear in the daylight without sunglasses and sensitive to bright lights.

    Background: Edison was born and grew up in the country side of China. His parents was farmers but were highly skilled in martial arts. His parents always endorsed martial arts to Edison since he was an infant, making him have a passion about it. When Edison was 13 his parents was killed by serial killed, making him an orphan. He was sent to the nearest orphan center where he was cared for about two years. When he was 15 he has been adopted by a western couple and moved to Sundown in Florida, America. During his high school years he had been hard for him due to the fact he doesn't understand the English language very well. Since the last five years, he continued to do martial arts but took on gymnastics as well.
  5. ((Will have to so some major changes to my charrie, but I'm posting what I have about her up so I don't forget about this RP.))

    Just one of those special supers from another world. Her world, in particular, is rather fond of Earth - preferably from the Golden Age era.
    So, if you've ever wondered what happens to all the TV satellite footage being broadcast into space....

    Name: Holly Mason (Silverfish)
    Age: 22 in human years / 214 Aquilian years


    A rather unique young lady from a distant rock far, far away from the Milky Way. Her knowledge of Earth, as well as her amazing fashion sense, was gathered from the countless images captured by her world's computers, all
    depicting Earth from various eras. Holly much preferred the images coming from the 1930's - 1950's, and although her Earthen education has upgraded her on its political, social, and cultural advances since then, she still maintains her own style within the era she adores.

    Bio Enhancement: From her Aquilian father (Galactic Mermaid, if you must), she’s gained the ability to live under water. When she’s in the water, her appearance changes. Her attire also changes, bearing the markings similar to the blue dragon, or what some people call, the silverfish. Hence, her call name. Oh, and with her wonderfully flexible bone structure, she's a rather manipulating contortionist.


    Holly has a very interesting tongue – flat, forked, elastic, and shaped like an hour-glass. It gives her the insane ability to speak any Earth and Alien language like a native. Being a natural Polyglot and Xeno-Linguist, a tongue-twister; many people wonder just how twisted her tongue can really be. People believe that there's a hand-full of prestigious political leaders who personally know the answer to that mystery. (The oldest spy trick a lady holds: butter 'em up, tickle his ear, and listen to him sing). A lady never tells...

    Holly also holds abilities dealing with water, sonar, and sonic waves. She is capable of control them in water and air. She is quite weary of using her sonic abilities out of water, for they are far more powerful than when they're muted in water. Controlling sound out of water is not as easy as she wished it could be, but as fishes out of water eventually evolved to breath, so will she evolve to manage her abilities without it - eventually.

    Alien Enhancement: Because of her charming personality and sweet-talking verses to the High Leader of the Torradians whem she was younger back in her home planet of Jantahar, they've given her a special little pet - one that they had clamped around her spinal cord at the base of her skull. It enhances her mental recognition to what she sees and hears, giving her the ability to literally mimic noises, people’s speech patterns and accents, animal sounds, and even a person's physical demeanor and idiosyncrasies perfectly. She has become, literally, a living recorder; able to not only mimic what she hears and sees, but can recall and replay it all. Makes her a rather good actress.

    This little bugger is a demanding creature though, causing her severe headaches at times if it's not fed. And what he eats is not...pretty to gander. She hates the idea herself, but after several years she's found the Torradian delicacy rather tasty if smothered in chocolate syrup. If she doesn't feed her pet, he'll end up feasting on her grey matter and sipping on her spinal fluid. It causes her debilitating migraines, distorting her vision, wobbling her equilibrium, and making her day a living hell.
    (That's the drawback to the gift that the Torradians didn't really clarify with her parents from the start.) The pet can be removed, if needed, but the fear of what the procedure can do to her is far worse than what the creature can do to her while under her charge Unfortunately, no one on Earth knows how to go about this procedure.

    Pet Food: No, you really DON'T want to know where it comes from, but Holly has learned how to cultivate them on Earth to suit her... unfortunate need.


    Born on Jantahar to an Aquilian father and a human mother (Lieutenant Candace Lilljedal - flight medic of the U.S. Dreamweaver, the last space shuttle launched in 1982 on a mission to explore other galaxies by traveling through a man-made black hole created by NASA Scientist. The flight was unsuccessful; the shuttle had vanished and the crew was considered lost when communications ended. In 1997, Dreamweaver had suddenly landed in the Pacific Ocean with no crew on board. But, inside was, you guessed it, a young Aquilian/Human child that looked around the human age of 5.)

    She was adopted by a NASA Scientist, Dr. Brandon Spencer and his wife, Robin. Together, they taught Holly all they knew about Earth, only to find out that she was well verse in their world already - just a bit outdated. Holly was able to go to school and college without alerting the world about 'what' she was. She favored her mother's human features, and only her Aquilian features showed up when she's in water.

    The Spencers helped her find her mother's family. The Lilljedals and the Spencers are her new family now. When they realized her abilities, they all encouraged her to apply for the ST. Much to her disappointment, she was not accepted. But now, with the heroes all gone, she wondered if she is ready to step into their shoes. For now, she works as a librarian.
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  6. I'm really sorry guys. I went to a doctor and found out I have a hernia. I'm going out of town back to my parents place to get the surgery. I won't have access to my computer and I have no idea when I'll be back.
  7. You know I'm here if you need any help on this, D.
    I'll help spread the word about the RP for potential members, and just keep this thread open for you until your return.
    Other than that, take your time please. I don't wish to hear any bad reports about your surgery. Just take it easy and visit here whenever you feel like it. I'm here when ya need me! :)
  8. I am totally in on this! I'm sorry you have a hernia, Dogma. They're a serious issue, trust me. Get better soon!

    In the meanwhile, I shall prepare the sheet of Dylan Robertson (aka) "Night Hawk"!
  9. (I know he's a bit older then others, but I figured since he looks and claims to be 17, it would work?)


    Dylan Robertson a.k.a "Night Hawk"

    Age: Looks like he's 17, says that he's 17, but he's lived a hell of a lot longer than that.


    He's slightly taller then most (5'8") and skinny and his skin feels really strange. It's hard and smooth, but it's warm.



    Personality: Marcus is very polite to everyone he meets, male or female. Most girls find it hard to tell if he's flirting or just being nice. He doesn't like to do things by himself and would rather have someone give him orders to follow. He can be cheerful sometimes, even though he doesn't look like it at first. Marcus can be old-fashioned at times, but there's a pretty good reason for that (after all, his total years lived so far is somewhere around 600-800 years or so). Even though he smiles, he's actually very lonely on the inside. While his "family" loves him and he loves them back, he's always felt this deep emptiness in his existence. The love for the "family" he has is immense and nothing can stop him if something threatens their safety. He shares a tender relationship with his "sister" and "mother", even going to the limit where you would think he is still a young child.

    History: There once was a lonely old woman with no husband or children, who had a huge interest in witchcraft. She made a life-sized doll of a boy and brought it to life. The doll could do anything that a normal human could, but the old woman's magic wasn't perfect. The doll, named Dylan, ended up losing his sight over time. The old lady eventually died, leaving Dylan alone for years. Centuries went by and Dylan realized that since he can't die, he might as well do something with his life. His search for a purpose in life took over hundreds of years, allowing him to roam the entirety of the world many times over, hoping that something would present itself.

    One day, in the year of 1746, he met a young woman who was to be burned at the stake for acts of witchcraft. He managed to free said woman in hopes that she, like the old woman who brought life to him, could use her magic to give him a purpose in life. The woman revealed herself as "Lady Rene", the High Witch of Mablestone. As a reward for saving her life, she took Dylan as her "child" and cared for him like the mother he was missing. Like the doll, she too was immortal and they spent the next few hundred years as "family", growing and adapting as the world around them changed for the better. After the 60th year of their union, Lady Rene discovered the secret to the magic keeping Dylan alive and crafted another doll, this time in the shape of a young girl. The female doll was brought to life and named "Gabrielle".

    Gabrielle soon became Dylan's "sister" and Rene's "daughter". Up until the year 1960, life for the enchanted family had been quite pleasant and they had expertly adapted into society, despite their obvious differences. By the time the first Mutant came out to the public eye and supers began to appear all over the place, Dylan had discovered a new calling in life. He, Lady Rene and Gabrielle decided that with their own unique abilities, they too would rise to challenge the evils of the world and defend the mortal who's lives were threatened by these so called "Super Villains". ((There's much more to it then that, but I was aiming for the general gist of things))

    Powers and Abilities (If Any):

    1.) Super Strength

    2.) His sense of hearing is frightening. Almost nothing gets past this guy. Ever.

    3.) Uses a sonar/echolocation system to find where things are. It's almost as good as being able to see.

    4.) While being a doll, his agility is amazing. His hard strikes combined with the above average speed he offers makes for a fearsome combination.


    Dylan is a living doll, so therefore he can't really die of human causes such as age or health issues. However, the magic that brought him to life forces him to feel pain and torment like any other human. The only "true" way to kill him, is if you disassembled his body and destroyed each individual piece. However, the more beaten up he gets, he begins to break (limbs fall off, his skin cracks apart. Sometimes, he's been known to lose the entire left half of his body during a fight, which renders him intense pain. Think of this like the way that Wolverine can be truly killed).

    If he is ever heavily damaged, he always goes to Lady Rene, who heals him with her magic. That being said, his actual head is required for the process, so you could prevent him from healing by stealing his severed head. Aside from that, he's vulnerable to weapons just like every other person, its only that extreme trauma doesn't particularly kill him.


    ^- Lady Rene (Dylan's "Mother")

    [​IMG] ^- Gabrielle (Dylan's "Sister")

    Dylan is blind. So, wearing that blindfold doesn't affect his vision (or lack of) at all.
  10. Name: The Deathless

    Age: Old enough to see empires rise and fall, and to be wise. Young enough to be strong and foolish.

    Abilities: Not dying... Also, he controls every drop of blood he created to the point where, if consumed, his blood could kill you from the inside.

    Appearance: He appears to be a young child, 15 at most. His hair is beach blonde, and spiked. He usually wears a white shirt, a colorful overshirt, and white shorts.

    Weakness: His old name is lost to the ages, and only revealed to those he truly trusts. He also goes insane sometimes. It happens.

    Background: Imagine viewing one random second of every TV episode ever created in rapid succession. This is what he felt for millennia, watching a thousand people die every second. This drove him insane, and because of this, he lost his place in the "books" of time. He decided to reside in a library of a town for a while, distracting himself with stories of kings and queens, slaughters and feasts. That is, until a poster was strewn across the wall proclaiming "we need your help!" Complying with the inanimate paper, he applied to aid the townsfolk.

    ((And my second one, pick your favorite.))

    Name: The Boulder.

    Age: 26

    Abilities: Controlling any form of rock.

    Appearance: a muscular, tall, heavily tanned man in a green kilt, and a large golden belt.

    Weakness: Water. Bullets. Dying. Blades. Lasers...

    Background: THE BOULDER was in an international fighting ring, when he was disqualified for using a rock to kill the champ. THE BOULDER was saddened by this, and retreated to a "rural" town. In this town, THE BOULDER got a job as a hotdog salesman on the corner. THE BOULDER enjoyed this work, because he made people smile, and got free hotdogs. THE BOULDER likes food in general. THE BOULDER is now slightly fat. From the hotdogs.
  11. Name: Jax "Supreme" Betancourt.

    Age: 22.

    Abilities: Aura manipulation, including the Kundalini.

    Appearance: 5 foot 10. 165 pounds.

    Weakness: He is human. His flesh is penetrable, he is able to contract diseases including those without cure. His bones are merely bones, and the same with his organs. Anything a human is weak against, he is.

    Background: Jax was not born to two parents. He was conceived out of a one night stand, which his mother kept as a secret. On the day of his delivery, she abandoned him. He was left for dead, had a certain old man never found his body on that side of a familiar walkway. From a young age, the old caretaker could see that Jax was different form others; he had spiritual powers, prowess unlike anything he had ever seen. Despite this, he took him in as one of his own. The old man ran a local dojo in town, teaching his students about the style of mixed martian arts; with Judo, Tae-Kwon-Do and wresting as his main areas of expertise. Jax grew up within that dojo, training. At the age of eighteen, his foster father passed away, leaving him with the dojo. He hired two men to run his family's place, and is the main way that he collects any sort of income.

  12. Name

    Clueless (Clue)


    18...kind of


    Self Solidification

    Poltergeist Physiology
    Amplification of the senses of others


    Clue cannot actually activley use her powers without greatly endangering her mental state. Because the source of her abilities is tied closely to a malevolent spirit, the more she uses her powers the more reckless, powerful, and evil she becomes - until at the height of her potential she loses all purpose, goodwill, and control. Simply using a power to save a lady, without great focus, could easily turn into playing with the lady and then to injuring her, to killing her, to burning down her house for example, if she doesn't stop. Therefore she can only use her abilities in small bursts - and then usually needs to rest afterwards. She is also weak to certain obscure colors, superstitious objects, and attention - being ignored in her highest state can cause her to be rapidly expelled from it. On top of all this, the only power she can consistently use without losing control is her ability to solidify herself. It's the only thing that keeps her from sinking through the ground she stands on, but...when she gets super excited or somebody tickles her, among other things, she tends to lose her focus. Clue also struggles with a crippling fear of sand.


    For whatever reason, Clue doesn't remember much after her 3rd grade days in school. Not even her actual name, aside from her nickname - Clueless. She lives mostly in her present, which consists generally of wandering, music, gathering treasures others throw away to make art of and occassionally prying herself out of walls.


    Curvy Figure || Strong legs || Caramel Skin || Soft Cheeks || Messy black hair, neck length || Short stature || Pantsless || Huge offshoulder Sweatshirt || Bowtie ​
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