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    Two small children, a young boy and his sister, hastily scuttle across the sodden grounds of the marshland known as Feigning Bog. Their feet plunge into the thick sludge of the ground, toes gathering an assortment of twigs, leaves, and stones, while leaving behind shapely, sunken footprints with each passing step. Their lungs were tiring and gasping deeply for a break, their mouths chomping at the stale air as it blew against them. They hopped over low branches, weaved around thorn bushes, and yanked their feet up from the maw of the muck that had engulfed them. But they weren't just sprinting through the swamp without reason, not in these deepest hours of the night, where creatures of all kinds skulked under the light of the moon hoping to stumble upon a small, tasty child hobbling by. But what a delicious meal for a most fortunate monster: Fear induced adrenaline pumping through the veins of the prey always tasted better than a meal who wasn't afraid, or what was more likely to be found, the remains of a long-dead carcass. But the fear plastered across the small boy’s face hinted that they were running from something else, something worse than what they could find lurking in darkness of the swamp. They continued trotting through the swamp, never looking back and never slowing down, but staying attentive to the sounds that surrounded them and the ones that pursued them.

    Only when they were absolutely sure that the pursuer had given up did they come to a halt, the small boy in the front practically collapsing under his heavy wheezing, arms wrapped around his belly. For the moment, they were safe. The younger child, the boy, turned and reached down into his satchel. What he pulled out brought a smile to his face: a pair of big, red apples. It was the fruits of their labor, so to speak: a successful pillage on a local village for food. They had managed to scavenge a small amount of food from a small market in a nearby town while the stall was unattended. The faerie boy handed one of the morsels to his older sister, but he paid no mind to etiquette as he bared his pointed teeth and tore into the flesh of his own fruit. He gulped the large bites almost as heavily as he had been gasping for air. The juices splattered across his tinted cheeks as he happily devoured the meal. It was the first piece of food they had seen in almost three days. But as with most pleasantries, this one was quick to pass. Suddenly, before his teeth could strike the doomed fruit once again, he froze mid-bite. His eyes lifted from the apple to his sister. The blue pearls of his gentle eyes had narrowed with a paralyzing fear. The hairs scattered on the nape of his neck stood on end. He felt something strange, a moist, warm breeze pulsing against the back of his neck. There was something behind him, something close enough to expel its pant right along his neck, and its breath was densely perfumed with the smell of rotting flesh. The boy didn’t look back; he didn’t want to see the pair of glowing red eyes, narrow and hungry, stared at the back of his skull. A thunderous howl boomed from behind the pair of eyes, another creature announcing the surprise attack on the children. The apple dropped from his lips to the muck below, soiled, and never had he turned so quickly to confront what was behind him. Two barhests, the hellish hounds of the marshlands, sprinted out from the darkness at the children. Both wolves chomped their salivating teeth in hunger as they pounced at their prey.

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  2. After they decided to stop to recover from their physical exhaustion, the older sister double checked their surroundings, making sure that they were definitely alone. After it, she allowed herself to relax for a moment. In order to prevent her body from falling to the floor, she laid her back on a tree, trying to take her breath back. The half faerie felt as if she wouldn't be able to move a muscle for a week, but the feeling quickly faded away as she saw the delicious red apple her brother was offering. Running for so long almost made her forget why were they running in the first place. She leaped to her brother and took it away, not losing another second before putting it into her mouth. The big bite she took demanded at least a few seconds of chewing, so she used them to glance at his brother. The young girl appreciated those little moments, were a piece of food could make both of them so happy, and a big smile crossed her face. When she was about to take another bite, she could spot something at her brother's back. Something that quickly erased her smile.

    Automatically, she began to slowly reach for her bow. She didn't want to speak or abruptly move, because the beast that was lurking would probably hurry his attack under any thread. Holding the apple with her teeth, she grabbed an arrow and her bow. It took Phanton a little longer to sense their presence, because the lurking creature was on his back, but as soon as he did, it attacked and howled. Actually, they attacked. It wasn't until that moment that the older child realized there were two barhests instead of one, and she only had one arrow on her hand. It took her less than two seconds to shoot the arrow she prepared, and she hit the hideous creature that was in front on its chest. Of course it wouldn't kill it or seriously hurt it, but it would definitely give them a few seconds to escape. When the hit wolf slowed down, the one beside it jumped over it, ready to land over the faerie boy. The girl grabbed him by the wrist and moved him from the way of the beast. She hoped to see the wolf crush into the floor at the unexpected movement, but it landed perfectly, almost gracefully. There was nothing else to do than keep running, even if they had no strengths for it. She pulled her brother arm, to make him react and start running, and rushed to leave the wolves behind.
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  3. Panthon Vanitas
    The Half Faerie

    The little boy’s arms lifted to shield his face from the attack while his eye lids welded themselves shut. His feet stumbled over each other as they tried to retreat, but the heavy sludge beneath them obstructed their ability to obey his commands, and ended up driving him down and planting his rear into the mud. He whimpered, expecting a swift, painful death as his body would snap under the weight of the wolf, but just before the wolf’s attack landed, it lost its momentum in the air and fumbled just short of where the half-faerie sat; narrowly saved by the arrow of his sister. The monster yelped and for a moment, Panthon’s eyes peeled back open to search for what prevented the wolf’s teeth from tearing into him. He filled with relief, if only for a moment, while he pulled his behind up from the thick sludge’s hold and planted his feet firmly back onto the ground. All he saw was the second wolf beginning its own pounce towards him, a tactical response from the second pack member since the first attack had failed. The wolf leapt into the air, and Panthon leered at the oncoming threat as a subtle growl flourished in the back of this throat. This time, he would be ready for the creature. The wolf came down fiercely upon where he stood, but landed on empty footprints left in the mud while Panthon struggled to right his footing, his sister pulling him along behind her as they sprinted away. Her fingers were tight around his writs, almost bruising him as she took lead of both bodies.

    The barghests only faltered for a moment before clawing into a sprint after the two kids, barking up a storm as they followed. The wolf with an arrow jutting from its chest seemed to slow in its pace as his partner quickened. Panthon struggled to normalize his running while his sister continued to pull him along. It was hard to keep upright and straight when someone was pulling you with them, not to mention the annoyance of having a thick muck filling the space between his toes. A collection of twigs and stones had packed between them as they hurried along, but he could manage if Kaylee would release his sore wrist and allow him to follow on his own. Panthon tugged at his hand to let her know that he was okay and that he could keep close without her pulling him. With both arms free, he at last could reclaim his balance follow closely behind her.

    They dodged dead and sickly looking trees, weaved through dense vines and sharp thorned ivy, and trudged through the cement-like muck below their soles. He glanced back frequently to see if the wolves were still following, still chomping their wet maws as they imagined the pleasing taste of the half-faerie’s meat and blood. They were gaining on them, he could see it, and his racing heart could feel it.

    Their path ended as a lake came to fruition before them, a dead end as the water was much too cold to safely swim through, and because of his fear, Panthon wasn’t getting into any water without being physically forced in. His eyes scanned the area around them for somewhere to go, a direction to run towards, knowing that the wolves were only seconds away from getting their meal. He grabbed his sister and pulled her into his taking off, following the shore of the lake to the left. He didn’t have a plan, but they couldn’t just stop. The shrubbery thickened as they followed the lake’s edge, making their footing even more difficult. But they had only run a bit further before something caught the boy’s eye. Maybe it was a way out? A place to hide? It didn’t matter, he was taking the chance. He led his sister a little ways away from the lake down a short hill that led to a densely covered rock wall. But this isn’t what he saw, what caught his attention was a small rodent running past the brush, as if it was running into something hidden by the vines. His hand released from his sister’s arm and both claws began to work at the vines and shrubbery that covered the rock. The small budding flowers that grew on the vines had a strong stench, repulsive even, that stung the nose when sniffed too strongly. But sure enough, after pulling enough of the brush back, there was a small cave, a cubby, that they could easily huddle into and hide from their pursuers. Panthon turned to his sister and waved his hand to gesture her to run into the nook.

    “Come on…” he whispered to her, hoping to not alert anything else in the woods to their position. Panthon hopped on the stone rising and walked in, letting the shrubs fall back and completely cloak the entrance once again. Barghests were just like any other wolf in the fact that they tracked with their noses, but with the flowers covering the entrance, the siblings scent would be well subdued even to the powerful snout of the wolves.

    The cubby was only a few feet wide, but large enough for both of them to sleep in if they had to remain there the rest of the night. A chilling breeze drifted in from the lake, however, which would lead to the unfortunate oncoming of freezing toes and fingers. Panthon could already see his breath puffing out from behind his lips. He waited silently, listening for the hungry animals to come near them, hoping that the flowers would hide their scent enough to keep them safe in their new shelter.
  4. As the youngest faerie pulled with strength his wrist away from Kaylee's hand, she let him go. It was easier to run without dragging him, so she was able to speed her pace a little. Trying to ignore the terrifying barks of the beast behind them, she dodged every obstacle on her way and kept going, only turning back from time to time to check on her brother. She suddenly stopped seeing a lake blocking their way. Maybe she could go through it without freezing, but she was sure her brother wouldn't. So they had no way to escape.

    Petrified for facing the idea of being devoured by the wolves, she wouldn't have moved if Panthon hadn't pulled her. She had no idea where to go, and was sure the hideous creatures would eventually catch them, but she trusted her smaller brother enough to follow him. And, of course, he didn't disappoint her and found a perfect place to hide. She walked in right after he did, and checked her back to make sure the shrubs covered their hiding place. She sat as far as she could from the entrance, which wasn't much, facing the entrance.

    Just as her brother did, she hoped their scent would be covered by the flowers. It was entirely possible, but they couldn't be sure if it would work. And, if it didn't, she wouldn't wait doing nothing until they eat them alive. Moving only a few inches per second, and making sure to not make the slightest sound, she lifted the bow she had on her hand. Vertically, it barely fit in the small cave, but it could be perfectly used. Afterwards, she reached for an arrow. As uncomfortable as she was, she wouldn't be able to shoot with all her strengths. Anyway, it should be enough to make a creature back down if it discovered them. And, luckily, it would give them enough time to escape from them once again.

    Kaylee stood still, pointing with her bow at the entrance of the small cave. It didn't take long for her muscles to get cramp, but she hold her position anyway. The barghests were near, and apparently they had trouble finding them, but they weren't out of danger yet.
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