Faeries, Fairies, and Other Mythological Beings.

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  1. Faeries are typically nasty little fuckers. They'll eat your corn field as a farmer and eat the food off of your table in the city. But some of them are worth there weight in gold and give a good name to the ones you usually run across who can be total assholes. They also happen to be everywhere. In case you'd like to inquire as to how I have such knowledge it is a simple matter.

    I'm a ship captain, and no I don't ship off shore like some forsaken pirate. Try a much larger venue, larger than that, you're still thinking far too small small fry. Space. I'm talking about space, with the rocks and aliens and tech that seems like pixie dust from an old Disney movie or something.

    It shocks me to this day that I run this beauty. Its a ship that'll hold a cattle field and run a city, all while wiping my ass. That kind of ship. But it is an old one, we update the inside but it's still a classic fender bender kind of deal. Dents on the port end and a few scrapes on harbor side. But all together a fine piece of machinery. Old and stubborn, but smart on the insides like you wouldn't believe. State of the art homing, tracking, fishing, and hunting. Capturing gear needs a lot of updating but all on next pay check.

    For now I'm here because I have to sell my right arm for my pride. I made a speech when I joined a company that helps ships like mine get work that's appropriate for both crew and what we've got to work with. They have their own systems and ships they like to send out with crew to make sure certain things stay legal, cover there own assholes and all that jazz.

    They're men are well trained, adapt quickly to different environments, have knowledge in technology, communication, thorough understanding of the law and most of all how to annoy you and get on every one of your fucking nerves I guarantee.

    Back to the speech, I made a speech in front of a lot of new students, old students, teachers etc and also people who effect my payroll. I am going to need to upgrade one my men and I'm getting a walking talking lawyer to replace my extremely well trained leadership ready, perfectly capable valued member of my team...

    "Welcome to the team Asshole... Throw your shit into the second room on your left."
    She then trotted away with purpose and anger, trying not swat at him and kill him right then.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.