Faelynx: A Dark Prophecy Part 1

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  1. The Seasons Change Every Year And With The Changing Of The Seasons Is The Changing Of The Courts. Courts You Ask, Well In The World Of All There Is Dark And Light And The World Of The Mythical Creatures, There Are Two Courts, They Use To Be One, Before Some Of The Creatures Disagreed And Split Up. Now In The World Of Fae As We Like To Call Them, There Is A Light Court The Seelie Court Ruled By A Beautiful Queen. We Also Have The Dark Court The Unseelie Court Ruled By The Cruel King. One Law Is Absolutely Certain In The Fae World. No Human Or Fae Can Know A Faes True Name Ot They Can Control That Fae.

    Now A Bit About Each Court

    Seelie Summer And Spring

    The Seelie Court Were Considered The True Aristocrats. They Were Judges, Dispensing Justice To The Other Faery When It Was Required, And Served As Frequent Arbitrators Of The Many Faery Quarrels. The Seelie Court Was Very Political, Complete With Cliques, Factions, Gossiping, And Rivalry.

    Sometimes Called The ‘Blessed Ones,’ The Seelie Were Often Depicted As A Procession Of Brilliant Light Riding On The Night Air. The Seelie Court, As A Group, Would Often Use These Excursions To Find Those In Need Of Help. The Seelie Were Also Prone To A Great Deal Of Mischief, Especially When Bored. However, Their Pranks Rarely Caused True Harm, For The Seelie Were Really Very Fond Of Humans.

    The Code Of The Seelie Court
    Like Many Human Courts, The Seelie Court Had Its Own Code Of Conduct, A Code Which All Of The Seelie Had To Abide By. This Code Was:

    Death Before Dishonor: A Member Of The Seelie Court Would Protect His Or Her Honor To The Death. Honor Was The Single Source Of Glory For The Seelie, The Only Way To Attain Recognition. A True Seelie Would Rather Have Died Than Live With Personal Dishonor, And Would Never Bring Dishonor To Another Of The Seelie.
    Love Conquers All: For The Seelie, Love Was The Perfect Expression Of The Soul. It Transcended All Other Things. Though Romantic Love Was Considered To Be The Highest And Purest Form Of Love, Platonic Love Was Also Encouraged.
    Beauty Is Life: Beauty Was One Of The First Tenants Of The Seelie Court. To Belong, A Faery Had To Be Beautiful, And All Beauty Was To Be Protected. The Seelie Were Known To Go To War To Protect Beauty, Whether It Was A Beautiful Person, Place, Or Thing.
    Never Forget A Debt: This Tenant Worked In Two Ways. The Seelie Were Bound By Their Code Of Honor To Repay Any Debt Owed As Soon As Was Possible. This Included Both Favors And Insults. The Seelie Would Repay A Favor In A Timely Fashion. At The Same Time, They Would Exact Vengeance Almost Immediately.
    Unseelie Winter And Fall

    The Unseelie Court Or Unblessed Court Contains The Most Malicious, Malevolent And Evil Of The Faeries, And A Number Of Monsters Of Horrible Appearance And Fearsome Abilities As Well. They Comprise The Slaugh, Or The Host, The Band Of The Unsanctified Dead Who Fly Above The Earth, Stealing Mortals And Take Great Pleasure In Harming Humans.

    Often Called The ‘Unblessed Ones,’ The Unseelie Were Depicted As A Dark Cloud Riding Upon The Wind From Where Their Unnerving Cackles And Howls Can Be Heard. Though Not Necessarily Evil, They Were Far From Kind. These Unsavory Characters Tended Towards Evil And Were Often Malignant. Some Scottish Legends Claim That The Unseelie Were Fallen Seelie, Those Who Could Not Live Up To The Strict Standards Of Chivalry Of The Shining Court. They Have No Method Of Reproduction, So They Enslave Mortals Whom They Think Would Never Be Missed And Carry Them Along To Become One Of Them. The Unseelie Court Was Almost Always Out To Harm, Or At Least Bedevil And Trick, Humankind.

    Some Of The Members Of The Unseelie Court Included:

    The Sluagh (The Hosts Of The Unforgiven Dead, Akin To The Wild Hunt)
    Shellycoat (A Trickster Of The Coasts)
    Redcap (A Vicious Fairy Who Drenched His Cap With Human Blood)

    The Code Of The Unseelie Court
    Like Many Human Courts, The Unseelie Court Had Its Own Code Of Conduct, A Code Which All Of The Unseelie Had To Abide By. The Details Of This Code Were:

    Change Is Good: The Unseelie Firmly Believed That Security Was An Illusion. They Considered Chaos To Be The Ruling Force In The Universe, And Accepted That They Had To Adapt And Change To Survive.
    Glamour Is Free: Glamour Was The Magick Of The Daoine Sidhe. Both The Seelie And Unseelie Possessed Its Power. However, The Two Courts Had Differing Opinions Over Its Use. The Unseelie Believed That To Have Power And Not To Use It Was Near To Sin. They Used Their Power For Whatever They Saw Fit.
    Honor Is A Lie: The Unseelie Placed No Stock In The Ideals Of Honor. Instead, They Pursued Their Own Self-Interests Vigorously. The Unseelie Felt As If Truth Could Be Only Be Reach Through A Devotion To Self, Not A Devotion To Others.
    Passion Before Duty: Passion Was Considered To Be The Truest State Of Being. The Unseelie Acted Without Thought On Pure Instinct And Passion.

    With That Said Our Story Begins In The Forest Just Outside The Realm Of These Two Courts. It Was In The Forest Of Elm. The Elmwoods Had A Large Dirt Road That Went Right Up To A Large Castle. The Castle Had A Moat And High Walls. Enhoused In This Castle Were All Type Of Students. The School Was Called Faelynx. It Had human And Fae Alike That Was Why It Was Not In The Fae Realm. It Was Basically A Boarding School For Humans And Fae. Unseelie And Seelie Attended The School. Many Fights And Mischief Broke Out, It Was A Tough School And Living In It Was Almost Certainly Hell.

    This Year A Dark Prophecy Seemed To Unfold.

    The Daughter Of The Dark King,
    The Son Of The Light Queen,
    Will rise together with the help of there class mates,
    To Rise Against The One Who Seeks To Destroy The Fae Race.

    Darkness fell over the land as the sky turned grey and cloudly. The weather was changing from summer to fall, but this was not a storm, it is a war. Someone was trying to take over the two kingdoms be it human or fae. Someone was trying to throw off the balance of the two worlds and court's. The courts were already at each others throats. Faelynx, may be in the human realm, it however is not with out it's secrets. Betrayal, magic, mayhem, and maybe even a few deaths.

    Will this great evil take over will the group fail and both world's will plunge into darkness.

    Cast (open)
    Playable characters: (once full thats it we have limited space. Also would like gender pairing male female. Nothing against the LBGT community)

    Dark King's Daughter- SM
    Light Queens son- Charitil Ballister
    (Note will end up together)

    Others: remember keep the MxF characters even.

    - SM male Human
    - schuyler male Dark court
    - @AsItIspunkrock male Light court
    - Rieezy Female Human
    - Schuyler Female Dark court
    - DANAsaur Female Light court

    Companions( can not be your own companion )
    - SM
    - open
    - open
    - open
    - open
    - open
    - open
    - open

    Companions (open)

    Goblins like the ones from dont be afraid of the dark
    Mini fairies
    Hell hounds
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  2. Love this idea! I would like to reserve the female human, If i could.
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  3. Can I be the female of the Light Court?
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  4. Can i reserve the Male of the light court?

    Actually never mind, could i reserve the son of the light queen?
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  5. The light court son of the queen or just the light court male
  6. If you check the cast, you have the two leaders both say dark. But if i can, i will take the son of the light queen!
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  7. Thanks fixed
  8. Okay! i will have my CS (If you want one) up later today!
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  9. I'm booked on RPs at the moment. Thanks, though!
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  10. I'll make the ooc soon, need a few more males
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  11. I love this idea! If possible, can I reserve the female of the Dark Court?
  12. If you can double as a male or get males to join we have to many female's atm
  13. Sure I should be able to go as a male of the Unseelie Court. Will you have a character template we need to fill out?
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  14. Yes I will
  15. Will work on cs and ooc asap just need one more male
  16. This will go up after work just need one more male
  17. Working on this going up today
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