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  1. Almalthia walks the hallway of the mound to her cousin's chambers to escort Neirin to the court's favorite past time, a feast. Weary of always being on guard she sighed and reached up to run her fingertips over her rapiers on her back. It was a comfort touch. Like one would pet a dog or cat. No response needed just know its there. She dropped her hands and stops at the massive wooden door that lead to Neirin's rooms. She reached for the door handle and stopped. Last time she didn't announce her presence she almost walked in on him. She rolled her eyes and knocked.
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  2. Rosalia yawned when she awoke, rubbing at her eyes sleepily. She looked out the window, only to blink when she saw that it was still dark outside.
    Ah, I woke up far too early this time.
    The girl shrugged and stretched, her green eyes closing in reflex. She began a basic training routine before stopping and doing something else.
    Rosalia's movements almost looked like a dance.
    Imagining that there was a fighting soldier in front of her, the girl slid down and struck forward, hitting her imaginary construct directly in the centre of his chest. She followed with a high kick before stopping again.
    "I must have woken up far too early today." she muttered. Her body was already beginning to feel strained, a definite sign that the girl had woken up rather early. Shrugging, she went back to bed.
  3. "Prince Neirin? Are you there? Hello?" Almalthia knocked again louder this time.
  4. Neirin hadn't been paying much attention to his surroundings as he was writing a few things down on some were plans and a few other things. He mustn't have heard the knocking on his door when he heard a voice at his door. Standing up he walked over to it and opened up the door, "Oh hello Almalthia, what do you need?" He said spotting who was there.
  5. Almalthia gave Neirin a smile. "This is the time you requested to have an escort of a guard to the banquet, Cousin." She reminded him of their blood relation. Almalthia looked at his attire and gave him a carefully blank face. "Cousin with your present attire one can guess you've been caught up with Goddess knows what and have forgotten this is a formal event. I'll remind you that the Seelie Court will be present tonight as well. While it is not my place to judge you adequately dressed or not I did want to stress that getting Aunt's ire up will do no one any good."

    Almalthia knew she'd be blamed if he went out looking like that at this time. She did not relish the punishment that would be meted out by the Queen if he didn't change into what she had specifically set aside for him. Lashing at the moment sounded like a slap on the wrist compared to the last time she had found herself at the Queens mercy. Almalthia stood still as a statue and waited for Neirin to reply.

  6. Neirin stared at her unimpressed with her thoughts on his clothes, "I get it, I shall change give me a minute cousin," He said lazily closing the door as he turned around. He wandered over to his closet and looked for the best clothes, he wouldn't want anyone to think bad of him if he wishes to be king after all. Neirin couldn't wait until he finally got his chance but unfortunately his father still had a century or two of lifeforce left and he didn't want to wait that long. He shook the idea that came into his head, "That's going to be hard since he might be expecting it after my other attempts," he mumbled to himself. He began to strip off his clothes after finding a better set for himself, he pulled on the new clothes and made his way back to the door. Opening up the door showing off the new outfit, "Is this better Almathia?" he asked, "I'm not one for clothes."
  7. Almalthia looked him over and nodded. "Alright Cousin lets proceed. Hopefully tonight will be boring. I'd rather not be challenged and have to fight in front of a full court tonight but it may yet happen." The air felt heavy with tension as she turned and lead the way to the main hall knowing that she was to meet up with the Guard Capitan of the Cranes and Ravens before they went into the hall. Just thinking of the Captain of the Ravens made her heart pound. She chastised herself mentally as they strode down the walkway.

  8. Waiting alongside the Captain of the Ravens was not how Oleana wanted to start her evening but that was to be expected. She stood at attention as she waited for Almalthia to escort the prince. The young captain thought of the prince but quickly chastised herself and went back to waiting. The captain of the Ravens was always so quiet that it made for a half companionable, half awkward silence when they had to be close to one another.
  9. "Oh cousin your no fun at all are you?" Neirin chuckled, "I don't mind a good fight it allows me to show my true power and it might even liven up the place a little." He followed Amalthia to the hall, he wasn't looking forward to it at all, he never cared much for formal events like this, but he had to go it was necessary for the Prince to attend all of these such events. "Ah there you are Captain nice to see you tonight," Neirin said reaching his hand out to shake the Captain's hand.
  10. Oleana looked towards the sound the Prince Neirin and Almalthia and nodded to the other knight and bowed to the Prince. "Good evening Prince Neirin." She greeted before standing straight. She eyed the hand warily before slowly reaching out and taking it in her own hand. She was unsure if he had anything planned or if this was how he greeted some people around the castle. She didn't wish to seem rude to the crown Prince so she just grasped his hand gently.
  11. "Almalthia, Prince Neirin. Good evening. Everything's quiet so far. Hope it stays that way." Leon said after bowing to the Prince. He then scowled at the Prince and said "with respect, Prince Neirin, if you want to fight, save it for after the party is over and find an opponent that's not here. You do not want to anger the queen. Remember what happened to my predecessor." Leon's words were sharp, but more of a warning than anything else. He may be a soldier, but he knew how to pick his battles. And a battle with the queen was most unwise.
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  12. "I don't bite," Neirin joked at her hesitation before Leon announced himself, "Oh Leon, I know the power she holds, it was merely a jest, I know I'm not known for jokes." He smiled deviously, remembering the time, "We should try to get to the banquet before all the food gets cold shall we." Neirin began to walk towards the banquet hall slowly not to get to far ahead of the others. My mother is definitely a good reason not to start up any fights thought I does get boring around here, he thought to himself thinking of ways to spruce up the evening.
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  13. "Aye, you're not one for jokes. But killing and causing trouble are a different story. It's no secret you killed your father. And if you make an attempt on the queen, you'll be joining him in the afterlife. Make no mistake, I don't make idle threats." Leon said to the Prince with one helluva poker face and no hint of a bluff in his voice. The goddess knew he was not one to be trifled with. Him and his hand of hellfire and his enchanted weapons. "Oleana, be careful around him. You too, Almalthia. He's up to something. I don't know what, but i don't like how his mind works." Leon said to the two female guards when they all fell into step behind the Prince with one on either side to where only they could hear what the captain of the ravens had to say. Leon was always on guard when such formal events came about and often delivered the same warning to anyone who would be in the queen's presence.
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  14. Almalthia looked from Leon to the Prince and back again. She stepped in front of Leon. "Captain Leon. My Uncle is not dead. My Father on the other hand is." She turned to her cousin. "The Captain miss spoke in an area to which he is not as familiar as others. Forgive him Cousin. No doubt word of this will get back to my Aunt, your mother and he will be suitably chastised. For now let us be fashionably late, as the Queen can forgive that, and not be at her mercy if we are overly tardy." Almalthia fiddled with the gown she was wearing at her Aunt's behest.

    It left little to the imagination and she felt like she was on display which was probably what her Aunt wanted. She had been trying to get Almalthia to quit the guard and marry her off for quite some time now. And Almalthia knew that this was the least of the extent of her Aunt's displeasure she was sure to see more as the evening passed. Her Aunt would probably throw some high ranking nobles or heads of house at her. Most likely from everywhere in the kingdom. Tonight was going to suck. A lot.

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  15. Oleana watched the interactions between Leon, Almalthia and Prince Neirin with silent eyes after she had pulled her hand away from the prince. She knew for a fact he was dangerous but could to nothing but her job to guard him and hope that he would learn not to do anything rash. She raised an eyebrow at the attire one of her guards was forced to wear and all but rolled her eyes at her. Almalthia was a good guard, but she needed to learn to speak up against her Aunt, the Queen, at times when it called for it. And her state of dress was very unappealing in her eyes. She looked away from her underling and continued walking with the trio.

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  16. Faelin
    The solid click of heels echoed down the empty corridors, the ground itself seemed to tremble at her very presence. The air fled to the corner of the halls and clung there like cobwebs while the shadows spun at her heels like a loving cat, following her down the corridor. For she was the mother of the night, all the darkness gathered at her feet and fell to her commands, the light existed because she allowed it to, she was Faelin, Queen of the Unseelie.

    The doors to the feast hall flew open in fear of her very presence, the candles flickered out before the flames tripled in size with the colour of blood rippling through them. Her shadow filled the room, touching every corner and with it came the deep freeze of an eternal night, her very presence was enough to strike fear into the hearts of the most courageous and leave at the centre of its devastation the feeling of the hand of death itself against ones soul.

    Though the candles flicker died to a steady and sensible gait, the shadows shrunk and in their place was Faelin. The purest white silver skin that would rival that of the moon itself, standing at a petite five foot and two inches tall, she was slender and lithe like a willow branch, with long white hair that fell to her hips guided by an unseen breeze. Her mirror like eyes caught what little light was in the room and appeared like silver fish in infinitely deep ponds. One could easily mistake the Unseelie Queen for Seelie if it were not for the long tail of blackened bone that left her coccyx and spiralled around to her feet, each vertebrae held by a sinewy of blackened hue and magic so dark it couldn't be seen.

    Today was an important day and while clothing did not suit her she found herself dressing for the occasion, the shadows wrapped her in their silken embrace, like raven feathers the skirt hung, it's tips whipped and moved by the drafts and breezes created by all those who moved here. The back was low cut, allowing for her tail to roam free and curl out of the way against her leg. It hid little of her outline, the shape of her rear exposed as were the shape of her breasts in front, held by the force so that her cleavage spilled over the top of the black. Clothes were such a mortalaffair, they disgusted her and so she wore only what she saw fit.

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    While her petite stature and innocent looks would have many new blood laughing to themselves at the terror they felt those who had stood in her presence before knew better. For while her shadow had shrunk her magnificence and dreadfulness still permeated every brick and every stone in the hall. Her eyes fell on the guests, the Seelie among them shivering at her intense wandering gaze, the Unseelie standing firm though quivering internally.

    Those pretty cupid bow lips turned into a small smile and the Unseelie slipped a step away for they knew what was to come. A voice as soft as snow and delicate as glass whispered from that tiny form, and the observant would realise she spoke in naught but a whisper but her voice permeated the entire room, “I see my son has not yet arrived.” Her head bowed lightly and the beginnings of a frown formed. “This displeases me.”

    The Unseelie took a second step away, the shadows at her feet snaking with anger and striking at nearby furniture and people with no discrimination. Though with her head bowed like a sulking child she seemed almost unaware of the chaos she caused as she stepped through the room. Her kin backed away and bowed low at her approach, hoping to appease their Queen's fouling mood, it would do no good to have her angered before the Seelie showed and continued to irritate her. She paused at the tables head where she was meant to sit and her eyes befell her glass. And she sighed…

    One of the Unseelie quickly grabbed the glass and threw it against the wall, ordering the servants that should they wish to keep their heads this night they fetch the Queen's glass and fill it according to her wishes. The staff scrambled and the 'hero' of the moment turned to his Queen and met her gaze and he froze, caught in the soft, sweet smile and the mirrored eyes. This could go either way for the young fool....

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  17. Almalthia walked in to find everyone shrinking from the dais. "Seriously?!? Already? Cousin I told you to hurry! Now the only one who will not suffer is yourself!" She whispered to Neirin. She pasted on a bored look as she nudged her cousin forward. Looking around while moving she noticed plenty of men eying her and decided ignorance was bliss and looked away. She walked them up to the dais and letting go of Neirin's arm she gracefully curtsied managing not to flash anyone. She felt naked without her weapons and the outfit didn't help but she'd dared not come dressed in anything less. The Queen had picked it out and sent it over to her quarters and she was apt to delivering swift punishment if orders were not followed. Almalthia had seen what had happened to a Raven who refused to wear his Royal appointed attire. He had been stripped bare flogged till he couldn't stand and his back was a bloody mess. Then he was made to sit at the Queen's feet as her foot rest for the evening. His screams as she shifted her feet on his back still haunted Almalthia.

    "Aunt Fealin. You look astonishing as usual." To not comment on someone's appearance was to say they had failed to attract notice, which in turn could be insulting. But especially to the Royals of either court. Almalthia had hoped that she'd have some backing from...well anyone at this point.

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  18. Leon approached with Almalthia and took a knee before his queen with his sword still in its sheath by his side in his right hand before he said "my queen, captain Leon Corvinus of the ravens reporting. And may I add that you make the moon and stars but an illusion in the light of your radiance. The perimeter is clear of any assassins and other undesirables. May this feast be better than any we have had before today." he didn't like these festivities, but kept his thoughts to himself. He was a soldier and unless asked what he truly thought of these events, he would not share them. A soldier followed orders and he was the one who carried out the flogging of one of his subordinates. He, however, forgot which raven it was that defied the queen.
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  19. Oleana did the same as Leon, bowing on one knee to the queen, head bowed. "Captain Oleana of the Cranes reporting your majesty. And may I say that you look as majestic and beautiful as the black roses of the gardens." Oleana states, knowing that it would be rude not to comment on her Queen's choice of attire. Her majesty was quite upset with the Prince and for good reason, he was late and some people have paid for it.
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  20. Faelin

    Finally her son and her niece arrived, the hall seemed to almost breathe in relief at the sight of one of the only two things that would pacify the enraged woman. Glad to see her niece had bothered to wear the clothes picked out for her did much to soothe her angered soul, women ought to dress as women in the Fae queen's mind, anything less was disrespectful, especially at a party. Of course, marrying off her niece was also on her mind deep in the swamp of issues she needed to focus on, so many things to do and so little time. She followed the guards approach along with her family and she tilted her head lightly with a small smile on her lips.

    The poor serving boy returned with a majestic crystal goblet, the stem was like the stem of a rose, complete with thorns and stained dark green, so dark it was almost black, the cup of the glass was crafted like open rose petals, the deepest hue of red one could conceive and swirling inside was a liquid almost as black as the Queen's shadows. The server put the glass carefully in place at the table and backed away quickly.

    The guards took to their knee and Faelin giggled behind a dainty hand. She of course addressed Alma first, "And you my dear, as radiant as the light is fair." Turning then to the guards -who helpfully announced themselves or she'd have likely reverted to their nicknames. Leon, one would think that was a rather easy name to remember, though her nickname for him was chimera, it suited him in her mind. With a little wrinkle of her button nose she giggled again at his compliment and hsi report, "You do me honour Leon, thank you. Now. Up, if I wanted you on your knees I'd have said." She cooed in that soft tone, one long, slender finger placed under his chin, her nail pressed gently into the flesh and she attempted to guide him from his position, her touch was as cold as the snow but as delicate.

    When Leon had rose she turned to her Captain of the guard and her smile grew, a compliment was always a good way to please her, well, one of the ways that didn't involve someone bleeding anyway. "Thank you my dear Oleana. You and your guards have done us a fine service, this party is for you as much as anyone, both of you, please enjoy the festivities." Oleana was the rock, for she reminded the Queen of a rock with ehr squared jaw, unfeminine attitude and her disdain at dresses of any kind, even now Faelin could see that disgust in the back of the Captain's eyes, her disapproval at the attire of both her and Alma. She had briefly toyed with the idea of plucking her eyes from her head but honestly, there were few others that could do her job and Emoer had asked her to behave today.

    Her eyes then turned to her son and with delicate steps picked through the former three to wrap her slender, chilled arms around her boy. "My boy, how beautiful you are today. Here let me look at you." Pulling away she leaned back to glance him over, not quite the way she had wanted him dressed, she'd picked out his clothes for him but he was his father's son, petulant and rebellious. "Wonderful. Now. How is the evening faring for you?"

    Addressed to all four of her subjects as her tail swayed out and cleared -noisily- a space at the table for her to rest her rear, her tail wrapped about the stem of her glass and bought it to her awaiting fingers, the black ichor inside moving, briefly it would sound as if it was weeping when her finger dragged across its surface and popped between her lips.

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