Fading Light (Retired Heroes RP)

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  1. I see heroes out of their golden prime in specific arcs, and want to explore this more with a RP partner willing to share in the bittersweet experience of aging and coming to terms with dying.

    Heroes are eventually cycled out, and their legacies fade. Their heroic idealism can become clouded by witnessing banal sorts of evil that takes age to recognize, such as (intentionally/unintentionally) abusive retirement home employees and con artists. They are no longer able to solve 'all the world's problems'. Friends, family, and fellow supers are almost all but gone, some having been slain by new/old enemies; the remaining might only rarely visit.

    There is a whole bunch of themes that can be delved into, some of which can be positive, (like a home volunteer who is beacon of sunshine) given the right fandom or OC (I would prefer OC). This idea was heavily inspired by Watchmen, but that shouldn't stop us from creating a new story we can call our own. Also consider The Incredibles (family needs) and Batman Beyond (passing the torch).

    I almost labeled this story as fluff; there doesn't have to be a plot for old people doing things, though we can probably think of one easily. ex. A villain issues a rematch with the city at stake, for 'old times sake'. (or a challenge from a newcomer with a severe obsession or complex)

    Some last points for my thoughts on character (negotiable):

    - Age affects the elderly in different ways: physically, mentally, and psychologically. It doesn't have to be painfully noticeable, and varies. Thinking about how your character would be different comparing their prime to now is a good start imo.

    - Yes, you can be anything, including anything alien. The only limits in my mind would be No Immortality, Eternal Youth, or Slow-Aging; pretty much anything that would negate death/dying. Also, powers should take a penalty of some kind according to age.

    - Revealed identity or no? It's up to you. Also where you start (home, retirement home, Mars, etc) and starting age (I'm thinking 65+)

    - Time period is kinda negotiable. Modern time might be easiest, though eras like medieval or future might be interesting (though this may take some of the limelight away from the central theme of coping with death)

    If you're interested, shoot me a PM or reply here. I will start work again in the new year, but I strive for a good post per day. Know that I'm easy when it comes to quality; all that matters to me in the end is that whatever you write has heart.

    EDIT:// Young character / Old character can work as well. To re-iterate, I'm a very negotiable guy.
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