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Brief Outline
[spacer]Year 2018; the Sign appeared in the last day of January. This 'Sign' varied throughout the world: in some places, natural disasters of a scale that had never before seen; in other places, people were driven mad for no reason and killed each other; some faced a quiet end, their loved ones never to awake from their slumber.[/spacer]
[spacer]Despite all these seemingly erratic events a single fact was consistent - those who survived faced a scene that they had never before expected to see in their lifetimes. The disasters lasted mere seconds, and yet the world they knew and lived in had been reduced to ruins. Man-made structures and roads were cracked and broken and even if they weren't, the way they were dark and silent with their power source cut brought about an atmosphere of dead cities and towns which had not seen a living creature for at least a decade. The reality of how comfortable they had lived up until now was evident, and in the face of such despair there were little one could do but try to comprehend their demise.[/spacer][spacer]Events unfurled without giving time for humanity to accept and move on to the new situation, abnormal beings appeared one by one as if to cement the start of a new, darker era with the Sign. These creatures appeared with malice, devouring and defiling what was left of the everyday life to leave no trace of it behind.[/spacer][spacer]From such a scene, a single organization came into play; the Mariana. They eliminated the monsters with ease, declaring to the survivors, and to the whole world, to join their cause - to survive the coming apocalypse, and to regain their lives.[/spacer]
The Mariana

[spacer]A secret organization named after Mariana's Trench, the deepest part of the world's oceans. Their history, apart from the origin of the organization's name and their purpose, has been lost in time. Their main base is located in one of the islands around the Mariana islands which to the outside world was known as an insignificant and uninhabited island.[/spacer]
[spacer]The Mariana is not strictly affiliated to any single country or government; rather, they hold a mutual relationship with various countries and have been known by government staff as mercenaries hired during crucial times. [/spacer][spacer]The majority of the organization's members who joined before the Sign has served as soldiers or scientists in the past, regardless of their heritage or criminal records. This has eventually deformed the organization's hierarchy to that of a horrendous variation of a military-style chain of commands.[/spacer]

[spacer]Broadly speaking, the Mariana's purpose is to prevent the downfall of humanity. Originally this has been achieved with utmost secrecy of the existence of the organization, but the Sign was an event which The Twelve decided that revealing themselves to the world will provide a better possibility of reaching this purpose.[/spacer]

[spoili][spacer]The Mariana is governed by twelve figures called The Twelve, yet it is common knowledge within the organization that they are not the actual leaders; rather, there is an unknown figure who governs these twelve who is referred as the Leader. The Twelve are differentiated from other members of the organization by their unique masks and attire. Each individual of The Twelve have a title which is used instead of their name; these titles are of a certain colour and their attire and mask revolves around to reflect their title.[/spacer][spacer]Those below The Twelve in the hierarchy are given the title of Sentinel. These members are hand-picked by The Twelve to serve as leaders of different sections within the organization. They are the ones who are usually seen giving tasks and orders to the other members of the organization. It should be noted that the Sentinels are allowed a vast degree of freedom within the organization; that is, majority of their actions can and will be forgiven regardless of how immoral or horrendous as long as the objectives they are assigned to are met. They may be given a notorious reputation within the organization if their methods are consistently endangering the organization or causing the death of many members, yet it is very rare that a Sentinel will face punishment more severe than a suspension of active duty for a short period of time. This is due to the fact that The Twelve will not select someone incapable or absurdly barbarous in the first place. There are a total of thirty-six members with the title of Sentinel - fifteen responsible for the Intellect, fifteen responsible for the Strength and six responsible for the Illusion.[/spacer][spacer]The Intellect is the title of the hierarchy under Sentinel, sharing its rank with the Strength and the Illusion. The Intellect consists of members responsible for intelligence, research and development. They are the members who generally stay at the base of the organization with their extensive knowledge and wisdom to provide the organization with better gears, information of the Creatures, deciphering messages and so on. [/spacer][spacer]The Strength consists mainly of dispatch teams. These include the strike force, scouts, mercenaries, and escorts. The members of the Strength requires the ability to defeat the Creatures as well as the ability to follow orders and the capacity to recover valuable goods. It should be noted that some members of the Strength, for example those who are deemed 'borderline' at fieldwork or has received injuries during action that hinders their activities but are still capable, spend their service at the base as guards for potential sneak attacks.[/spacer][spacer]The Illusion consists of the least amount of members. The main task of the Illusion is to become the 'voice' of the organization, negotiating deals with other organizations as necessary as well as recruitment of new, prospective members. As such, to become an Illusion one must show at the very least an excellent degree of social interaction, the ability to gauge a person's character and a keen sense. It is also rumoured within the organization that certain individuals of the Illusion also serve as assassins, taking orders from the Sentinel or The Twelve to handle a more sinister task. Those who work as assassins usually hide this fact even from each other, and this is not common knowledge to the Sentinels ; only those who have used or experienced their service and those who are capable knows of some of them.[/spacer][spacer]The title of Rookie does not get used frequently outside of documents, however this rank states prospective members who are appealing their abilities in order to join the organization. The majority of the facilities in the base is restricted-access to Rookies.[/spacer][spacer]
It is possible to shift from one division to another with the approval of at least three Sentinels; at least one from a Sentinel responsible for the division one wishes to leave and one responsible for the division one wishes to enter.[/spacer]

Available Facilities within the Main Base

Mariana Technology
The Government
[spacer]After the events of the Sign, many had expected to receive aid from their country's government. It has been noted, however, that all of the government buildings throughout the world are barricaded with debris, walls and impenetrable force-fields, preventing access.[/spacer][spacer][/spacer]
The Sign
[spacer]The Sign is the name given to the international incident which occurred from 1101hr on Wednesday the thirty-first of April, 2018 [Mariana Island timezone, GMT+10] and lasting no more than fifty seconds. The term is mainly used by the members of Mariana; individuals may refer to it as 'the incident', 'the calamity' and such forth. Various unexplained natural disasters and epidemics were recorded during this time, including but not limited to: eruptions of dormant volcanoes powerful enough to obliterate volcanoes down to sea level; earthquakes which caused the continent of North America to form canyons and convert the lands previously a part of China into islands; tsunamis submerging parts of Europe; and the discovery of airborne virus which causes sudden death, erratic behaviour or cannibalism.[/spacer][spacer]In an interview held with survivors it was found out that there were members who claims to have died due to falling buildings or falling into crevices caused by massive fissures. They mentioned of entering a dream-like state where they received a text message on their mobile phones asking if they wish to live. Upon answering 'Yes' to the message, they say they were saved by a Creature.[/spacer]
The Goetia Network
[spacer]A mysterious piece of technology which was discovered along with the first sightings of creatures. It is also the foundation of Mariana's futuristic technology. It is also this software which allows Summoners to summon creatures in the form of the Goetia App. While the Goetia Network can be considered an asset to Summoners by providing a fighting force, it has been observed that the app will go out of control if the summoner loses their life or firmly decides not to use the app any more in the future. Once this occurs, the app will forcibly execute the creature creation function at a constant rate; creatures summoned this way will not be under the summoner's control. The simplest method to stop the app once it enters this stage is to break the phone.[/spacer][spacer]Functions of the Goetia App.[/spacer]
  • Bestiary - Initially the Bestiary contains zero entries. When a certain condition has met, a new entry will automatically be updated.

    There are three known methods of receiving an entry.
    1. Encountering a creature. Additionally if the app is configured to alert when a new entry is added [default setting], this will give an alert as the encountered creature's information is updated.
    2. List Sharing. By sharing one's Bestiary with another who has the app and is within visible range, both Bestiaries will be updated to receive missing entries the other party has.
    3. Timed content. Certain entries will appear after a specific time.
  • Instant Messaging and Voice Call - the app allows messaging and calling other app users, even if the phone does not have signal. There are however restricted areas where app cannot send or receive messages and calls.
  • Creature Creation - app users can summon a creature to do their bidding. Unlike other creatures, a creature summoned through the apps obeys the summoner with absolute loyalty. Creatures summoned cannot be de-summoned; instead the app records all and any changes occurring to the summoned creature such that if the creature succumbs to death, the summoner can summon an identical creature after a certain amount of time. Generally lower tier creatures takes less time to re-summon.

[spacer]The group of people who are able to utilize the Goetia Network and summon creatures to do their bidding are collectively called 'summoners'. They are largely divided into two categories.[/spacer][spacer]Mariana summoners refer to summoners under the organization. Their Goetia app receives modifications which allow access to the Babel server. Depending on their ranking within the organization, they also have access to futuristic technology designed to combat creatures, sensitive intel or have access to limitless supplies which can be used for negotiations and survival. In return, the Mariana summoners tend to require following certain schedules imposed on them by the organization. These include showing up at the base daily unless they are on a mission, moving out regardless of their situation if the organization calls for them and obeying the orders of their higher-ups.[/spacer][spacer]Civilian summoners refer to summoners who are not affiliated with any particular organization. They may move in small groups formed by their comrades, participating in securing a base and food from other summoners, or move solo. Unlike the Mariana summoners whose minimum necessities are promised by Mariana, they require spending time scavenging and hunting for food, shelter and other necessities. Instead, they have the freedom to do as they please, and their creatures' growth is comparably faster than Mariana summoners. In addition, the civilian summoners gain exclusive upgrades as their creatures mutate and become stronger. The most common growth is the ability to control their creatures at will, without needing to give vocal commands.[/spacer]
[spacer]As they do not have a proper name, many refers to the creatures as they wish with some examples being 'monsters', 'demons' or 'beasts'. The members of Mariana generally refers to them as 'creatures'. The first spotting of the creatures dates back to the year of 2014 on the 15th April. The existence of the creatures were classified from the public in order to prevent chaos; the government bodies mutually agreed on 'silencing' any civilian witnesses involved in the creatures until their identity and a way to prevent them was known. Starting from this point, more creatures were sighted on three other instance before the Sign; on 8th October 2014, on 4th April 2015 and finally on 27th September 2015 with the number of sightings increasing at each instance. The Mariana, along with several other secret organizations which the governments had ties with, were tasked with identifying the causes and origins of these creatures for the fear of an eventual outbreak was imminent. [/spacer][spacer]During their research, the Mariana discovered the existence of the Goetia Network. Before reporting the network to the government, however, they attempted to integrate their findings to their technology as well as gaining creature specimens to extract as much information as they can.[/spacer][spacer]The creatures are hostile and aggressive, as well as having countless variations. The majority of the creatures however resemble fictitious monsters from mythology and works, with low intelligence and an extreme level of blood-lust. They exhibit supernatural powers such as emitting flames or electricity, shape-shifting into inorganic objects, or showing unfathomable power.[/spacer][spacer]The creatures are capable of consuming any organic matter; this includes its own kind. It should be noted however that this is not for their survival as the Intellect division of the Mariana have discovered they can live without sustenance. Instead, it has been concluded that the creatures consume in order to enter a stage of rapid mutation which will make the creatures become stronger.[/spacer][spacer]The Goetia Network yielded a classification system of creatures. Despite this fact the Mariana were unable to learn all the information regarding the creatures. As a means to make a slightly easier classification, each class name listed on the Goetia Network's bestiary has been ranked with tiers by the organization; hence the class and tier are interchangeable. This classification is considered common knowledge to the members of the Mariana as well as summoners who have access to the bestiary, however non-Mariana summoners may only be familiar with the classes and not the tiers.[/spacer]
  • Ling - tier 1 creatures which are classified as 'least threat'. Despite having such a status, these generally possess strength or abilities similar to wild animals, albeit a greater endurance to guns. Lings grow at most as big as a typical tiger.
  • Lisk - tier 2 creatures. They are difficult to kill with typical weapons. The notable features of Lisks are their size; they can grow to as tall as two-storey buildings, although some are as small as Lings.
  • Tor - tier 3 creatures. Excluding the weaponry created by the Mariana specifically for creatures, weapons do not affect creatures of this tier and above. Their size has no limits, however Tors generally have a critical weakness. These include fatality from a certain material such as silver, or has impenetrable defense but zero offensive capabilities.
  • Aster - tier 4 creatures. Asters are physically large, the smallest Aster coming up to as tall as three storeys. They also possess almost flawless offense and defense but enough firepower and creature attack can eventually bring them down.
  • Stella - tier 5 creatures. These are generally humanoid in shape with varying sizes. These creatures start to show intelligence, some even capable of speech and thinking independently. Their capabilities differ greatly from Stella to Stella, although even the weakest Stella is capable of defeating or stalling Aster class or lesser on a one-on-one battle.
  • Calypse - tier 6 creatures which are classified as 'maximum threat'. There are no records of creatures of this tier, however their existence is known via the Goetia App.
  • Blivion - creatures of unknown tier. There are no records of creatures of this tier, however their existence is known via the Goetia App.

{slide=Rules|center}Current Roleplay Master(s): Uuko.

General IWAKU Roleplaying Rules
>These apply without exceptions. Please notify a roleplay master if the the complete list is required.

Character Deaths
>There will be character deaths. If anyone wants to kill off their own character, please notify on the OOC.
>If the situation calls for a character's death from a roleplay master, the reason for this will be posted in the OOC to clear any potential doubts instead of suddenly announcing a character's death.

Posting Length
>The minimum standard is two paragraphs per post, and in third-person. The maximum number of paragraphs is ten per post.
>Generally, going over the maximum standard is not going to be as strict as the minimum standard but the idea behind roleplays as opposed to novels is to express and develop characters in a gradual sense rather than one-page-summaries. Character developments and detailed descriptions are desperately requested, but in the form of digestible chunks the readers would not tire of easily.

Posting frequency
>There will be no set posting rotation unless requested but please attempt to post at most thrice per day and at least once every three or four days.
>If someone is unable to post within the above schedule due to waiting on another roleplayer, notify a roleplay master to sort it out.
>Absences should be posted on the OOC with the expected return date [even if it is just an estimate with 1% probability].
>Other negotiations related to posting frequency should be posted on the OOC.

Image inserts for IC posts
>Feel free to use extensive images, but they should not have a greater presence than the text.
>A typical example would be gigantic images dominating the entire post while making texts look like captions or additional information. A possible code for resizing:
To keep the 'click for original size' link on the image, delete the '|no-lightbox' part.

Font styling for both IC and OOC posts
>Please avoid using the font colour #c2c2c2 and similar, as that is the current roleplay master's theme background colour.
>White or neon font colours are allowed due to the fact that those are still visible enough to notice their presence and be highlighted to read, while a font colour similar to the background will involuntarily be skipped entirely.
>Exception to this is the default font colours; that is, no attempt to add code to forcibly change the font. The font's colour changes with the theme so in this scenario it is completely fine.
>As a visual reference, the colour mentioned is the same as the image below.

By signing up for this roleplay, it gives consent to the roleplay master(s) to control any characters which are deemed inactive for at least a week without a valid notice unless a different arrangement is made with the roleplayer in the OOC.

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