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  1. Has anyone else picked up this game? It's on Steam and I just started playing it recently; I literally cannot stop, it is soo fun and addicting. I mean, a whole game solely about making factories? It's like a dream come true!

    And it's multiplayer too, so you can play with friends. Now if only I had friends willing to play this game with me...
    (Hint: I'm asking if any of you want to get together and play some Factorio)
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  2. Seen a lot of threads for it on 4chans video games board. All I could take from the discussions was it tickles that organizational need just right.

    Is there an end goal to the game? Or is it kinda like sim city?

    I'll watch some videos on it tonight once the works done since I can't right now.
  3. I believe the end goal currently is to build a rocket and launch it into space.

    You get there by slowly progressing in science and mass-producing a shitload of materials, and I mean a shitload of materials. It is literally the most satisfying thing ever to start from nothing and eventually ending up with this massive compound with production lines for anything and everything you want.
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  4. Definitely gonna give it a look at tonight. I love games with building complexity and no real perfect way to get there (yet).
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  5. It looks interesting, but personally it seems designed to be a game that encourages farming and grinding, for the sake of farming and grinding.
    Now, I can have a lot of fun with farming and grinding in games, when there's a pay off that comes into the rest of the gameplay.

    But doing it just for the sake of it isn't really my style.
  6. There's really not a whole lot of grinding involved, in fact, the whole point of the game is to limit grinding by making factories to do most of the tedious work for you. The fun is in making the factories themselves. If you find yourself having to grind/farm a lot, then you're playing the game wrong.
  7. Depends on your perspective. When I talk grinding and farming I mean the factories themselves.
    They're basically building automated grinding and farming, for the purposes of them building even more factories and so on.

    Granted you can say the same with something like MMO's.

    So I guess it just comes down to, I like the interactivity of combat and building up to get better in it.
    But I don't get as much of a kick from simply building factories and having them go (if all the materials are just meant for more factories and it's defenses, and not say a build project like you would in Minecraft).
  8. Hmm... Yeah, I guess, I just don't really see that as grinding, especially since you're constantly having to build more and more as you progress.

    Also, you're not really building factories just for the sake of building factories, there is an end goal to the game: to build and launch a rocket into space. Pretty much everything you do is a step towards that.

    There's combat in the game, too. As you're building you base up you have to fight off aliens to keep them from destroying your stuff, and they get harder to defeat as time goes on so you constantly have to upgrade you weapons and whatnot in order to keep up.

    I can understand if it doesn't appeal to you, though.
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