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  1. Alright, here is the long and short of it. I need one, I repeat one, good roleplay. It can be a group roleplay, a private small group roleplay, or a 1x1 roleplay. It needs to be moderately active; so more than 3 posts a week, but not more than say, 3 posts a day (depending on the day) on average. While I prefer quality over quantity, I would like to see more than four paragraphs per post, except on those rare occasions when shorter posts really make more sense - like during conversations or fight scenes. I like plot, world and character development, but am not currently interested in romance based character interaction. I am not writing off romance, but I am not basing the entire roleplay around two characters. I play males and females equally, although I am sick and tired of playing the guy in a het pairing. I would also like a partner who can double, because I tend to play two or five characters (I don't create them all at once, they show up as the story goes along), and I do not like having to play the entire world except for one other character.

    Since that sounds a bit picky, lets back up a bit and talk about what I can offer. Not only am I capable of playing multiple characters in the same RP, but I can play both male and female characters, with a variety of personalities, ages, skill sets and motivations. I am also comfortable Het, Yuri and Yaoi pairings, or not having pairings at all! (I would actually prefer we avoid pairing characters prematurely, like, say, before we even start the RP. But at least the romance options are open). While I generally prefer human characters, I am capable of playing aliens, mythical creatures (dragons, sidhe, ....ghosts?). I play science fiction, fantasy, paranormal, post-apocalyptic (I do NOT do zombies), steam punk and more! I also do NOT do horror or whatever it is called. I suppose I could modern too, but where is the fun in that? I am also pretty good at coming up with a plot and/or setting on the spot, or adapting a previously used but not fully explored plot/setting. I can post most days, and if things get really interested, more than once per day (sometimes).

    If you have gotten this far, I congratulate you. Now I am going to make it easy by providing a nice itemized list. If you can answer yes to most of the questions in the first list below, feel free to post and we can talk further. If you answer yes to a few of the items in the second list, you may want to reconsider.

    I am really open to anything right now. Below the lists, however, is a few things I am slightly craving.

    1. Can you post more than twice a week, on average?
    2. Are you comfortable making posts between 2 and 10 paragraphs long?
    3. Can you double, playing more than one character at a time?
    4. Can you play both male and females characters?
    5. Do you contribute equally to world building and plot?
    6. Are your character realistic (within their realm/world, of course)?

    List Two
    1. Are you here to ask me to play a male character in a pre-paired het romance 1x1?
    2. Is your roleplay idea based on a romance?
    3. Do you have a small number of default characters? (Under 10.)

    Some Ideas I am craving

    Myth Redux - a roleplay loosely based on a myth or fairy tale. For example, Beauty and the Beast, except our characters have their own unique names and back stories. Toss in references to three or four other myths/fairy tales and it would be perfect.

    The Royal Court
    - A roleplay involving political intrigue, treason, coups (or attempted coups), double crosses, spies, world conquest, something like that. Might be better for a private small group RP (3-5 players, each with multiple characters) than a 1x1, but I am up for that!

    - I am NOT talking about an RP where a rich, powerful, heterosexual male keeps a nubile young woman as a sex slave. (Or even one where a guy keeps another guy as a sex slave, or where a girl keeps a girl as a sex slave, or a girl keeps a guy as a sex slave. NO SEX SLAVES.) I am talking about something with slavery as an institution, something with wealthy, powerful people taking slavery for granted, where slaves are convinced either 1) they want their freedom or 2) slavery is preferable to the alternative of abject poverty with no guarantee of food or housing. This wouldn't be an RP that touches lightly on the topic of slavery for someone's personal gratifications and jollies.

    Again, though, I am only slightly craving the RPs above, I could easily survive without them.

    Anyone want to roleplay with me? I have to find somewhere to escape the metagaming, autoing, godmodding and just poor writing of my other roleplays. HELP MEEEEEEEEE.
  2. 1. Can you post more than twice a week, on average? Absolutely, I have all the time in the world~!
    2. Are you comfortable making posts between 2 and 10 paragraphs long? Yes~
    3. Can you double, playing more than one character at a time? I love playing more than one character, so totally!
    4. Can you play both male and females characters? Yep!
    5. Do you contribute equally to world building and plot? I try, but I always check to make sure what I have in mind is okay first, so as not to be rude. ^^
    6. Are your character realistic (within their realm/world, of course)? Yes, you have no idea how scared I am of making over-powered characters~

    List Two
    1. Are you here to ask me to play a male character in a pre-paired het romance 1x1? I actually don't rp romance much, so no~
    2. Is your roleplay idea based on a romance? Nope~ I prefer the Myth idea- It sounds like lots of fun! <3 I'm also interested in the slavery one- With that one, would we be doubling up and playing both the wealthy and the slaves?
    3. Do you have a small number of default characters? I have small groups of characters that could easily fit into any genre, so yes. ^^ I don't have many males that are that diverse, but I can always craft them on the spot~

    Uh, well, now that that's all answered, I'm not sure what to add... XD I absolutely love fantasy roleplays, so any fantasy related plot would definitely be a yes. :3
  3. Holy cheeseballs yes! I am interested, like none other. I'm enticed by the myths and tale adaptations. Is Beauty and the Beast a specific preference or are there others you would like to explore (top three to five)? I would tell you more about my style but it would be close enough to yours that I can skip that for now.
  4. Polar Tear, hallo! I like your answers. Are you interested in a strict 1x1 or do you also like group RPs? For the slave RP, yes, I think playing both the masters and the slaves would make it more fun, although it really depends on the specific plot. Technically, the slaves could just be a part of the world development and not actually be a central aspect of the plot. Did you have anything in mind for the myth or slave RP?

    Renn - I am interested in Beauty and the Beast, yes, but I am also interested in other stories. Cupid and Psyche, Rumpelstiltskin, The Ice Queen (I think that's what it is called), maybe something slightly Little Mermaid-isque.... Medea or Hermes type characters...Hmmm... I'm not picky. I'd really like to combine a few ideas into one, like say, Cupid and Psyche + Rumpelstiltskin + Beauty and the Beast kind of story, but....Not sure how much room that would leave for doubling with characters. And it is sort of pairing/romance based, so...It would need some work before I could well, work. What do you think?
  5. Ah, I'm fine with it being either a group or a 1x1, whichever you'd prefer~ I think that the slaves we would play could be what affects a slave population- Obviously, we couldn't play out ALL of the slaves someone might have, but we could play the people important to how they act and stuff~ I kind of like the idea of the wealthy people growing far too dependent on the slaves, to the point that they actually can't even fathom the idea of an uprising of sorts. The slaves would be somewhat conflicted- Those that are treated 'better' might not want their freedom, but others might. It's really just what you said up there, haha~ There might be those who aren't slaves that would want to free them, which would be interesting too, as well as realistic~

    With the Myth roleplay, general Greek mythology would be lovely, maybe a bit of The Little Mermaid in there~ I actually have a few of mermaid characters, though they haven't had any character development at all, so they might be somewhat boring to start out with. I don't have any Greek-style characters at the moment- There's one with the general design of a Greek Warrior, but she's a girl, and there weren't very many female warriors back then. Not only that but she's highly stylized, so I feel like she doesn't really count. Ah, um, for a plot... I'm not really sure, but I'm sure we could work that out pretty easily! Maybe add Goldilocks and the Three bears in there, just for fun. One thing that could be interesting might be to throw a pair of modern characters into the story as well, give things an added twist, perhaps? To be honest, a mash-up of a lot of fairy tales would be interesting. But those are just my ideas, sorry if they sound a little silly. XD I'm not really choosy or anything, so anything you'd like is fine with me~!
  6. Polar Tear, I am not sure I explained the slavery concept I had in mind quite clearly, as it appears you have something slightly different in mind. That is, of course, perfectly fine. I was talking about the institution of slavery that was common in ancient times; it was taken as a matter of course, and not questioned (or only questioned by mad men). When people did question slavery, the answer was given that it was better than the alternative. It was only after the severe brutality of American slavery that the question of morality and personal freedom was truly raised.

    As for the myth idea, again, I do not think I explained myself clearly. I do not like limiting myself to fandom worlds or even historical settings. I prefer pure fantasy worlds. So, if say, I wanted to do a Hades and Persephone RP, I wouldn't name my character Hades and have him be a Greek God. Instead, I would make him, say, a powerful mage who lives underground and is king of all the disenfranchised monsters and dark mages, and who randomly kidnaps some half-human/half-faerie forest mage. ((Yes, I already created just such an RP, and I LOVE it. Unfortunately, its on hiatus.)) I don't actually want to replay the myths or even have characters who would normally fit in the myths. There is no need for an Atalanta, for example. For Goldilocks, there is no need for a little blond girl, a cabin in the woods, and three talking bears. All we would need is a group of, say, loggers, a rogue tracker with more curiosity than is wise, and a few .... Hm. Not sure what to replace the chairs and oatmeal with.

    Does that help you a bit more with ideas? For the myth one, at least, we'd just need to pick one or two myths/fairy tales to base it around, and then toss in the other ones for fun when the chance presents itself.

    Alright, I am off to bed, I look forward to more interesting and enthusiastic replies tomorrow. Also, I am in no rush and am only looking for one RP, so ...yeah? Night!
  7. Oh! Well, that's embarrassing! You explained it perfectly, I'm just being silly, haha~ Leave it to me to skew both concepts at one in the morning. XD But knowing all that definitely makes it easier to think of a plot~

    Hm, I can't really thing of anything for the slave RP now, because there's just such a wide array of fun things to do with it!

    But with the myth RP, can you tell me what specific myths you'd like to base it off of? I have a character in mind, but he's a merman(Not so stylized, he's kind of like an eel-type thing.) and I'm not sure what he could fit into. He's somewhat dark, and could easily fit into the 'Hades role' of a Hades/Persephone type thing. But that'd probably just be a copy of your other RP so maybe not?

    Perhaps we could each pick one tale and then merge it together from there? It'd probably be way easier to make a plot, then~ Man this post of mine is lame, but anyhoo, goodnight!
  8. That all sounds fantastic, and you are quite magical ;D I adore the Beauty and the Beast, and miss my mermaid character! Let me do some reading and thinking on what will combine well and interestingly enough, or ways to tweak and reference. Your explanation of pure fantasy realms is right up my alley! See you later, hopefully with ideas.
  9. Actually, Polar and Renn, I had a brilliant idea while I was sleeping! I would totally love a full-collab small group RP, one that, say, combines at least two of my ideas up there? So I came up with an idea that fits. Tell me what you think of it, its still a bit rough around the edges.

    So, there is a powerful slaver, who we will call "Ice Queen" for now (since she is loosely based on that fairy tale, although only loosely, since I intend to alter her significantly). She runs a large Slave Emporium, which trains specialty slaves, like mages, warriors, tutors, and musicians and the like (all things slaves did in the past, except for the mages part, but whatever). She acquires most of these slaves with the help of her lieutenants; people like the "Rumpelstiltskin" character, a dark mage who helps people in return for their children (and other things, I guess). Some Lieutenants acquire slaves, some train the slaves, and some work on selling them.

    Obviously, I still have to figure out what happens to the children. Are they taken shortly after birth and raised in special schools/facilities, or are they taken when they are mature and useful?

    Also, any of the lieutenants (or really, any other slaver in the Emporium), the slaves and some other wealthy buyers/competitors would be playable characters. It would be super cool if we could toss in some political intrigue, with spies, treason, back stabbing, and coups, but that's optional. I imagine most of the characters would be loosely based on fairy tales or myths, as would some of the plot points. For example, if the "Ice Queen" takes people when they are mature, and then turns them into slaves, then it would make perfect sense for one of those people to have a close friend or fiance who could come rescue them, just like in the story! It would also make sense for the "Ice Queen" and of her powerful lieutenants to offer a mermaid (or member of another magical race) a chance to be human, in return for a price. If the mermaid/whatever doesn't complete what they want to while they are human, they become a slave; and, naturally, slaves from a magical race are more valuable... Yes.

    Anyway, what do you two think? Think we could find one or two more people who might be interested?
  10. I think it sounds great! I haven't been here for very long, but I'm sure other people might like it~! Even if they don't(I'm sure they will!) I'm certain that it could play out quite easily just between us three, though we probably would have to take up a lot of different characters. o:
  11. Lets see what Renn says. If he/she is game, then I will go recruiting for one or two more people, while also adding a bit more detail to the plot/setting, and, of course, setting up the actual RP thread.
  12. Sounds like a plan! Or plot, really. As long as we can all manage having two or three characters and handle writing their encounters with background characters...should work out rather nicely. (: Go ahead with your character ideas, I'll check 'em out while I'm building mine.
  13. Splendid. As soon as I finish my school work, I will put up some new ideas/details I've come up with, and really focus on working on my characters. I have two firmly in mind, but I might toss in a third pretty early. Other characters will probably appear when/if they are needed, so I might have a few NPCs pretty quick like. I also think we should try to find one or two more people who are interested, although I am not sure how to go about it. Any ideas?
  14. Could re-post this in a group thread? Or switch the little tag to one that says looking for players/taking apps?
  15. Yeah, I can move the idea over to a group search thread, and if we get one or two more people interested, I can make an RP thread and an OOC.

    Oh, no one minds detailed character profiles, right? I like detailed character profiles, and mine tend to be very detailed. Well...sort of. Ehh. Whatever. I'll go make a new thread and then come back here and provide a link. Give me a few minutes.

    Also, done with school and almost done with Asra, the Ice/Snow Queen slash Slave Boss person thing.
  16. New Thread

    I should be able to post up my Asra profile tonight, and then I will make Tatari tomorrow, first thing.
  17. Nice names! And in spite of these brief responses, I love detailed characters :) still thinking on mine...
  18. Renn! You and polar_tear need to go post in the Group RP search/recruit thread I created in the Fantasy forum. Otherwise people might think it really is just me trying to make the RP.
    Also, that is where I put my character profiles. Asra is brand new, never before played character! Tatari is a repeat of a repeat of a...well, I've used him lots.