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  1. Clearly this site doesn't have enough emotes yet.

    So let's add a new emote to the collection! :)

    How about face-huggers from Aliens? :P
  2. We have more than enough >:[ It already takes forever to load the smilies picker, don't make it worse D:
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  3. Get rid of some of the useless ones, then.

    Think of how common and invaluable the facehugger emoticon would be for the Iwaku community.

    ...oh wait...
  4. I approve of this idea
  5. Keep talking...
  6. Find me a facehugger emote that is small, looks good, and free for us to use. 8D And perhaps we shall.
  7. @Drakel was able to find this:

  8. I like the second to last one, personally though the vary last one is also good too. :dragon:

    Also, YAY I'm helpful!! ^^
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.