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  1. A /somewhat/ alt-reality version of Fabletown (Fables/Fairest comics and A Wolf Among Us video game). YOU DO NOT NEED KNOWLEDGE FROM THE COMICS/VIDEOGAMES TO JOIN THIS RP, I'll explain locations/concepts in the OOC thread, the concept is the same as the comic/games and so is the location, but the plot is entirely organic. Prior knowledge of the game or comics however is great as well.

    Sherif Bigby Wolf and Fabletown Director, Snow White, are gone (for whatever reasons, it doesn't matter!) and Fabletown and its residents are left to their own devices, the plot follows the characters of well known fairytales, as they live out their lives secretly in exile in part of New York City.

    The Fables have to follow strict rules to live in secret beside the Mundy (human) society. Non-Human Fables (the three little pigs, puss in boots etc) have to live upstate on the Farm, because they cannot hide their animal appearance and/or cannot afford witches glamours to hide their appearance.
    Fables can have magical powers (determined by the story they came from, you cannot turn Rapunzel into a fire weilding Dragon Born ... she isn't, however she does have hair thats strong as steel and grows at a rate of 4 inches every hour)
    THey bring along with them any magic or curses inflicted upon them in their stories however provided they can stealth mode around the humans, they can live in Fabletown and away from the Farm.

    While Bigby and Snow are away, the residents of the Woodlands Apartments in Fabletown go about their daily lives but ... things are far from ordinary when you are a Fable.

    Any interest at all?
  2. Meeeee!
    Willing to play beauty. And cinderella..
  3. Interest, Yes~
  4. Could I play Rapunzel?
  5. Yes, yes and yes :)
    I'll play Cheshire

    We need some male chars though :S then we're good to go
  6. BUMP: Looking for sum fellas
  7. Bumping again
  8. We need males.
    Also bumping
  9. I'm interested, since I'm an avid Fables comicbook reader.
  10. Woo!! Aravhorn, welcome.

    Okay to speed things along, I'll play Robin Hood as well so we have an extra guy, I'll move this to OOC hopefully we'll get another one or two guys on board! All else fails and no one posts in teh group (happens to most group rp's im in :( ) I'll try do a onexone with multiple chars instead!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.