Fabled Huntress

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  1. "When I was 12 I went hunting by myself my parents dident know I spent hours tracking a buck I found him drinking from a puddle I pulled the string back on my bow as far as it could go I had one chance to hit it so I took my time aimed and released it hit the dear in the heart I went over to the deer and said hyro hyn hidm wanath witch means May he find peace after death. I skinned the buck and took the meat I carried it in sack I was walking I stopped and looked around I saw smoke in the distance it was coming from my village when I got there every thing was burned nothing left I said to my self I will find who ever did this will pay with there HEAD!!!!! 2 years later I still have not found out who did it but I am getting close and when I find him I will chop off his head and feed his body to BEARS!!!!!"

    ((OOC and Character Sheets https://www.iwakuroleplay.com/threads/fabled-huntress-open.54885/#post-1292633))
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  2. walk along a beach takes shirt off and jumps in the water
  3. A mermaid was just surfacing in the open water. She had hoped the beach would be empty. But the elf girl was young, very young, Anna didn't expect her to be much trouble. "Nice time for a swim lass?"
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  4. Yeah it's hot
  5. "That it is. Your parents won't mind you swimming alone?" the mermaid asked swimming to shore.
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  6. [my parents are dead
  7. The mermaid looked very surprised to hear this. "But you're an elf! Elves do not die easily, what happened?"
  8. Yes thay don't but some one set are village on fire I was the only one left a tear runs down Lucy's eye
  9. "That is horrible! I know how hard it is to lose family. My sister, and many others, have been trapped and killed in the past few months. I plan to avenge them." Anna confided. She did not want the young elf to feel alone in her struggle.
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  10. Really that's terable hmmmm many we could work together
  11. The mermaid looked at her curiously "Yes, you could help me. My name is Anna, what's yours?"
  12. Lucy the last wood elf in this land
  13. "Lucy, I will help you." The mermaid promised pulling herself onto the sand to dry in the hot sun. "I'll dry off and be ready to go when you are done with your swim."
  14. Ow I am done walks over to stuff ow can u look away I have to change
  15. "Of course, I'll be changing too." The mermaid replied twisting so she lay facing away from the elf.
    It wasn't long before the glaring sun dried her fin. The scales ripped apart, dividing and changing into human legs. Anna cried out at the intensity of the pain. When it was finished she lay there, uttering a spell that clothed her in a sea green dress. "Ready lass?" She asked, having the courtesy not to turn around yet.
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  16. Yes turns around wither wood elf armor on and her hand crafted bow tosses her a sword
  17. "You are prepared aren't you!" Anna smiled. She want the best swordswoman, but it would be better than nothing to block with. Anna caught the hilt and looked at Lucy who was so determined. "I was planning to go into town, but if you have other plans, lead the way."
  18. No I don't I need to sell some stuff
  19. "Perfect." Anna smiled, this would work out nicely. Her first few steps were wobbly and unsteady, the sand only made it more difficult to get used to walking again. But she quickly adjusted. They should be able to reach Port Arton by the end of the afternoon, if they didn't run into any trouble.
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