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    F0XTR0T’s BBCode Shop!
    Seeing as I don’t really see much, erm, bbcode around here and Iwaku has such an extensive library… I decided to put up this little thread to see if anyone would want a template or three! These are all free, so don’t let the name fool you. Just fill out the little form below and PM or post it in the thread below, and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can, aha!

    Note: Please do not remove the credit that will be attached… I did take the time to make these myself, not that I think anyone would… epp. >.<

    Usage: Partner search? Character sheet? Something else?
    Colors: Specific hex codes of what you would like, please!
    Google Fonts: Any specific fonts?
    Images: Number of placeholders as I will not insert them myself, sorry >.<
    Description: General idea of what you want!

    Completed Requests
    None yet!
    Coded by: @F0XTR0T :D
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  2. Usage: A character sheet.
    Colors: Any pastel colors.
    Google Fonts: Indie Flower.
    Images: What about, pictures of Jin?
    Description: I want it to be plain but colorful, you know? It also needs to have that border thing.
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  3. Oo, first post! :D

    But, um... there are a few problems, eep >_<

    1) I won’t insert images for you, sorry... maybe you have a number you wold like instead?
    2) I need a little more description... erm... maybe more specifics?
  4. Oh.
    Answer for number one, what about 4 pictures?
    And two, It needs to have that border thing. The google font is also needed to be, like, the titles for each part of the sheet. For example, the first one needs to be 'General' in Font Size 7 (or anything big). It also needs to be slightly motherly like since I'll be making a character that acts and looks like Jin.
  5. By “border thing” do you mean the layered background I have in the original post?
  6. Like that, but transparent..
  7. So a width smaller than the length of the post itself...? Like this?