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  1. Hello everyone!! F0X here, and I am hoping to start up a few new roleplays! So lets just cut to the chase and talk about what I am looking for, shall we?

    I generally don't play male characters, but I have no problem at all (actually I love) playing futas! I also don't do incest or sibling/sibling relationships, just not something I like.

    Now what I do like is a much longer list.
    Gender Pairings: FxF, FxM, FuXF, FuXFu, FuXM
    Plot to Sex Ratio: Generally this value is different, but right now I'd prefer stories that were 70%smut/30%plot.
    Settings: Doesn't really matter much, but I love Modern settings probably the best.
    I Also strongly encourage elements of fantasy in rp's, but they aren't needed.
    I love playing Kitsunes, Elves, and Lamia's!!! But for a more normal setting, I have no problem being a human girl.
    Bondage is an absolute strong want in just about any role play I do. I have also really come to love tentacles thanks to some of you really awesome writers out there.
    I am not currently wanting to play a dominant character at this time, but I'd happily play a switch, but would prefer to play a submissive character.

    What I'd like from you.
    I am not really picky about length, but I generally at least prefer about 3-4 sentences at minimum. I can write up to 5-6 paragraphs for really details scenes or ones with a lot of action, however I generally write around 2-3 paragraphs. Its really not about length for me, but about quality!
    OOC Chatter is a must for me! I want to be your friend as much as your writing partner, so please, feel free to talk to me as much as you like. OH! And Add me on Skype at f0x7713.

    I honestly don't have all that many plots right now, but I am more looking to brainstorm some ideas with you guys! As I think of pairings I'd like to do, I'll update them in this section below.

    Thanks everyone for reading!! Please, feel free to shoot me a PM! I am looking forward to talking to you all. <3

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  2. It is quite interesting to come across this after your hug attack from earlier...Especially since I've seen you around everywhere. Just waiting for the perfect moment to ask to roleplay with you...

    Then I saw you would be willing to do an FxF and a Lamia character. Definitely willing to try something up with you.
  3. Shoot me a PM! I have two Lamia rp's right now, but I'd be more than willing to discuss Ideas with you my dear! I might be persuaded to do another if that is what you desired. ;)
  4. I...erm kinda want to do a lamia rp too...but my...evil partner over there might have taken up the last one >.< Just sorta asking if you'd still be willing to possibly do one more.
  5. UOTE="Nickboom, post: 2116260, member: 7804"]I...erm kinda want to do a lamia rp too...but my...evil partner over there might have taken up the last one >.< Just sorta asking if you'd still be willing to possibly do one more.[/QUOTE]
    PM me :)
  6. Alright, weekend is here, which is when I am most busy! I am gonna try to get some good posts in over the weekend, but I do work full days. I do have Sunday-Wednesday off next week though!!
  7. [​IMG]
    Thanks for everyone that got back to me! I am going to make this request filled, but if anyone is still interested, I might be able to take one or two more partners.
  8. Your signature made me bust a gut laughing
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