F0X's Pokemon Sun/Moon Pokemon Request! Open!

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    Hello all!! I have been gone for a while, but I really wanna get back into the swing of things!! As some of you may know, I am a pretty big pokemon fan, and Sun/Moon has most certainly taken up a lot of my time as of late. I've been doing lots and lots of breeding, and that got me thinking, "I wonder if anyone wants any pokemon..."

    So!! That is why I am making this thread! I've made my competitive team as of recent, but I am sure I can breed lots of other pokemon for myself and others! Below are some examples of Pokemon I have recently bred for myself.

    Some of my work (open)


    So, to be more specific, here is what I can breed for you:
    1. Pokemon with 5 Perfect IV's and a desired Nature.
    2. A Male/Female of a Pokemon with 4 Perfect IV's for your own breeding needs.

    What I cannot breed for you:
    1. Shineys. Its not that I can't, but I am not looking for them at the moment, and I am not going to invest the time into breeding for them for others.

    Other Notes:
    1. I can breed Egg moves for you unless there is a lot of chaining that needs to be done.
    2. I can breed a 6th IV Pokemon if it is in the FIELD egg group. Will take longer than other requests.

    Alright!! With all those things out of the way, here is the form for your request and I'll get to it as soon as possible! It is first come first serve, but I will try and fill everyone's requests within reason.

    1. Desired Pokemon:
    2. Desired Nature:
    3. Most Desired IV's (top 3):
    4. Desired Gender:
    5. Desired Moved Known:
    6. Friend Code:
    7. Nintindo Name:

    Things that I am looking for in Pokemon Sun/Moon (Not required for a request, but would be nice!)
    Please and Thank You! (open)

    Happiny Line
    Whiscash Line
    Jigglypuff Line
    Porygon Line
    Elekid Line
    Dratini line

    So there it is!! I'm happy to help all my fellow pokemon fans!! So please, I'm open for requests! I am going to take 5 Requests at a time, and have a wait list as well. Lets all share our love for pokemon!!

    F0X's Friend Code: 3411-4855-8140
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    Pokemon Breeding Requests!


    Wait list~
  3. Hey F0X! could I ask for a beldum by any chance? I have a barboach with your name on it

    1. Beldum
    2. Adamant nature
    3. Desired IV's: Attack, HP, and S. Defense.
    (side note: S. attack is the least important)
    4. no gender
    5. no egg moves
    6/7. I will put them on the discord server unless you ask me otherwise :3
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  4. You got it!! I'll get right to work!
  5. and I love him ^o^
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  6. If anyone needs a Vulpix with 5ivs and moon blast let me know... I have a lot to wonder trade away. No entry hail sadly.
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