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Let's get right down to it:

I'm interested in male partners for PM play of an explicitly sexual nature. You can start with a post if you like or approach with an idea, but please keep in mind that the purpose of this search is not for elaborate plots. Some build up is fine and it can even turn into a long term, but I would prefer equal parts smut to story.


I'm pretty much totally open for any kind of set up. Modern, slice of life, fantasy, dark magic, fairy tales, etc.

What I look for in a partner:

Someone who can post at least once a day, preferably more.
A decent amount of detail and effort. Post length isn't a big deal as long as what you write is nice quality.
What I call a "gentle dom." I like a guy who can take charge and hold himself well, but is also loving and sweet.

Please send a PM if you are interested!
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