F needed. (MxF. Age difference. Fluff. Romance.)

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  1. Ok so I'm gonna make this quick! This is a fluffy romance and not a smut. I'm looking for someone very active to play the female role, while I play the male. The incomplete bios are below, I've only really included the appearances. This could be an fxf too if you'd like!

    Pm me or post here if interested xxx

    Female character (Faceclaim Is Eva Green): [​IMG]
    Age: 40

    Male character (Faceclaim is Logan Lerman): [​IMG]
    Age: 19
  2. I am interested, though may I play her a bit younger perhaps? Early thirties? The possibility of her being easily old enough to be the males dad is a bit... Odd but I will do it if that is a must.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.