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The Yay's and Nay's of Andronica

Hello and welcome dear potential partner! This is not first come, first serve. I look for writing compatibility and friendliness above all.​

Availability Tentatively accepting new RPs. Open to brainstorming future stories.

Posting Rate Once or twice a week, sometimes more.

OOC Preferences
  • Who, what, and where I RP I only RP via forums and do F/M, F/Futa or Futa/Futa pairings, usually as switch or non-D/s characters. Sex should be an enhancement tool and not the basis of the plot (mostly). Immerse me in a vibrant world, show me complex characters with flaws and emotions. Without context and a good plot to back it up, it gets boring fast.
  • Writing style Quality over quantity. Be descriptive and literate! I'm not picky about grammar as long as your post flows well. That said, if you can write more than 1-2 paragraphs consistently, I'll love you to bits!
  • Respect This is a must. Sometimes a muse fizzles out or you won't be able to post for a week. It happens, no hard feelings. Let me know when these things come up and we'll decide where to go from there.
  • Communication I'm very chat-friendly and will respect you as a partner and friend. Tell me what you like and don't like. Were you hoping my character would react differently? Do you want to try something else? Then say so, your interests matter to me a lot! A happy partner benefits the story as a whole.
  • Creativity Contribute to the story. Offer suggestions. Surprise me with a plot twist. Don't leave all the planning and development up to me.
The Good, the Bad, and the Maybe's (AKA. Kinky things)

Love it!
  • Humans and humanoid species
  • Sentient monsters
  • Playing multiple characters
  • Realistic anatomy. I'm not a size queen.
  • Size difference 1-3 ft, preferably taller male
  • Up to 10 year age difference
  • Characters with emotions, flaws, and vices.
  • Non-sexual gore, violence and abuse
  • Slow build-up to sex or an early hook up
  • Contextual D/s or slavery
  • Wrestling
  • Power play and role reversal
  • Light bondage, blindfolds, restraints
  • Pleasure control and denial
  • Gender-bending canon characters
  • From consensual vanilla sex to the rough stuff
  • Teasing and seduction
  • Foreplay, mutual masturbation, heavy petting
  • Biting and scratching
  • Face-sitting
  • Fingers in mouth
  • Giving/receiving oral
  • Receiving vaginal and anal
  • Virginity or chastity
  • Sexual tension
  • Sexually experienced characters
  • Dubious consent and pseudo rape
  • Risk of pregnancy, pregnant sex
  • Scars, tattoos, and piercings
  • Sex in non-traditional places
  • Period clothing, lingerie, stockings
  • Voyeurism and exhibitionism
  • Romance
  • Corruption of morals
  • Light bloodplay
  • Arranged marriage
  • Kidnapping and Stockholm syndrome
  • Hurt/comfort
  • Class or race taboo
  • Love/hate relationships
The deal breakers
  • Smut-based RPs and one shots
  • Heavy BDSM, sexual gore, vore, bestiality and bathroom play
  • "Slice of life" RPs
  • Poor writing ability
  • Polyamory, multiple partners
  • Not contributing to the story
  • RP abandonment
  • God-modding without discussion
  • MxM and FxF
If you ask nicely...
  • Very submissive characters
  • Light mind control
  • Non-consensual sex with side characters or as a plot device
  • Adultery and cuckolding (sometimes)
  • Giving/receiving anal
  • Incest by blood (siblings, cousins) or bond (in-laws)
  • Furry characters
An Assortment of Fantasies

My plots are not "take it or leave it". Change the setting, make a fantasy RP more realistic, use OCs instead of canon characters, etc - it's all good! Feel free to pitch characters and ideas at me that aren't listed here. If nothing jumps out at you but you still think we'd make good RP partners, send me a message. :)​

Craving Borderlands. OC vault hunters, mercenaries, bandits, con artists - whatever! If you want to play with canon characters that's good too!

- Rhys x Fiona in a spin-off story or following the events of Tales From the Borderlands.

- Maya x Krieg or Axton from Borderlands 2 in an alternate universe/story we create.

- When a mercenary is hired to clean out a bandit camp, they come across a survivor of the assault who apparently isn't a bandit at all. Did they take on the disguise to stay alive or were they assimilating into bandit culture for another even crazier reason?

- Everyone wants something special: a shiny gun, Atlas memorabilia, or something from a Vault. A strange man from Hyperion approaches partners in crime and makes a very interesting request. Along the way the pair discover a connection to what's left of Jack's secret legacy.

- There can be only six sirens in the universe at once.... until now. YC goes to investigate the rumour of a rogue siren who is somehow alive and well, in hiding. Or our characters are a pair of Vault Hunters looking for another ally and want to find the siren before she's taken by Hyperion and experimented on.

Original Plots
Stories that take place on earth or in original worlds we create, from realistic to high fantasy. Some fandom inspiration.


Sacramentum Gladiatorum | Gladiator x Domina
The new gladiator in the ludus evaded death against near impossible odds. He's strong willed but appears loyal. The domina sees him as a blunt instrument, an assassin to kill her enemies and possibly even her overbearing husband. He sees her as a way to gain freedom. Their arrangement goes awry when the city falls to rebelling slaves and the domina learns what it means to lose her position of power.

Delicate Things | Gladiator x Slave
A woman born into slavery is the secret lover of her master for many years. His wife becomes suspicious of their tryst, and despite not loving her husband, his wife is a jealous and manipulative woman. In an act of revenge she coyly suggests during a party that her husband should give his favourite slave to one of the most ferocious gladiators in their ludus. (Can be combined with Sacramentum Gladiatorum)

Spoils of War | Warlord x Prisoner
A warlord attacks the borders of an empire mercilessly in revenge for the sacking of his beloved village many years ago. Fearful that things will escalate, an ambassador contacts him to meet at a border town and work out an agreement to prevent further violence. The warlord demands tribute but all the jewels and silks he's offered are not enough. Instead, he wants the ambassador's daughter as leverage. Another variation could be the capture of a high priestess, Empress, etc.

Northern Heart | Roman x Barbarian
A famous Centurion goes north to hold off invading hordes at Hadrian's Wall. He meets a barbarian woman as she leads an attack on his men. The Roman is intrigued by the barbarian woman who's so unlike the fickle, wanton ladies of Rome. He kidnaps her for tactical knowledge but comes to realize Rome is not where his loyalties lie. Her capture causes tension with a neighboring clan whose leader was her intended. The chief, however, has been richly rewarded for secretly working alongside Rome and killing his own people to tip the war in the Republic's favor. Little does the Centurion know his own General plans to betray him to claim the victory for himself.

Hello Again, Sassenach | Assassin x Templar
During the height of the English Civil War, a prominent English nobleman visits Scotland with his young daughter. He hopes to persuade the clansmen to support Cromwell for the sake of their families, but they refuse. Tempted by an offer of power and wealth, one of the clansmen betrays his family and almost everyone is slaughtered overnight in a surprise attack. One of the survivors escapes and joins the rebellion, becoming a well-known assassin. He never forgets the girl he met that night - especially when she is captured ten years later, claiming to be a spy for the men who killed his family long ago.

An Ambitious Path | Mercenary x Noblewoman
Two warring city states make peace when a noblewoman is married to their prince. Out of anger and greed her husband kills his rival and blames his new wife, sending her into exile and hoping to instigate another war to reap the benefits. Not to be defeated so easily, the woman covertly sends word for help. Someone hears her plea and helps her plan her escape. She takes on a new identity and returns to the city that exiled her, ready for vengeance.

Temptation | Knight x Lady
A talented soldier envies his elder brother, a famous yet less skilled knight thrust into greatness because of their father's favour. The young man meets his ambitious equal in the woman who is new to court. She enraptures him and nurtures his talents, causing him to be torn between a life of piety or the allure of glorious battle.

Chasing the Sun | Servant x Nobleman
A peculiar woman interested in the occult is hired as a servant by a reclusive Lord. Around the same time, a spree of grisly murders occur in the countryside that seem to have been caused by an unknown creature - for what man could be so savage? A stranger comes to visit shortly thereafter who seems to think that her Lord caused the deaths. The servant discovers that her master is a monster, and that the man who visited has been hunting him for many years.

Sword 'n Sorcery

Valley of the Wolf Queen | Viking x Druid
Generations ago a chieftain made a pact with the goddess Skadi to grant his warriors unmatched ferocity on the battlefield. The spell worked but instead of using it to keep his people safe, the power hungry warrior used it to conquer. Seeing his greed, Skadi cursed the chieftain and his men. Now, the strongest and most cunning warrior plans to overthrow the wicked Jarl with the help of a druid recently captured during a raid.

Eye of Horus | Assassin x Assassin
A pair of assassins embark on a journey to uncover relics that the Templars have been searching for in nearby lands. A terrible sandstorm reveals a previously hidden set of ancient ruins, and inside they find an undead Templar priest. Entombed by assassins over a century ago with an artifact in his possession - the Eye of Horus - which kept him alive all these years. He promises to exchange the artifact upon his release, but the priest tricks them and escapes using a dark ritual to possess one of them.

Silk and Steel | Samurai x Assassin
During the transportation of a Shogun's new bride, a group of samurai are attacked and the woman is taken. The only samurai left alive becomes a ronin. To regain his honour he decides to hunt down the attackers and rescue the Shogun's wife, but discovers that she - a kistune - is leading the bandits and the attack was all part of her plan to find a worthy champion. The kitsune sends him on a mission to kill the demonic Shogun. At the palace the samurai meets a concubine, enslaved during the latest raid. However, the concubine is actually an assassin who also plans to kill the Shogun.

Orcsbane | Dark elf x OC
aron, the city of dark elves, has recently come under attack by an army of orcs. The brutes invade their land and the resulting invasion caused heavy casualties on both sides but the orcs still haven't slowed down. Not wanting to see her people suffer any more, a dark elf ranger takes matters into her own hands and tries to fight back.

The Saga of Argir and Lysanor | Half-elf x High elf
Despite the grace and beauty of the elves, some can be quite cruel. A half-breed boy is left on the outskirts of a grand elven city in the heart of the forest and although he is allowed to live among his kin, they shun him. The way the highborn look upon their lessers becomes more and more apparent as he grows. She, an elf of noble lineage, takes pity on the half-breed and offers him kindness where she can. which eventually leads to a tryst. The pair's taboo relationship is discovered but soon overshadowed as war descends upon the land.

A Little Taste of Decadence | Thief x OC
She's charming and witty enough to talk herself out of any situation. She may not have been born with a silver spoon in her mouth but she certainly makes up for it with a silver tongue. A thief, and part-time assassin if the price is right, often takes on noble identities in order to gain access to balls and other events, both recreational and political. During one such event while she's looking for various trinkets to steal, your character, a noble or guard, catches her in the act. Rather than turn her in, they make a bold request instead. Your character can be a human or humanoid of any kind and the favour might be to help them retrieve a valuable object, ruin someone else's reputation to rise on the social ladder, etc.

Dark Chronicles: The Veiled Throne | OC x OC (WIP)

Modern and Science Fiction

Memento Mori | Hunter x Demon
A desperate hunter summons a demon and makes a deal. Nothing excessive, only what he/she needs to carry out their personal vendetta. The hunter plans to kill the demon before the deal is up in order to save their soul, although the demon is hatching a similar plan. When the ritual to solidify their contract is carried out, something goes wrong. A mispronounced word here, a little too much of that herb, whatever. The demon and hunter are instead bound together, unable to harm the other for fear of killing them both, and no closer to figuring out how to undo the witchcraft gone wrong.

Something Wicked | Hunter x Angel
Angels have fallen for a second time. Not long after, a hunter hears about grisly murders and rituals in a sleepy little town and comes to investigate. She certainly didn't expect what she found, either - an angel. Could he be murdering fellow angels in their human vessels to steal their angelic grace and replenish his power? Or is he being framed while also looking for the source of these disturbing attacks?

Through the Looking Glass | Detective x Monster
The government has a secret branch dedicated to the Other - a supernatural world within our own that is shielded from human eyes, running things from behind closed doors in competition with human organizations. A human detective stumbles upon this secret world by accident. Rather than have their memory wiped, the detective opts to be transferred and partnered up with a supernatural companion to solve crimes in both worlds.

Fifty Shades of Red | Vampire x OC
A witch falls into trouble when she ends up with an addiction to blood, the non-human variety. Vampire, demon, you name it. The powerful and mind altering state it puts her in comes at a hefty cost though. She becomes indebted to the vampire clan that was supplying her. To stay alive and hopefully sort out the whole mess without interference (and punishment) from her Coven, the witch decides to hire protection while she kicks the habit.

Bad Moon Rising | Witch x Vampire
A modern city is the hub of all things magical and mundane. It's ruled by a vampire who founded it several hundred years ago with the help of his lover, shortly before they parted ways. In the present day, werewolves are encroach on his territory, local witches are revolting, and his estranged brother is a pain in the ass as usual. When his lover unexpectedly returns as well, he approaches her with a request.

Welcome to Necropolis | OC x OC
After earth fell, metal and magic harmoniously blended together. Steam power is our lifeblood and there are a few large cities that still retain old-world charm. One particular city however is built on many bones and ruins left to stagnate after the Great War. There, lost souls were never able to find peace and this coaxed a new type magic into being: necromancy. The New World Council quickly declared necromancy and all related dark magic illegal. The aptly named city Necropolis has thus become the underbelly of the world, home to alchemists, demon hunters, mercenaries - anyone keen to learn about and profit from forbidden knowledge.

The Hunter's Moon | Werewolf x OC
Three full moons and three mysterious, grisly murders. A local sheriff is stumped and just when he calls for help from a higher source, a woman shows up in town who claims to know what's going on. An FBI agent (or so they say) arrives a day later to help the sherriff but the woman is very secretive about what she knows. The supernatural conclusion she draws seems ridiculous at first, but the agent becomes curious and follows her out one night...

Deus Ex Machina | Agent x Cyborg
During the Cold War era the government began funding a eugenics program to create superior humans. In the present, government agents are now paired with a cyborg companion. In the near future, an agent is given a first generation model that was part of the original human trials. The agent and their cyborg companion eventually uncover corruption in The Program. Just how far have these experiments gone, and what's planned for the new line of agents?

A Killer Affair | Handler x Assassin
Being a "handler" at an Assassin's Guild is a stressful job. There are dozens of applicants every year who are either genetically modified or have innate talents the Guild wishes to harness. She has to oversee physical examinations, conduct quarterly psychological testing, distribute missions and track the contract killers, among many other jobs. Seeking a night of distraction, she decides to take someone home. The next day when a new hitman enters her office she's taken aback to see her lover from the night before. Can they put aside their little tryst and function professionally, or will growing feelings create tension with the Guild's strict policy of no attachment as her superior senses something between them?

NewGen Corporation | Scientist x Experiment
NewGen Corp. is a defense contractor that recently developed an experimental drug to enhance the government's soldiers and spies. But while the drug was still in its testing phase something went wrong. Five died, the sixth escaped. On the run from the government, the sixth test subject with the strange serum still coursing through his veins, the subject breaks into a young woman's house. Coincidentally, she's a medical intern who unknowingly helped synthesize the serum.

Land of Spice and Dust | Alien x OC
When their home galaxy was destroyed by the Xyrek, aliens came to colonize earth, bringing new tech and terra formers. The frightened human race fought back until they realized the Xyrek were still following the colonist aliens, so they banded together against their new common enemy and repelled the invasion. 300 years later human and alien culture has melted together. A few suffocating urban centres and temperate agricultural biomes dot the landscape, but the majority consists of deserts and salt flats. Classism and racism are commonplace in rural areas, especially toward mutants and interspecies beings. The heir of an elitist alien family that runs one such town through its ties to the criminal underground.

RPs that take place in (not just based on) a Fandom universe. We can use OCs, canon characters, or both.

Dragon Age, Game of Thrones, Star Wars, Mass Effect, Skyrim, World of Warcraft, Guild Wars, The Witcher, Assassin's Creed, Spartacus, Vikings, Penny Dreadful, Supernatural, The Originals, True Blood, Mad Max, Borderlands, The Wolf Among Us, Firefly, Marvel and DC, Disney movies/fairy tales, Lord of the Rings, Avatar.

Avatar: TLA, LoK

Spirits in the Steam Age | Firebender x OC
While minding his own business in Republic City one day, YC runs into a lovely young woman - literally. She appears to be in trouble and of course, he's obliged to help as long as she provides some answers after they dispose of the thugs. She's the heir of a noble Fire Nation family. Recently their rivals, loyalists from the days of Ozai, have been trying to coerce her into returning home to wed their son and bring honour back to her family.


- Vault Hunter x OC
- Con artist x Mercenary
- Rhys x Fiona from Tales from the Borderlands
- Maya x Krieg from Borderlands 2

Dragon Age

- Hawke x OC or Companion
- Inquisitor x OC or Companion
- Mage x Templar
- Dalish elf x Human
- Qunari x Human
- Fem!Hawke x Fenris
- Inquisitor x Cullen.

Veins of Blood and Lyrium | Templar x Mage
A bright young mage in the Kirkwall Circle has lived there all her life. She befriends a kind Templar and they eventually plan to escape from the Circle with him when the time is right. However, a sudden attack on the Chantry and the chaos that ensues knocks their plans off track. They escape separately, believing their friend to be dead. Instead they have a surprising reunion a year later at the Conclave.

Wicked Eyes and Wicked Hearts | OC x OC
Agents who work for Leliana and Cullen (or other branches of the Inquisitor) carry out important tasks for the Inquisitor. They play the Game in Orlais, act as ambassadors, collect information and artifacts, investigate corruption, carry out assassinations, aid in the taking of Keeps. Etc. I imagine them as non-canon companions of the Inquisitor who can directly interact with other characters and alter storyline events as we see fit.

TES: Skyrim

- Dragonborn x OC
- Dragonborn x Housecarl
- Companion x OC
- Dremora x Summoner
- Stormcloak x Imperial

A Shot in the Dark | Assassin x Thief
A stoic assassin runs into a thief while they're both out on assignments in the same area. They help one another in what he believes is a one-time occurrence, yet the pair keep running into each other during missions and end up going on adventures together. Her charisma wears through his reclusive and wary personality, and the assassin finds some happiness. This leads him to question his contract with the Dark Brotherhood. As for the thief - well, she already sold her soul to Nocturnal. Daedra don't take kindly to breaking pacts.

Hircine's Kiss | Adventurer x Shield-maiden
An adventurer seeks a friend to aid in his quests. A lone shield-maiden catches his eye when he visits Solitude, and the pair quickly forge a friendship through shared battles and tribulations. She swears to protect him and if need be, give her life for his. However, after an otherwise normal encounter with the Silver Hand, she wonders if their partnership (or more) will remain strong when her secret comes to light: she's cursed by Hircine for past misdeeds and is far more than she appears to be.

Game of Thrones

- Wildling x Ranger
- Lord x Peasant
- Lady x Lord
- Lannister x Baratheon OCs
- Lannister x Stark OCs

The Serpent King | Sand Snake x OC
The Lord of a lesser house is given a Dornish bride who is placed in court as a spy, and possibly an assassin. He is suspicious at first and eventually he catches her in the midst of theft or assassination, but her beauty and charm enchant him into believing she is trustworthy. The pair reveal thoughts of revenge and aspirations of power. She vows to use her poisonous tongue and quick wit to help him by any means necessary - as long as he upholds his end of their bargain.

With Fire and Blood | Targaryen x OC
The last Targaryen heir seeks the one companion who will be able to help her reach Valyria, and bring life to the dragon eggs in her possession. But who is this mysterious man she must meet, and where will she find him? If he chooses to help her will he demand the Iron Throne as payment, or does he have a different price?

Mass Effect

- Cerberus Agent x Experiment
- Shepard x OC or Companion
- Mercenary x OC
- Smuggler x OC

Cerberus' Collar | Biotic x Cerberus Agent
A biotic trained by Cerberus goes MIA. After many months/years of searching to no avail, Cerberus sends her old friend and colleague to her last known whereabouts: Omega. He is tasked with bringing her back 'home' but this mission becomes very complicated when he arrives on Omega. The biotic created a new identity and became the leader of a prominent gang known as Hyperion, one of Aria T'Loak's top competitors.

World of Warcraft

- Blood elf x Night elf
- Orc x Human
- Death Knight x OC
- Worgen x OC
- Warlock x Priest

Mark of the Wild | Night elf Druid x OC
A night elf druid makes an unexpected friend during her time away from Darnassus. She and her companion become close friends, whether or not they are from different factions. He comes along with her when she's sent to the Outlands to quell the demonic threat. However, one of them falls victim to the taint of fel magic. I'm also open to more cliché scenarios: hurt/rescue, captured in battle, opposing ambassadors, etc.

Grave Whispers | Blood elf x OC
In the wake of the Lich King's defeat, a powerful warlock seeks refuge in the sewers of Dalaran where she can practice her dark arts without interference from the disapproving mages of Silvermoon, who send a paladin to hunt her down. One day YC seeks her out for a particular problem. Rumor has it she can help if he's not shy about her unsavory methods, and keeps quiet. Instead of the usually steep price for her services, the warlock asks him for a favour as repayment. As the pair embark on an adventure to gather reagents and get into all sorts of trouble, a tremor seizes Azeroth. Death Knights who have assimilated back into society are going mad as a new evil tries to take over the fallen Lich King's campaign.

Star Wars

- Sith x Jedi
- Padawan x Jedi Master
- Rival Sith apprentices
- Jedi x Trooper
- Bounty Hunter x OC

My Partner, My Lover, My Enemy | Bounty Hunter x Imperial Agent
Two agents are set up during an important mission on Hutta, and the male agent nobly takes the fall. His partner visits him secretly as they try to figure out who set them up. Unfortunately, an Imperial Officer catches them and puts the female agent under surveillance so they can no longer meet. When he eventually leaves prison, still blackmailed by the Empire, he takes on a new identity as a bounty hunter with a particular grudge against the Sith and Imperial Intelligence. The ex-partners cross pass again during what they believe is a simple reconnaissance mission on a backwater planet, but all is not what it seems.

Heirs of Revan | Sith x Bodyguard
A Sith Lady is given a bodyguard by her master upon completion of her trials; a slave/prisoner who proved too talented for acolytes to kill. Her master senses the untapped potential of the Force in this new bodyguard and the stirrings of something far greater. Due to his arrogance and paranoia, the Sith's master wants to use the bodyguard as a final test for his former apprentice, hoping to gauge just how formidable she will become. However, the master has an ulterior motive for the bodyguard which is connected to his fascination with ancient datacrons, artifacts, and rituals. It doesn't take long for the newly minted Sith and her companion to become very aware of this twisted plan.

Passion Shall Free Me | Sith x Apprentice
A Sith kills a Jedi Master and takes his padawan to turn her into his dark apprentice. Despite the tumultuous and intimidating start to their relationship, in time the Sith becomes more lenient with his protege as she grows in power. However, she has her own agenda and may be using him as a means to an end in order to take revenge upon the Sith who killed her family. When he makes contact and taunts the pair, the young apprentice turns to her master for guidance and a lesson in other manifestations of the Dark Side.

Light in the Darkness | Jedi x Sith Assassin
A Jedi knight must guard an ambassador on Alderaan from a Sith assassin sent to kill them. In order to collect information, the assassin disguises herself as an Alderaan noble and attempts to seduce and distract the Jedi. Her plan works, but surprisingly, when it comes time to kill the ambassador she finds she has a hard time disposing of his Jedi protector, especially when her identity is revealed in the struggle.

The Wrong Jedi | Jedi x Dark Jedi
Two padawans who grew up together on Tython were inseparable, harmonious. During their more youthful days of training the pair engaged in a forbidden love affair which even their astute masters were not aware of. She became a Consular. He became a Knight. They worked together on various missions until their vocations called them apart. Now, years later they are brought together again for a matter of great importance - treachery among their order. As the pair reunite it becomes clear that one of them has changed. Soon the truth is revealed that their torrid romance caused one of them to turn from the Code.[/list]

Picture Plots and Face Claims

Who doesn't love a little eye candy? I have story/character ideas for most of the images below; just ask.​
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Not certain how well we'd work together, but hey let's give it a try

I have an idea for YC being a wealthy noble, and MC being some sort of monster who is enslaved to protect her and do various things that require his great strength


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I'm guessing my idea didn't really interest you, oh well...


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The idea is fine but I asked to be PMed if you were interested in an RP. I only go straight to my conversations when I log in so I don't look at replies here or discuss RP details in the thread itself. It's just much easier to do that via private message.


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Medieval Fantasy, Science Fiction, Romance, horror.
The idea is fine but I asked to be PMed if you were interested in an RP. I only go straight to my conversations when I log in so I don't look at replies here or discuss RP details in the thread itself. It's just much easier to do that via private message.
Oh, I'm sorry I didn't see that


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I have a custom Vampirexhuman plot and am interested in some Star Wars plots ^^


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Hello! I'm interested in Spoils of War | Warlord x Prisoner, and Valley of the Wolf Queen | Viking x Druid, especially the latter of the two.


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I'd be interested in doing Rouge Siren x OC, or Axton x Maya with you. I've also been craving a good Borderlands 2 RP for a while, and I have a fairly decent post game storyline.
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