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  1. Okay, so I have some basic ideas I would like to find someone who could play the male role of. There will only be MxF pairing and I would like a pretty active roleplay. I am not a fantastic writer myself, I try to match up towards my partners amount but if I find myself writing a lot of jibberish, I'll rather give a shorter answer. Most commonly I'll do 1-3 paragraph, thus I am not strict on you to be a writing machine :P As long as there is decent grammar and no one liners!

    This is placed in the Libertine search thread, so guess what!? Mature content! Anything from sexy time to bloody scenes. The different ideas will probably have more or less of either, it depends which direction we are going. Yes, I want YOU too to be involved in the creation of the plot ^_^ everyone of them obviously contains romance!

    Also, I am pretty chatty and friendly. I love discussing the plot and see that you too are friendly and interested in a conversation. I roleplay to have fun, lets have fun together! :3

    -warning- Two of my ideas involves younger girlsxmature guys, you must be alright with that because I won't change their age.
    I'm fine with possible rape, violence, descriptive sex and BDSM. I won't do scat, golden showers or any of that. There is a possibility of more action
    in some of the roleplays, therefor you should be alright with blood and violence in the specific ones.
    I'll write up which ones are more plausible.

    My character picture will be anime ones. And the roleplays might be very anime, please respect this.


    Japanese setting - Modern time

    MC attends high school (age 15-17) and is called the princess of the school as she is spoiled by her father, because he is rarely home and doesn't want her sad or complaining.
    He is the head of a successful company, and she is more or less the riches girl in school. For her own comfort and safety a special trained elite servant/butler (YC) was assigned to take care of her.
    A greatly payed job, and he lives with them too, because if she calls him in the middle of the night he must answer her it.

    ~ More could be discussed about the idea and the nature of your character is up to yourself. If she falls for him, or if he falls for her. Nothing decided!

    Arranged Marriage scenario
    Japanese setting - Historical with magic

    ~ This one is very open for our own building. I have my character in mind (age 16-18), that is arranged to be married when she turns 18. It could be with someone she doesn't want. There could be a triangle drama with a third guy.
    Either of the guy could be a youkai of sorts. I would mainly not keep it historically accurate, but have magic and mythical creature in it. Could even be blood shed in this one.
    MC could even have some mystical power to her. As you can figure out, very open to our own building and would love for an aggressive person when it comes to imagination here :)

    Japanese setting - Historical with magic

    MC (age 20) is a youkai that has been kept alive by the humans, but locked up since birth. She is a youkai mother, which means that if a youkai mates with her their children will be extremely powerful.
    But the humans can't kill her either, as it is said a terrible curse will fall upon the ground of her death. That is why she is kept locked up behind a wall (possibly with protective spells too),
    still giving her some space to move around to keep her demon side at bay.

    ~ YC could possibly be one of the men that has to guard her. Again, we can build on this story together and you're free to create a fitting character towards the plot.
    This one could involve a lot of violence and blood, you must be able to accept it and write it.


    Phew! This became longer than I expected :) Hope to find you interested in any of these, the plots that gets taken will be crossed over once it's set that I've found a partner.

    Send a PM that you are interested, with some sort of a description of what character you want to be and if you got any more ideas about the plot.
    A boring 'hello' will worry me about how interested you are in this, you have been warned XD

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  2. interested in the 1st and 3rd plot
    I also have my own pot you may like
  3. The 1st and 3rd are the ones taken.
    But if you have a different plot yourself, then send me a PM with a description of what you have in mind :) And we'll see if works out
  4. Well since 1st and 3rd are taken, I'll go with the 2nd plot, but I don't mind it at all it, I like it so far ^^
  5. Happy to hear you are interested in the last one remaining :) send me a PM and we can discuss more about it. As Even my own thoughts about that idea is all over the place :P
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