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  1. I'm seeking some roleplayers for supernatural horror and romance willing to roleplay the seductive and sadistic male vampire, demon or both. I prefer roleplays that I love seduction, teasing and bondage. I'm fine with violence, gore and some non-consensual, but I have the standard limits like no bathroom play, vore, etc. Send me a message for more details. I also have some of my plots already written up.
    #1 Muse A's car breaks down in the heart of nowhere, so she searches for some sign of civilisation coming across an old manor. It seems abandoned, but it's anything but. Muse B, dwells there and he's waiting for her.

    #2 Muse A is enjoying the evening in a local bar when she sees a door no one else seems to see. When she investigates she discovers the feeding room of a vampire clan, the leader of which, Muse B, doesn't intend to let her get away after what she's seen.

    #3 Muse A is living on her own when Muse B takes interest in her, but, being what he is, he can't enter her house without her permission. When he does enter her house though, he's no longer Mr. Charming — or at least not quite.

    #4 Muse A, an angel, has only just fallen and she's very vulnerable in her broken state. Muse B senses her scent. Angels not only have rare and delicious blood, but to capture one gives him more power and status over others of his kind.

    I'll add more later.
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  2. Still looking.
  3. I like #3! PM me :3
  4. I took an interest in #1 & #2 (:
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