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  1. June 28th 2016
    6 PM


    The HQ was buzzing with activity. A recent attack and death of a high value target has had the base on high alert, many of its soldiers and agents are prepared to be shipped out on various missions around the globe.
    The firing range sounds like a continuous thunder storm, as each lane is filled with someone practicing their weapons. The apposing side of the room is where the rest of the soldiers are training, using swords, hammers, claws, and in some cases, baseball bats against realistic sparring holograms.
    The intelligence branch of the building is just as loud and busy. A scientific lab is struggling with a strange beast as they try to restrain it. One scientist is yelling "Watch out for the manticores tail! One barb and it will paralyze-" He was cut short as a small needle from the tail fired from the tail of the monster and stabbed into his throat. Meanwhile, the cybernetic core seemed to be working on a large robot of sorts, in one hand it held what looked like a minigun, with another longer barrel in the middle of it. Its free hand had a shield attachment, which a group of welders worked on.
    The last part of the building was the quietest, though it was still busy. The library was filled with scholars, monks, and various people wearing suits as they looked around for boots under the watchful eye of what appeared to be Medusa, although she had a pair of glasses over her eyes to stop from turning the other FANG members into statues. The rest of this branch was filled with offices, where interns hurried about, carrying papers from office to office.

    One intern hesitantly stopped at an old wooden door. He knocked and a gruff voice inside answered.
    Don't just fucking knock, come on in if you have the report.
    The intern hurried in and set the report on the desk of a rather muscular body of a man. The intern seemed to stare at where the mans neck shouldve been, but instead it was smoothed over, as if he was born without a head. A tag sat on his deck, growing dusty from not being cleaned in so long, and it read Agent Headless Horseman.
    The intern said nervously;
    The report came back positive sir, you were right. It was the Wolf. The fur sample matched.
    When am I ever wrong?
    Never sir! Miss Eliza is putting up a task force, with you in command. The details of the mission are in the files. She has a list of the crew she wants you to take.
    Tell her dont bother telling them. I'm going to choose my own team, like usual.
    Yes sir!

    As the intern turned to leave, a bell rung around the entire compound. It was lunch time for the FANG agents and soldiers. The majority of them would be heading to go grab some grub before tonights training sessions.
    Agent H wouldn't be partaking in lunch, partially due to him not having a mouth to eat, but mostly due to him being extremely busy.
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  2. Zero sat in his office. If it could be described as such. Infact, it looked more like a dojo themed room. With a desk and a dusty chair that was hardly used at all. Not saying he didn't like sitting in chairs, he did on occasion, but he wanted his 'office' to be a place where people can unwind. As stated by Zero himself, that should anyone feel stressed or overworked. That they come to him almost immediately. Afterall, he didn't mind company, so long as they didn't mind peaceful silence that was only replaced by calming "Zen" music. Or the fact, that Zero sometimes spoke to everyone through telepathy. Or quietly meditating.

    Which he was doing at the moment. Until there was a few knocks at the door. "Come in." He stated calmly, almost in a laidback sort of way. In came a rookie of sorts. Not a field agent of coarse, but one of the people who carried reports and such from person to person. "Um, sir...Just came in here to notify you that the bell-" He was gently cut off by Zero. "For lunch has rung....Hmmm...It seems I was caught up in meditation. I didn't even hear it. Thank you for notifying me." He got up from his position. And bowed to the rookie. "Do you need help sir...?" The question was more directly pointed at the fact Zero was blind, as hinted as the blindfold over the place where his eyes should be. Some would reply angrily, whereas he on the other hand, didn't mind the questions. Infact, he did like some of the rumors going about why he wore a blindfold. Personal favorite: He was almost like Medusa, where his gaze could turn people to stone. It annoyed the person in question, but brought humor to him. Not in a insulting way, but in a friendly fun way. But, back to the present. "No, I shall be fine. But again. Thank you." With that said, the rookie went off to most likely deliver reports. Zero on the other hand, picked up his staff. And slowly left his office. Blindness did have its disadvantages, But it did have its advantages. It didn't take long for him to find his way to the lunch area, afterall, he could hear the chatter from down the corridor a few feet from where his office was. As he took a seat near the entrance to the cafeteria.

    Unlike most of the other Agents, he didn't really eat much. Save for breakfast and dinner. But, that didn't sway him from staying away from the area. For he liked some of the stories that the Agents shared. Even adding in a few of his own. It reminded him of days of old. Back when some beings were myth, and magic was a tool in storytelling. His thoughts were shattered when he heard whispering amongst a small group of five new agents. "Did you hear about that death of that CEO of that shipping company?" "Kinda, only heard about what was done to the body. A few stab wounds in the heart and lungs...From behind." "Bad way to go....Who did it?" "No one knows....Some have said it was a some sort of insane killer who sliced him up." "Really? I heard it was some kind of ghost. Or something unnatural." Now he was curious. "What are you five talking about?" The shortest of the group said. "Talking about the murder of that one CEO who was making international news."

    The only type of person who'd gain from a CEO being killed was if said someone who was doing a very bad thing.....Or perhaps being formidable competition. "What was the CEO of?" "Chemical plant. Guy was making a fortune off of testing all types of crazy shite. Five days later. Dead....And no one knows who did it." Piecing the puzzle together rather easily. He assumed CEO was most likely doing better than his competition, so said competition knocks him out of the way via means practically untraceable. An Assassin. Someone who preferred blades over guns when dealing with his targets....This could be worth looking into..."Thank you all....I shall take my leave. Need to do some research." Before he could wander off to the archives. The same agent responded. "Mind if I do it for ya, sir?" "No need, I can do this task, despite what I may endure." Usually, that turned people away. Not that he meant to in a bad way. He just didn't want to bother people with small tasks. But alas, fate looked upon him today and decided to twist his fate. "No, I don't mean you can't do it. But, maybe I can do it. For you must be busy." He actually didn't have much to do....Afterall, being a counselor didn't offer much work. But....Perhaps he could train for a little while...Seeing as it has been some time since he had practiced his martial arts. So, with a defeated sigh. He said. "Sure......I need you to visit the archives for deaths with the exact same style as the one you told about. But don't report any findings to me. Report them to Agent H or some high ranking official." The Agent had a look of small confusion. "Why is that?" "Because, despite my appearance. I am only a counselor. Or trainer. Not a field agent nor High ranking personal." After that, the young agent gave him a nod and went off to do his task. After finishing his lunch of coarse. Zero wandered back to his office. And after entering it and closing the door. He placed down his staff, and began his exercise. By starting out by slowly going through all of his techniques. Before executing them with speed.
  3. From another end of the intelligence branch long strings of curses could be heard rising from behind a large metal door. It lead to a garage of sorts that was full of many vehicles that belonged to FANG. One such vehicle looked like and ordinary semi truck, but the inside was installed with technology beyond the modern age. At least, it would seem like that to someone from outside the organisation. Ikata cursed again, banging down the cab of the semi and kicking the tire. "Bloody little piece of shit cock asshole!" she screamed, punching the armoured panel. At that point she paused, wincing slightly and pulling her arm back. "Okay, this won't work," she took a deep breath, "It's not the liquids... So it might be the battery. Yeah, the brand new battery I just put in." The demon paused again and tilted her head. "Actually, it might be," a smile, "yes. There's not enough power, you bumbling fool!" To someone outside of the room it would seem that there would be multiple people in the room. To those who knew the girl knew that she had a habit of talking to herself. They never complained. If she did this she was more likely to find a solution to their problems.
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  4. Inside a quite, and quite messy office, sat a man and his journal. He what seemed to be talking to himself and writing nonsense into the journal. Then he turned towards his door and shut the journal down onto his desk.

    "No the robot will be done by the end of this month understand everyone? No excuse get busy! Those blueprints for the whole damn thing took me a whole two months to create, it shouldn't take this long to build the shield. I apologize for having being so pushy, but get the robot done please."

    The man was speaking to everyone in the cybernetic core from his office with him mind. He proceeded to exit out of his office for a drink of water. On the way to the door he saw his name tag laying on the floor, he picked up the lonesome tag that read his name, Jadin Colt. Jadin then looked back towards the door and began speaking again.

    "Okay intelligence how is everything.... oh dear."

    Jadin heard one of the scientist yell before going silenced by the mataicore strike. He was taken by surprise that intelligence was being careless around a creature that deadly by not bringing in some agents. Jadin then closed his eyes and spoke to almost everyone in the building that he could contact.

    "Can someone please help out intelligence with there current issue before it gets out of hand that would be helpful."

    The bell than went off for everyone's lunch break, and like that Jadin hurried of to eat before all the good food was taken away by the other agents. When he did reach the cafeteria he saw agent Zero talking to some new people. Jadin ignored them and went straight to the food. Jadin now with food sat alone at his table until other members would join him to eat.

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  5. In one of the training rooms down the long hallways stood a five foot three, long blonde haired woman, breath heavy and blue eyes eyeing her prey like a cat in play with the mouse, an athletic body hidden being hugged by her uniform as she moved swiftly around the room, a spectator here and there standing to watch the agent who had made a name for herself within the agency but remained to herself and therefore still a mystery to most, Red jumped to the side, a smile spread across her lips as she dodged the simulations attack and threw a knife she had taken from her utility garter in its direction, slicing the neck of the "bad guy" and making him disappear. The blonde agent's chest was heaving as she tried to catch her breath but she managed to state in a stern tone so that those controlling it could hear.


    No response as all of the lights turned on and she turned in curiousity.

    "I apologize Red but the lunch bells about to ring and.."

    The intern was interrupted by the bell ringing out.

    "I'm starved.. you've been at this all day..."

    Her face twisted in a disappointed smirk.


    She was disatisfied and it was obvious as her blue eyes glared at the man who nervously took off down the hallway after apologizing once more, leaving her in the training room alone. She made her way over to the controls and started the simulation again, lunch was the farthest thing from the revenge driven mind of the petite agent.

    Several simulations appeared around her this time as a playful smirk came to her lips, she made a fist with her hand and waited for the first move. It didn't take long for her to finish them off one by one with her knives, all of them disappearing as she finally started to break a sweat from the long day's work.​

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  6. June 27th

    The squad of FANG soldiers sat around the table as the blizzard started to die down outside. The five men drank, joked, and talked about their wives back home, while in the room upstairs, their commander chatted with the VIP, a very powerful mage. One of the men looked up at the clock, as it chimed to midnight.
    Suppose its our shift boys.
    Nah, wait for Braves and his boys to get back. Its way too fucking cold out there to be doing overtime.
    A second man said as a took a sip of beer. The others nodded in agreement, just as the first shot rang out. It was just outside the door, and already above them, the commander jumped up, gun in hand. The team of soldiers grabbed their guns and opened the door. As it opened, a body flew against the house, gashes covering his body and he was missing a leg. A second squad of soldiers were firing into the Alaskan woods, something large was moving in the shadows, seemingly unaffected by the bullets. The monster lunged out from the woods, straight into the path of a firing squad of soldiers. The werewolf was blown back into the woods by the shear force of the bullets, and the men were silent. They looked around at each other before one of the men got enough courage to slowly approach the monster. Peering into the bushes, his eyes widened with fear.
    He turned to run, but he was grabbed by a large mouth of the wolf and he was thrown into the air. Snatching the body out of the air once again, the massive wolf towered over the soldiers. In turn, some soldiers fired, but most turned and ran. The ones that stayed and fought died quickly. The ones that ran made it too the house, where and angry commander talked angrily to a soldier.
    What the hell do you mean we aren't getting a signal?
    Were in a dark zone sir, we wont be able to talk to HQ until the storm passes, or one of us gets outta here and calls them.
    We hunker down in here sir, we can kick that things ass.
    Why doesnt that damn VIP use his powers to kill that thing. That's why we came here right?
    Thats the problem, he doesn't have an ounce of magic in him. His daughter does though, and we got her location. We just gotta get out of here-
    A knock at the door cut him off. The soldiers raised their guns and aimed as the door slowly opened up. Another FANG agent slowly walked in, though he was cut up very badly, and he was missing half his arm. He was in a daze, though his eyes glowed green. A gun shot took out the mans head as a second man stood in his place. He held a wolfish grin on his face, and his eyes had a wild look to them, and a spot of blood sat near his mouth. Wiping it off with his tongue, he spoke calmly.
    Hello everyone! How's everyones night going? Oh, before I forget Braves said hello, but he is laying in a few pieces outside.
    The soldiers responded by firing all their guns at the man. Not one shot hit its mark, but instead they all froze in the air in front of him. A second man walked into the building, this one emitted a chaotic energy of sorts.

    Thank you Mister Wolf. That will be all for tonight.

    Then the house was painted with blood, as the dark figure flung the bullets back at the team of FANG soldiers.
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  7. Location: Unknown. Time: 8:45 AM.

    'At this moment, the guard in the corridor connecting the west and east wing leaves to use the bathroom due to a bladder problem. He should get it checked. Afterall, that ignorance is what leads many to death.' On a camera in said corridor, all it could see was the guard heading to the bathroom. And a slight distortion as it passed behind the guard's back. It almost looked like the silhouette of a person, only see through. But before the camera could've done anything. The distortion disappeared. Must've been a technical glitch. 'Camera on left wall barely picks up on me when I pass the guard. Good thing I hardly kill any of the guards like most of the people interested in this career. For then, that meant more trouble just to hide their bodies. Coarse....This doesn't spare the bodyguards personally protecting the target.' The blur carefully made it's way past many cameras and guards. With extreme ease.

    'Another thing that separates me from many of my "coworkers." I don't rely on blueprints of buildings. For anything nowadays. For the blueprints could be outdated. And the sources providing them could treacherous backstabbing scum who'd sooner give you out the moment they're offered a lot of money. And thus making a job a lot more harder than needed to be. I on the other hand. Prefer to personally see what is in store. By scouting the location for days at a time. Many a time have I come across my target.....And every damnable time, he was within a large group of people. Or about to leave. But that hardly matters when you are at his penthouse in some state. For eventually, he has to return. And when he did. He was now on his way to a new meeting. A meeting that'd end with him shaking hands with death.'

    The blur waited carefully outside the room, braced against the wall opposite the door. Right on time, two bodyguards walked up to the door and opened it. And left it large enough for the blur to slip in. Taking place near the potted plant. "Sir. Your meeting with the board will be in five minutes...The chopper is ready to go." The bodyguard droned. And the target merely responded with. "Go on ahead, I have to get some things finished up here." And like that, they left. And after his scanners only detected him and the target were left alone. "You really should've had them stay." "Who said that?" The target reached under the desk. Until he felt a blade on his throat. "And I wouldn't do that if I were you.....Otherwise...Your death is going to be a whole lot more messier." Almost soon after that, a man wearing a strange suit and a even stranger helmet seemingly appeared out of thin air. A black blade held against the target's throat. Who's name was Michael. Michael slowly put up his hands, away from the button underneath his desk. "Good dog.....Now, for that...I shall make this quick and painless." "Wait! Aren't you Ghost? The assassin who's loyalty can be changed?" Ghost didn't move a muscle. "Go on...." Michael backed up a little bit. "I want to hire you to go after the person who hired you to kill me....I am willing to pay three times the amount you were offered." The offer made Ghost think. Said thinking was stopped as he noticed a flare of red in his peripherals, quickly diving behind. He avoided what now appeared to be a sniper round meant to scatter his head all over the room. That was almost immediately followed by a hail of gunfire. All the while, Michael escaped amongst the chaos. 'A set up. Clever. Now it's getting fun. For me anyway.' With that thought in mind. He quickly ran out as the gunfire stopped. His speed was significantly faster than what now appeared to be S.W.A.T could track. They did catch on what was happening. And opened fire once more. Unknowingly into their own forces. Ghost could see that Michael was getting into a his chopper. He began to close the distance between him and the chopper. Avoiding gunfire and S.W.A.T members as he did so. As the chopper began to take off, he latched onto the door to where Michael was. Of whom barely had a chance to pull out a pistol, as he was pulled out by Ghost who then jumped off with Michael in tow. Right into freefall. All the while, Michael is screaming like a girl. And seeing as the ground was approaching rapidly. Ghost quickly positioned Michael under him. And just in time. As they both landed on a car. Michael taking the blunt of the fall. Which killed him. Obvious by the growing pool of blood in the dent in the car. Ghost on the other hand nimbly jumped off of Michael's corpse. And almost immediately, a helicopter was above of him. "News Copter 9" It read on the side. 'Great...I can already see what the news is going to be about. Better disappear fast.' He activated his cloak. Rending him invisible. And like that, he ran off to his hideout.

    Which was in the form of what seemed to be a VTOL. Not the latest in design, but that didn't mean it was something to be taken lightly. It had decent armor, a similar engine and cloaking tech that was only comparable to a gecko. Hence why the words. "GECKO" were on it. Now for something that had only been introduced lately by the late Katherine Barnes. [OOC. It is completely coincidental if anyone here or anyone you know is named this.] A Artificial Intelligence. Not military grade, of coarse. It was actually meant to be one of those fancy phone AIs and to be a mental analyzer. When he was about to end her, she offered this fancy doo dad in exchange. Needless to say, negotiations were made. She lived and he got a AI. His front, you could say. The AI in question was named "Amelia." After the great flyer. And she did like working with Ghost. Seeing as she wants to see why does a man do such acts for money and thrills. But, back on the point. She "goes" out and searches for people who need a favor done. Sometimes even personally messaging them with a secure offer. Often at times, he lets her handle the talking. Seeing he was as charismatic as a pile of bricks. And he tends to dislike talking face to face with people.

    He'd have to ask her to do double checks on contacts from here on out.

    As he opened the door, a British voice called out to him. "Welcome back, Ghost....I can see you've had some fun." 'Great.....' "How much as the footage spread?" "Far. Even people in the Artic can see this." "That is bad." He said, getting into the pilot's seat. "Got any new contacts? And if so. Do a background check. If not. Put out a ad. Something like this shouldn't ruin business....Much." "Alright.....Done. Where shall we head off to?" "I say.....South America....Should be able to lay low there, until a contract is available." With that in mind, the VTOL took off and flew away. To South America.
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  8. June 27th

    Zero dark thirty.

    The night was young, the air was cold as the sky cried white flakes of snow, a light flurry. It was the aftermath of a blizzard, a group of FANG members butchered by two fatal foes, poor bastards didn't stand a chance against the wolf. It was to be expected though, the infantry of FANG wasn't anything but a bug on the windshield for experienced fighters, nothing but pawns on a chess board. It was sad, but that was their fate, if you weren't highly skilled, you didn't stand a chance, there were some exceptions, maybe even some lucky, but they knew what they were signing up for once they joined FANG. Basically just signing away your life when you think about it.

    From a tree top, about at least 30 meters away, a figure watched, glowing red eyes fired on, infrared vision, thank god for advanced tech. This figure was cloaked, the cloak itself was camouflaged with white and black splotches, a special type of tech, adapting to the environment itself, what a marvel thought the figure hopping down from the tree, landing on the snowy ground kicking up some snow when his feet met the ground.
    "Time to meet the locals..."

    The big bad was wanted by FANG, a valuable target for Delfas, not to kill...no that would be a waste, but to maybe work along with, especially after seeing what he was capable of, he could possibly be of some use to him. But then there was the other character, couldn't really tell who he was. But he was something to be cautious around, especially after watching what he had done to those soldiers.

    He was now not even 3 feet away from the two, he could see the details of the Big bad, but couldn't make out the other person. "that is some handy work you got there, I'll say, It now makes sense why FANG wants you dead so badly wolf..." Delfas's voice was metallic, and sinister, thanks to the voice disguise, The cloaked figure stared down the man with his glowing red eyes. "so tell me...what brings you two here, such a lovely and peaceful place, but I doubt this has nothing to do with relaxation." The figure added.

  9. June 27th

    The night was cold and especially dark that night, Anthea had to squint her eyes to be able to see anything past the white blurs of snow. She had already found the group of F.A.N.G. agents, now the only thing left was to eliminate then. Actually, the only thing she was supposed to do was to kill them, but someone beat her at it. Anger flared up in Anthea, blinding her for a moment. The bush she was using to hide started to crawl in a crooked way, almost as if gaining a conscience of its own. Luckily, the Nymph managed to calm down before she drew in too much attention. Squinting her eyes once again, she tried to recognize who had stolen the agents from her.

    "Oh." The spirit whispered in recognition. Well well, if it wasn't the Big Bad Wolf and... Someone she didn't know. One thing was certain: both of them could become potential allies. Especially the Baddie. Leda was about to stand up and go meet the two killers before a third figure approached. She couldn't see him, but he looked human. What if he was another F.A.N.G. agent? Oh, she wouldn't let those two steal this one from her.

    In an sudden move, Anthea buried her hand in the snow, searching for any wildlife that could be of use to her, there were the Polar Bears, but she didn't want to risk them, humans already damaged them too much. No, she'd have to resort to plants, again. Silently, Leda made her way to the tree that the man was using to hide, it was the closest place to him. She caressed it lovingly, as if apologizing, before putting her whole palm on its surface and concentrating. Almost immediately, the tree began to bend, it's branches creating big pointed tips. She didn't think twice before aiming them at the unknown figure, letting a smile grow on her face.

    "Hello, boys. A bit selfish of you to kill all those scum agents, huh?" She said innocently, using her other hand to control another tree on her side. "Now, let me have a bit of fun. I haven't killed one of these in a long, long time." Well, you can translate that long time in "last week", but that's not important, because the trees immediately launched, aiming straight into the man's heart. Discreetly, Anthea kept an eye for the other two, it wasn't just because they hated the same people that they would be especially friendly towards her. You can trust no one.
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  10. Nymph

    Most have died off due to human industrializing everything, which means anything natural was gathered and used to their benefits. The ones who were left alive we're corrupted, seeking vengeance and murder on any human they come across. Capable of controlling anything that was formed naturally, even wildlife. Certainly a foe to think twice about, and fighting one in a open forest, just like the setting they were in now, gave them an upper hand. Now of course all nymphs were mesmerizing, a work of beauty, but don't let their looks fool you, they won't bat and eyelash before slaughtering you like a pig at a butcher house.

    Brian snapped around as soon as she spoke, She wanted blood because he was human, or at least looked human. But before Delfas thought about speaking, a tree was launched at his direction. There wasn't enough time to get out of the way, even with his speed, he had to resort to his blood, something he doesn't like showing off unless needed be. In one fluid motion, the masked man swung his arm, the edge of a blade that was under his cloak cut through the cloth on his wrist and drew blood, suddenly the blood itself took a life of its own and sprung out and took the form of a katana like structure, which Delfas held, once crystallized, he brought the blade up with a snap of his wrist and the tree was cut in half down the middle, causing it to land on either side of him. His glowing red eyes met with Anthea's.

    "I'm sorry dear for the mutilation of this beloved tree of yours, But I'm sure it would've been cut down eventually, Guess I'm just doing it a favor" He mocked. The red sword turned into liquid and receded back into the open wound in his wrist, before that wound scabbed over quickly. His arm went back under the cover of his cloak. His tone was now more serious than from his last statement. "I have nothing to do with FANG, but I feel like you have the same feeling for them as I do... Even they feel the same way" He spoke referring to the other two males. "Same team, per say" He finished

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  11. June 27th
    Around Midnight

    As Demise finished up inside the house with the VIP, he had acquired the information. After reading the mans thoughts, which was a very painful process, he consumed his soul, another extremely painful process. Leaving the whisk of a corpse behind, he returned outside, where an impatient Wolf stood.
    Oh Demise, I'm rather upset with your methods. You took all of the flavor out of the mans body! Without a mans soul, his blood taste as dull as-
    He paused mid sentence as he sniffed the air. As the blood, fear, and gun powder settled, two new smells entered his nose.
    Both were alive, but the first smell smelt similar to Demise, like it had bathed in hell for a time. The other smelt like rotten roses, or maybe it was sawdust. Regardless, before he could figure out where the smells came from, a voice echoed from behind him.

    That is some handy work you got there, I'll say, It now makes sense why FANG wants you dead so badly wolf. So tell me...what brings you two here, such a lovely and peaceful place, but I doubt this has nothing to do with relaxation.
    Wolf turned and answered the man with a smirk
    That was hardly work. As for me, I simply came for a midnight snack. My friend here had some unfinished business with the poor chap the FANG soldiers were guarding, but he hasn't gotten around to telling me what.
    Thomas glanced back at Demise, who stood with his back to the two men, facing the house. It appeared he hadn't even realized a third man walked up.
    I apologize, he tends to space out. He doesn't talk much, mostly just shouts out orders. He is horrible to invite out to dinner. Oh! Pardon me, but I havent asked your name.
    Wolf said with a chuckle before smelling the small of sawdust. He sneezed and growled lowly. It had been a while since he had smelt the smell of a Nymph. He didn't get along with their kind too much, they tend to like keeping their deer and other game alive. He tend to enjoy the taste of rabbit though.
    Hello, boys. A bit selfish of you to kill all those scum agents, huh? Now, let me have a bit of fun. I haven't killed one of these in a long, long time.
    Wolf watched as two branches were flung their direction, and he felt his form starting to shift. Thomas had taken the "I haven't killed one of these in a long, long time." comment, in meaning a werewolf. To his luck, Demise pulled Wolf back, as a green energy covered his body. Wolf calmed down and let the Masked Man deal with the tree branches, then speak to the woman. As Brian finished up speaking to the woman.
    Same team, per say.
    Is when Demise finally spoke.
    Nay, not team. A Family. A war is coming my friends, between humanity and all of monster kind. I had to read the mans mind to be sure, but I know now. We will be the ones to command the armies against FANG and the rest of the world. Thomas Wolf, Brian Delfas, Anthea Leda. You three will be the ones to bring FANG to its knees with me.
    Demised clenched his fist tightly before fading away into smoke. Thomas looked at Brian, and the Nymph.
    Anyone know what the hell he is talking about?
    Before they could answer, he watched a green portal open up beside the three, and he felt a strong suction pulling them towards it. Catching him off guard, Thomas felt his feet slip as he slid into the portal.

    June 28th
    Around 2:30 PM

    The robotic steps of Echo were much louder than those of the scientist as they struggled with the manticore, whos tranquiler darts were off much more quickly than thought. Shoving his way through a crowd of men, a manticore spike slammed into his armor, but it did little to the robot. He felt the lion claw slam into his shoulder and he felt a dent form, and his sensors went off alerting him a few screws were knocked loose. The lion raised another paw, which Echo caught with ease, struggling against the creatures weight, he freed a hand and punched the manticores paw away, before headbutting the lion. The heavy metal head dazed the lion, and Echo quickly inserted another tranquilizer round into its neck.
    Counselor Zero, the manticore has been dealt with. Agent H has requested that you come to his office once you are done with lunch.
    Echos voice was clearly robotic, generated by a small computer chip in his chest. His other bodies had different voices, to help determine which body he was in on the field. Pulling one of the scientist aside, he asked as politely as a robot could.
    Which one of these Scientist is the head engineer? I need my arm to be fixed.
    He pointed at it with his good arm, which was hanging by a few screws, wires, and bolts. The scientist pointed at one of the paralyzed staff members with the manticore and Echo said a robotic

    Navigating through the hallways, he finally reached a room with a large metal door. Inside, a demon was raging inside, literally.
    Opening the door, he spotted Ikata Villo.

    Ms. Vilo-
    Midsentence, he was cut off by his arm falling to the ground.

    In another part of FANG HQ

    Agent H watched silently as Little Red Riding Hood battled the holograms, taking each one on, and slice through them with her knife. As she squared up with the last one, it lunged at her, but before she had the chance to slice through this one, it disappeared. She paused and was slightly confused, and turned towards the control panel, where Agent H charged her.
    She rolled backwards, dodging a kick from the man, then she raised an arm to counter a hook from the Headless man. She countered with a jab to the chest, but in return H grabbed her arm and swept her feet out from underneath her, landing her on her back softly.
    You're starting to get tired, you should eat lunch Red.
    He said it was an amusing tone, then grew serious as he helped her up.
    Follow me, we have to meet Zero in my office.


    Wolf found himself in a burning landscape, the screams of souls being tortured nearly everywhere. Demise stood, and behind him was a large castle of sorts, on top of it sat a large skeletal dragon, curled up waiting to be ordered. Imps, demons, hell hounds and other creatures roamed around the castle patrolling, or perhaps just killing time in this hellish landscape.​
  12. Zero - HQ

    Zero was off put by the request, not that it was strange being summoned by Agent H. But, it did make him wonder. What circumstances would need him? A Agent with a high stress level. Someone going mad? Couldn't be....He had given everyone a psych evaluation a week ago. Well, almost everyone. Picking up his staff, he wandered out from his office and proceeded to Agent H's office. When he finally arrived. He recognized a familiar person. "Zero! I got the information you wanted.....Want me to share some of it with ya?" "Sure." He said. "Ok. I found out there were 123 deaths. All of which had similar causes. And after reviewing security footage from some of them. Nearly all of them catch a blur so to speak. Before it disappears. And then.....The news kinda caught complete sight of the assassin. Just killed Michael Thopes. CEO of a company that makes or develops chemicals that go into make-up. Lately had a lawsuit. Guy looks like something out of a Superhero film or a video game. Authorities have labeled him as 'Ghost' due to how he vanishes right infront of them. And after collecting this info. I looked some more. A shipment of gear was lost two years ago. And we are talking crazy shite. Cloaking tech that turns you invisible. A Blade made from an unknown metal. All types of stuff. All rumored to have been made from alien tech." "Ok....That is interesting.....Repeat everything to Agent H when he gets here.....Not the cursing, of coarse." Zero said, a hand on his chin. Pondering something. 'If this man isn't acting from a agenda. It could mean he can be hired.....Which could mean he can be hired by the enemy...' A grim thought....
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  13. The new character was interesting to say the least, he wasn't zoning out, that was for sure. There was something about him that only made Delfas feel uneasy inside, and it didn't help that he spoke his name. And Brian was sure he had never met such a man like him before. Before he could reply with questions, he disappeared, and three green portals appeared, one for each of them. They had a slight pulling feeling from them, inviting the characters in. Wolf was sucked in before he could finish his train of thought. The masked mans cloak was flowing in the direction of the portal as he stood before it. He turned to the nymph giving her a inquisitive stair, before gradually stepping into the new realm.

    Walking in, Brian was shocked to see what was before him, the place he was reborn, transformed into what he is today. The same place he was tortured for what felt like centuries. Demons of all sorts walked around what seemed to be a castle, not to mention the coiled up dragon awaiting a command. An army like this was sure made to fight a war, which made Brian question himself. His plan was to take out the supports of FANG, funding, supply lines, and not to mention several high leaders, that way the whole organization would crumble. But from what he could see, this was not going to be the case anymore....No it was going to turn into a blood bath

    "What an Inviting....place..." Brian trailed off, commented on the current setting before looking up at the man. " I hope you have a plan on what we're going to be doing, because I hope you know a full on assault isn't going to work, at least not without taking out some higher powers first" Brian explained walking forward, getting closer to the mysterious man, and stopped only a few feet in front of him. "So tell me, whats our roles... and whats our next course of action" He spoke in a cold tone.

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  14. Red got back to her feet in a bit of an embarrassed state, it wasn't often the woman behind the red cloak let her opponent take her flooring from her but Agent H had always been a special case, no matter how many times she had sparred with the man she seemed to have always remained beaten and usually left with a few bruises. She didn't mind the challenge but it usually at least took a bit longer for her defeat at his hands.

    As she fixed her hair and uniform, her eyes met his and a smirk came to her lips at the mention of lunch, they both knew her appearance in the lunchroom was a rarity but her face quickly turned to one of curiosity at the mention of meeting Zero in his office. It had seemed ages since her last mission, though this could be due to her mere need to always be out on the field, but they were usually a bit more organized and Agent H rarely came to her himself. Though she nodded her head and stepped aside so he could lead the way to his office.

    "Of course sir.. lead the way. I suppose this means I won't be getting a lunch at all today then."

    She stated in a lightly joking manner as they made their way down the halls, footsteps clicking against the floor and creating an echo that bounced off her ears as she ran hundreds of scenarios through her head of what was to come once they reached their destination.

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  15. June 28th, 2016
    Los Angeles
    "DRIVE DRIVE DRIVE!" the man wearing a ski mask yelled as he banged on the dash of the black SUV.​
    "I'm going as fast as I can! Christ!" the driver replied from behind the bandanna wrapped around his face, his eyes hidden by a pair of aviator glasses.​
    "Come one the cops are gaining!" the younger woman screamed as she leaned out the second row window, sub-machine gun in hand.
    "HOLY FUCK IT WAS JOHNS IDEA TO STEAL THIS PIECE OF CRAP NOT MINE!" the driver yelled at the woman.​

    "Fuck you too Steve! Maybe if you could drive a bit better we wouldn't have the cops gaining on us!" the man sitting shotgun replied as he fumbled with the shotgun shell box, dropping its entire contents on the floor.
    "Can we stop dropping names in here my Go----" the woman almost finished her sentence as the SUV swerved to avoid a man in the road.​

    The SUV swerved to the side as the driver lost control, tipping to one side and jumping the guard rail. It tumbled violently down the hill into the practically empty Los Angeles River, coming to a stop on its roof in a cloud of dust and smoke. The occupants were motionless, at least the occupants that remained inside the vehicle during the crash. John wasn't so lucky as to remain in the vehicle during the vicious tumbling, being thrown through his open window and landing nearly twenty meters from the overturned SUV under a shadowy overpass.

    He lay face down, gurgling in his own blood as his lungs collapsed under the pressure of the very fluid that was supposed to keep him alive as it filled his chest cavity.

    Back in the vehicle Steve awoke to the sound of a wheel spinning on its own and the smoke bellowing from the engine block. He peered around, still dazed, "Mel.... Melanie....? Mel?" he said into the dusty compartment toward a shadow that had to be Melanie. 'Fuck' he thought as he fumbled with his seat belts release suddenly falling from his seat and landing in a mess of tangled metal and glass. He reoriented himself and reached for Melanie tugging at her pant leg, surprised at the lack of weight he encountered as he pulled himself closer.

    In the very first moments of the crash Melanie found herself in a precarious position, being half in the car and half out. Had it not been for the man in the road, she would have met a much more painful death. For before she knew it she was watching the SUV from the road as it careened over the guard rail. She found herself coughing and gasping for air, attempting to stand she realized that she no longer possessed legs, or any of her lower body for that matter.

    "A pity." were the last words she would hear before she faded away, a figure obscured by the sun the last imagine burned into her mind.

    In the car Steve came to the realization that he was currently holding onto Melanie's lower body as he let out a low howl.

    John on the other hand was still gasping for air as he tried to turn over. Only to feel a foot against his back, "You..." he coughed, "Damn--" a gasp " cops..." he managed as he let out a heavy breath. "Cop? I'm hardly a cop." came the voice of the man standing on his back. John noticed a glint of light in front of his eyes, as if reflected off of a cellphone screen or a blade, before he lost feeling in his body and took his final breath.

    Steve crawled from the SUV, leaving what was left of Melanie behind. He clutched his arm were a large laceration stretched up his forearm, 'I need a hospital...' he thought panicked, he started toward the edge of the River, making his way up the sloped edge. Finally reaching the top, he looked over it just as four cop cars came to a halt. Panicking he turned around and tried to run back down the slope, quickly losing his footing he rolled all the way to the bottom. 'Gotta hide' he thought as he limped for the overpass.

    Leaning against a pylon, he took the moment to catch his breath before bounding from it to the light on the other side of the overpass. He took one step, than two, and three, he became confused as he noticed he wasn't making any progress. Another step and nothing. Drip....... Drip.... Drip..... came the gut wrenching sounds, he looked down in horror clutching at the blade that was solidly lodged through his lower abdomen, 'No no no not real not real' he thought clawing at it with his hands ripping them to useless shreds.

    "Please, what's going on, why me?" he said as he looked up toward the concrete overpass, the sky no where in sight.

    "There is no redemption for you, He won't answer." came the response he so desperately sought. "Oh no, you're going some where much warmer." said the voice as Steve had the blade torn from him, crumpling to the ground as he quickly bled out.

    June 28th, 2016
    Grim stepped from a shadow near a water fountain, scaring an intern so badly that Grim was almost positive he was going to faint. "Oh no no, please don't be afraid." Grim pleaded as he outstretched his arms in a supportive gesture. The intern waved his hands away and stumbled on down the hall. 'I wonder what his problem was' Grim thought as he continued down the hall, he had gotten a message from Agent H earlier to meet him in his office in a few minutes and Grim had no time to waste.

    He walked down the hall. Gathering stunned looks from new Agents and interns and friendly smiles from the older more experienced Agents, before finally being stopped by one of them.

    "Hey Grim uh, not sure how to put this but you realize that your sleeves are covered in blood right? I mean are you okay...?" the Agent said.

    Grim raised his hands and let out a stifled, embarrassed laugh. 'Careless' he thought. From his sleeves came the thick black smoke he used to summon his scythe, instead it enveloped his arms for a few seconds before dissipating into the air. Grim inspected his sleeves, now free of blood and gave a thankful smile to the Agent and continued down the hall, leaning against the wall next to Agent H's door after seeing he was not inside.

    'Must be out for lunch.' he thought as he looked at the time.

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  16. Anthea watched in shock as the tree fell to the floor, now cut in half. Her wide grey eyes turned to look at the stranger, the one she thought was human. Who is he, then? A Demon? It'd make sense. He possessed magic of the Underworld, magic of sinners. Not only him, the other one too. They made her feel uneasy, Anthea was not used to being one of the less threatful in the room. Other usually trembled in fear from her, not the other way around. That's why she refused to let any emotion show, allies or not, they weren't considered evil for nothing.

    Suddenly, a green portal appeared besides them, sucking in Wolf, who had not finished his speech. Leda's hair flapped towards the hole as it tried to suck her in as well, but she held on for a second more, watching the stranger give her a stare then step in the door. Well, she had two choices, stay and possibly be blamed for the slaughtering, or go and become the victim of a slaughtering. Who was to say that that freak was to be trusted? The Nymph thought about it for a moment, weighting the cons and pros of each decision; in the end, she decided that it wouldn't matter anyway. So fuck it. Casting one last glance to the fallen tree, Leda stepped into the new realm, not really knowing what to expect.

    Well, Hell was certainly not on her list. It made the hair on her neck stand up and shiver, despite the heat of the place. But, at the same time, there was a rush of adrenaline she never felt before. Here, in the Underworld, Leda was powerless, weak, at mercy. Oh my, what a feeling. She chuckled quietly, biting her lower lip. For a moment she had forgotten about the other three present as she got lost in her own little world. The Masked Man's voice was what brought her back to reality, making her remember where she was and with whom. She heard his concern and understood it, but didn't share it.

    "Oh, child." Her voice was like honey with a tint of pepper, like a mother talking to her child. She approached him from behind, letting her voice caress his ears as she leaned forward. "Let the man choose the path of chaos, of destruction. Where is the beauty in doing everything from behind a curtain? Nowhere. Let's have a bloodbath, a slauthering, I do not care. I've kept quiet for far too long. I want war." The Nymph's voice had changed to a violent hiss by the end of her sentence, promising death and chaos. The same lips that once chanted words of peace now chanted words of war, far too tired of doing nothing. So what if they all could die in this battle? Leda didn't care, she stopped caring a long time ago.
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  17. There was a small pause of silence after Anthea spoke, Brian slowly turned around to face her, his eyes now meeting her (well the eyes of his mask) There was a small condescending laugh. "Child?" he asked her " If I seem to recall, Nymphs, there aren't many left of your kind... I can now see why" He added looking her down.

    "You want war? well you'll get your war, but jumping the gun this early will get you killed, there is a very clear reason why FANG has been around for so, so long. Charging in there like a child who wants his teddy bear back is going to get you nowhere." He explained harshly, as if he was lecturing an adolescent. " To really put them down, where they stay down, you break them" His tone now becoming twisted and fierce " Bloody and beaten, till there is nothing left and they are just begging for death, now that's how you truly make them suffer. Take out the leads, the command, so the rest of the organization will just be chickens running around without their heads. And that's when you slaughter them, thus striking fear into their hearts because there is nothing they can do at that point, and they'll be hopeless" His words cut like a knife.

    "now why don't you go play with some trees or something, and let the adults take care of it..." He finished. He wasn't going to let someone with irrational thoughts ruin what he wanted. Brian himself has taken down organizations before after being reborn from hell, mainly drug cartels, and maybe some terrorist organizations, all a test to see if he was strong enough, and like he predicted, it was as easy as killing an insect with the heel of his boot.

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  18. Agent H
    Fang HQ

    Of course sir.. lead the way. I suppose this means I won't be getting a lunch at all today then.
    Said behind him as they navigated through the corridors, dodging groups of people as they finished up lunch.
    'Fraid not. I might have an apple in my office.
    He said, imaging keeping a bowl of fruits in his office, grabbing an apple and pretending to eat it with his invisible mouth. He quickly pushed the thought aside. He had time for dreams when he was dead, he had work to do for now. As they turned the corner and H spotted the other two he requested to meet.
    Zero. Grim.
    He said nodding to each man as he passed by, waving them into his door, as he unlocked it and made his way to the seat.
    Red, I'm sure you know the FANG counselor, Zero, and our own little caretaker, Grim.
    He spoke as he typed on a computer, letting them say their greetings before quieting them down.
    You three, along with one of our Head Engineers, Ikata Villo, and a Psychic Mage, Jaden Colt will be heading out on a mission with me.
    Agent H clicked a button on his computer, and his office quickly started to change. The chairs they were sitting in, the room, even the door shifted, and a hologram of what appeared to be the inside of a log cabin replaced it. Around the room, various FANG agents were dead. Some missing limbs, others with bullet holes, and a few with their heads just exploded. One man was different, and wasn't garbed in FANG uniforms, and was instead sitting in a chair. He too was dead, but instead of physical wounds, it looked as if someone dried his body of blood, and set him in the sun to dry.
    His skin was gray, eyes lifeless, and looked like he might turn to dust at any moment.

    This man was Doctor Smith Eisenhold, a German American doctor working for a company that supplied FANG. Eighteen years ago, he disappeared after the birth of his daughter, up until this weekend, when he connected FANG HQ and said he had powerful information. That information, was his daughter, was a Gray Angel. Angels not confided to the walls or working of heaven are rare, but Gray Angels are a totally different category. They have no binds to Heaven nor Hell, and once their realize their power, may be as powerful as any Arch Demon or Arch Angel. If she falls into the hands of who ever attacked here, it may be the end of Earth as we know it.
    He let the thought simmer, before he clicked a button on his wrist, letting the room return to normal. Behind him the wall revealed a picture of a girl. She was white, dull blue eyes, and long black hair. She looked to be a kind girl as she posed for the picture.
    She is living in San Francisco, working at a small coffee shop. In about two hours we are shipping out. Red, Zero you two will be heading in undercover, speak with her, and try and convince her any way possible to come with you. What ever you do, do not speak to her about her fathers Death, something that traumatic may trigger her powers.
    Grim, me, and the others will be going on the offense. We except the Wolf and his allies to be coming for the girl as well, so you will be preventing them from reaching the coffee shop and buying Red and Zero time.

    If there is no questions, go get ready and meet in the hangers in 2 hours. And if you two of you would be so kind, inform Ms. Villo and Mister Colt about the mission.
    The headless man took a seat in his chair. Thinking of the mission to come.

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  19. Grabbing a couple more batteries from the table at the other end, Ikata carried them back to the truck and set them down next to the left tyre. Lifting the cab once more, she lifted one and let it rest in the large tyre before literally climbing onto the engine bay. She then adjusted moved the battery into whatever room was left in the battery compartment before rewiring the thing to accommodate multiple batteries. When she had finished that one and prepped the area fro the third, she leant over the wheel to reach for the last battery. As she did so, she was interrupted by Echo. Stilling hanging from the wheel, she looked over, covering her mouth to stop the laughter at his fallen arm. "Would you like some help with that?" she asked. After all, she could use a bit of a break. At least, after she had finished what she was doing there.

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  20. Hell
    The bickering nymph and masked man didn't seem too bother Demise nor Thomas Wolf. Demise green eyes stared at the two, letting them talk. Thomas smirk and snickered at their remarks, saying
    I imagine you two are great at parties, but by the way you too are treating each other, it seems you'll be fighting each other before the Horseman or any other FANG agent.
    Both Brian and Anthea glared at Wolf as he butted into their conversation.
    If you three are done bickering I may be able to make you three more comfortable with each other. We will have our war, and we will be taking down the higher ups of FANG. Much faster than any of you could imagine. There is a girl, who has a power much greater than any of us. A Gray Angel.
    Why would an angel work with a demon, a homicidal nymph, a killer, and a wolfishly handsome werewolf?
    The demon glared over at Thomas, who held back a laugh.

    A gray angel has no allegiance to heaven or hell, there fore she can be persuaded to our side. And thats what I plan to do, once my demons locate her I'm sending you three and a group of demons in.
    Wolf, since you do not mind being seen, and the best out of any of us at blending in, I want you to grab her in what ever city she is in. Alive this time.

    You should've made it clear with the first few.
    Thomas nodded after his statement shot a smile to Brian and Anthea and strode off towards the castle. Demise turned his attention towards the pair, speaking again.
    You too will be distracting our dear FANG agents, and make it know that creatures of darkness are indeed on this world. This will be the first major attack that our kind will make on the pitiful human race. Make sure you leave a bruise. In the mean time, you two shall remain in Hell, so you will be ready to head out as soon as she is located.
    At the wave of a hand, three portals opened up, a blue one, green one, and red one.
    As you may or may not know, Hell is composed of 8 rings. We are in the first one, where souls are weighed, and decided which inner circle would best be suited to punish them. I'd recommend not traveling to far out of the any of these three palaces.
    Nodding at them, he disappated into a cloud of smoke and traveled up to the skeletal dragon. The smoke flew into the dragons mouth, and its eyes glowed a bright green, roared, and took to the air.

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