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    Welcome to F.A.N.G.

    We are the guys and gals keeping the creepy crawlers out from underneath your bed, and the boogyman outta your closet. We are employed by the UN, to keep the monsters that are scattered across this world secret, and outta the view from the media. We started back in the colonial days,before the Revolutionary War. Pretty soon, we spread from Britain, to France, to Spain, and eventually we reached the colonies.
    Some of the stories you mightve heard growing up were sorta true.
    Little Red Riding Hood and the Woodsman? One of our agents targeted by "Big Bad", the most notorious werewolf we have encounter, and have yet to put down. They are still around actually, both actually not being human.
    The Headless Horseman? Actually one of our supernatural soldiers hunting down a vampire hive in Sleepy Hollow. He is around too, pretty good guy if you can get past the headless part.
    Hansel and Gretel? Yeah that one was pretty spot on. Damn witches love their candy.

    Fast forward a couple of decades, and we find ourselves in the present. Monsters and demons are still stepping outta line, and we gotta push them back in. Not all are bad, some we even let into are ranks after some training and test. Hell you might be one of them right now.
    Some have even taken to researching them, and draining their supernatural essence, and turning it into a usable thing by select soldiers. You might know it as magic.

    Well thats all for now. Feel free to explore the base, make some friends, and be ready for the unexpected. The Supernatural can strike at anytime.

    Leave interest! Ask Questions!
    Essentially, this is a RP, mixing science and magic into a monster hunting group named Fang. You can play as any original character, fairy tale character (excluding Big Bad Wolf and Headless Horseman. They are mine:]), or something in between.
    Once we get the RP going, I'll set the arc up by pushing the group together, and set the story in action.
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  2. I absolutely love the mix of genres right off the bat! Sci-Fi and fairy tales, how much better could this get? A question though, will the original characters - soldiers, or can we be civilians/medics as well - have anything like superpowers, or just 'modern' day weapons and hand to hand fighting? If we do have superpowers, will there be strict limits or is that still up in the air? Ah, also, would it be possible to make a original fairy tale character? Perhaps for a King/Queen, or should it be the ones that already exist here and now as we know it? [Last question, so sorry for bombarding you like this, are the Fairy Tale characters limited to the Western ones, or are all fairy tales included, provided that we have the story in case some may not know it?] - I'm definitely interested in joining some of these, I just want to make sure I know what I'm getting into before committing > A <
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  3. Awesome questions!
    Magic will be the excuse for all types of superpowers, and not necessarily a known thing among citizens. Superpowers are open in the air, nothing too overpowered tho.
    Feel free to make your own fairy tale! And this is a world wide organization, feel free to have any and all fairy tales open.
    @S O N G B I R D
  4. Oh I love this idea. I have a little rumour I've been trying to spread among the children in my town to set up a legend for it, to varying degrees of success. I think I'll play that as a character :D
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  5. This is tempting. I've got some lore additions of my little own...
  6. I'm down.
  7. Oops. Didn't see that my question was already answered...
  8. Reminds me of Arago, in a way.

    So why not?
  9. Interested x]
  10. Awesome! Love the interest. Gonna throw up a thread for us to talk and set characters up.
  11. I am absolutely interested in this! It sounds wonderfully exhilirating! (:
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  12. I was thinking of introducing a magician character of sorts who is currently trying to use voodoo magic from evil witches and all that and make them beneficial. I don't know if he'll be affiliated with FANG or not for now.

    For instance, he is now attempting to grant merfolk the ability to traverse both land and water without any side effects

    And based on the lore of Beauty and the Beast, he had modified the curse that turned the chap into a beast. He calls it 'Mana-Jekyll' because he ran out of names. He turned it from a transmogrification spell to a berserk-induction spell.
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  13. Fine with me! Love the creativity. @Crow
  14. Before I make a character, if I use a picture, does the character have to be wearing armor? And does the character have to be in the same style as the pictures you used?
  15. Nope! Any picture will do :)
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  16. Good to know and sorry for the late reply.
  17. Can my character be an antagonist without being a monster or another human? She's gonna be like a backwards Cinderella.
  18. Backwards cinderella? So, she's normally rich but her fairy godmother can make her poor? She usually has a carriage but until midnight it can become a pumpkin?
  19. Is there a thread already thrown up for us to make our characters?
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