Eyes of the Wolf

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  1. <div style="text-align: center;"><font size="2"><span style="font-family: book antiqua"><font color="#40e0d0">It’s cold. Snow slowly accumulates on the forest floor, making everything silent. A white wolf trots through snow, his gold hues on the mountain he climbed. Once atop the mountain, he stood – a city in the distance. It was miles and miles away, and one of the only things visible was the smoke lifting from below.<br>
    There is this city called Nixera in a European, medieval type world. The Christian religion, like most medieval towns, pretty much dictates how life goes on. In the city, there was a family of werewolves that lived peacefully in secret with the humans around. This worked for years, and the secret was kept in the family – because if anyone knew they would surely be exiled or killed. But when a human got too close to the family – and learned the secret – is where it went bad. He told the church, he told the town, he told everyone he knew. Luckily no one believed him. The family of wolves lived on edge for a while, but nothing happened. Then, suddenly, something broke out in the church. When one of the family’s children was being baptized that crazy human wrapped a silver necklace around the baby. A priest then came to the middle of the town, holding a howling, screaming, wolf pup in his hand.<br>
    You’d play a living in the forest WAY outside the city. He lives alone with nature, but one day he walks too deep into the forest and gets lost. Hours go by and he is found what looks to be a wolf. He is frightened at first but the wolf shows him the way back to his house, then disappears. The next day there is a forest fire. The wolf appears on the man’s front porch, hurt and whimpering and now it’s time for the man to help out. <br>
    Wolves in this RP are of the were-wolf race and can turn from human to wolf at will. It is only when they sleep they have no choice over which they take the form of, so they take the form of a human. Once they touch silver they are burnt and turned into a wolf.<br>
    I’d be playing the wolf, and I need someone to play the man. The man can be however you want but needs a few characteristics to fit with my future super-secret plans with this RP. Also, the genders can be changed around however you want. Male X male, Female X male, or Female X female.<br>
    Log Cabin Man/Woman: -Must live in cabin and cannot be a werewolf (but can be a half breed). They can have minor powers – if you really want. If they will have powers please tell me before.<br>
    Also, I really, really need a somewhat descriptive player for this one. One where 2-3, ten sentence paragraphs are a normal thing. Not to sound like a snob, I just really, really love this idea. :3 I tried the plot once on another site and it was the cutest yaoi ever. But like I said before, I’ll be open to switching up the sexes. </span></font></div>
  2. Love the idea, and wouldn't be bothered by playing a male character...the only reason I'm not throwing myself on this idea is that I'd be worried about committing to it and not giving it the attention it deserves. (Just working with instability of internets at present.) However, if you get no other takers, just let me know. It's an idea with interesting potential!

  3. Thank you for showing interest, it means a lot! I was beginning to think that this was a dumb idea. Haha I will definitely hit you if no one else takes it. :) Thanks though!
  4. This is a really good idea that I hadn't come across before. I keep coming back to this one - it's very cute and honest and appeals to my love of saving animals.
  5. Yes! Haha when I did this RP before on another site, the other person was a half breed shaman and it was really cool. They were both boys so it was super cute. It would be cool to change up genders. And the man/ woman can be anything ya want (aside from the things I mentioned.)

    :3 That is if you're interested. It will turn into a bit of a romance.
  6. What exactly do you mean by "half breed"? Do you mean just half human with something else...?

    A shaman character for the role does sound really interesting. I am interested in doing a female character for this one, someone with a Pagan religion that would coincide peacefully with living so far out in the wilderness.

    Turning into romance sounds fine. :)
  7. Half-breed as in the shaman was a love child of a werewolf and a human. He couldn't turn into a wolf, but his senses were heightened. *shrugs*

    That sounds like a good plan! :3 I like it! Slow cookin' romance. I've never played a straight male character before, but I'm kinda feeling like that would work. I just gotta get into a mind frame.

    I'm glad! I'll start up the RP soon! Most likely Sunday night, or Monday. I'm traveling tomorrow so it would be easy to work on then.
  8. Sounds great!