Extra Content for your Roleplay Characters!

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  1. You write up a bio for your character and you start roleplaying. Does it stop there? Or do you find yourself doing MORE for your characters? There's artwork, music, stories, blurbs, extended bios...

    What sort of extra content do you create for your characters?

    I used to draw artwork all the time, but now I am far too lazy. So lately I've been doing little "blurbs". They're not really story-length. More like RP posts. I like to write up scenes from important moments in a character's history, so I can (or other people!) can go back and see what that moment was like and why it made such a difference! ...Or just blurbs for random little moments to show off a personality quirk and stuff like that.

    And when I play characters that happen to be musicians, now I write songs for them. At least the lyrics, anyway. That way I dun have to jack real people's music. c__c

    Or I do stuff like this. Items mentioned in a roleplay and then making or finding a picture to represent them. XD
  2. Only the really good ones, you should see the plans I have for The Grandmaster.

    he'll be living up to the space marines "Angels of Death" reputation,
  3. I've been working on extra content for Dystopia since the end of the Admin War. Just a few things to fill in that eighteen year period between then and now in IW.
  4. Harmony turn to Melody and sent the sleeping baby back to her room, “Be quick.”
  5. Why, yes I do. I do lolcomics and drawings all the time of my RPoo characters. I'm just too lazy to post them online.
  6. i have a rather large painting of Uriel Verasius (of Legacy and Iwaku World) that hangs on the wall.

    though i really need to do more art. in general, but of characters in rps in particular.

    i really used to get all inspired by rps, and it'd bleed over into everything i did.
  7. Yeah, but not so much lately.

    I'll add that sometimes when I'm too self-conscious about a current character, I do a writing exercise involving an old one to loosen up.
  8. For characters that I really get attached to, I like to draw them.
    Sometimes I even like to make their handwriting. ^_^
  9. I uh, sometimes use characters I've made in the same settings for small writing excercices.

    Does that count?
  10. I like to create extensive background for my Characters, some of which I write down. Most are in my head though.