Expressions-What do they really mean?

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  1. Sometimes, in roleplay, we find a loss of words for expressing emotion. This workshop should help when examining the simple expressions of the human body and make conveying emotion much easier!

    We all know the saying "Eyes are widows to the soul", right? Well, It's said for a reason. Your eyes really do give away much more about your true feelings than you think they do. Even the person with the best poker face can't control this involuntary actions given off by true emotion.
    When talking to someone, pay attention to their eyes. The natural movements of their face and eyes is a very important part of the communication process.

    The most common give aways would be how consiously someone is trying to hold or avoid your gaze, how often they blink and if their pupils appear larger or smaller (dialated).
    When studying body language, pay attention to the follow eye signals:

    •Eye gaze
    If someone looks directly into your eyes when conversating, it means they are interested or paying attention. Prolonged eye contact, however, can feel threatening and a little demanding. Breaking eye contact and looking away may give in to someones distraction, discomfort or possible hidden feelings.

    Blinking is a subconcious act, but you should pay attention to whether someone is blinking too much or too little. People often blink more rapidly when they are feeling distressed or uncomfortable. Infrequent blinking may indicate that a person is intentionally trying to control his or her eye movements.
    EX: a poker player might blink less frequently because he is purposely trying to appear unexcited about the hand he was dealt.

    •Pupil size
    One of the most subtle cues that eyes provide is through the size of the pupils. While light levels in the environment control pupil dilation, sometimes emotions can also cause small changes in pupil size. For example, you may have heard the phase "bedroom eyes" used to describe the look someone gives when they are attracted to another person.

    •Crows feet
    The little creases at the sides of the eyes are called Crows Feet. These can be indicators of honsest emotions such as joy or confusion.

    Using these indicators, it should be easier to express the correct emotions to your partners and avoid missunderstanding.

    Here is a drawing showing the different versions of eye expressions
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