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  1. Caution: Anyone with a weak stomach may not be able to handle this. Back out or forever hold your peace.

    Around the year 2037, a disease was released from a secret science facility in an undisclosed location. The facility did illegal tests on humans, and infected them with diseases that could be a potentially lethal to the human race. They thought they were doing a great thing as the test subjects were on death row already, but little did they know that one of the subjects would escape. His name was Jeremy Fields, and he was Patient Zero to the deadliest virus unknown to mankind.

    Disease name: JFD; as if Jeremy Fields Death.
    Infectablity: High; can be infected through contact with bodily fluids, sex, and contact with an infected's corpse.
    Stage One:
    Appears the moment a patient gets infected
    There are no side-effects at this point
    Stage Two:
    Occurs three to five days after first infected
    Heavy coughing and sneezing
    Stage Three:
    Occurs two to three days after stage two
    Vomiting; eating and drinking are hard at this point
    Stage Four:
    Appears three to seven days after stage three
    Extreme bloating; gaining weight by the fives at this point
    Stage Five:
    Occurs six to eight days after stage four
    After you can barely walk because of all the weight, your brain will start to go haywire.
    Stage Six:
    Appears two to three days after stage five
    Insanity; possible suicide
    Stage Seven:
    Immediate Death from starvation or suicide
    Known Vaccines: Pregnancy
    Hospitals aren't in service any more
    Cure Status: N/A


    This story features group of boys and girls ranging from the ages of nine to twenty-nine trying to avoid being infected by the virus that could possibly kill off the human race. At the age of thirteen, you could become a breeder.

    Special Skills:
    Jobs: (See below)


    Nurse: Helps the doctor
    Doctor: Attempts to find a cure or treat the infected
    Hunter: Gets food for the group
    Cook: Cooks the food for the group
    Scout: Keeps watch for any infected nearby
    Patient: One of the infected getting treated
    As many as I want can have the job. If it says closed than no more are allowed to choose that job.

    1- Doctors cannot find cure immediately; wait until lots of people have been killed off
    2- Keep sexual things to a minimum. Sex is allowed, but don't go into serious detail
    3- Be descriptive unless it's told not to
    4- No powerplaying or over powered characters. Only control your own character, and a patient can't just survive for no reason
    5- No bullying others
    6- You are allowed to infect yourself, but only if you have a reason
    7- If your character dies, then feel free to create a new one
    8- Wait until I approve your character before rp-ing
    9- Have 'fun' and follow the rules

    My Character:
    Rachel Jennings

    Rachel is a very sweet girl who was devastated by the virus hitting her town. Her twin brother and her father both died from the virus, but she is still kind through it all. She treats her group well, and loves to help out with everything that she can.
    Flowers, Yogurt, and Green
    Grief, Cereal, and Purple
    Erin Anderson
    Leo Long
    She is extremely good with pain, and is very immune to normal sicknesses (Not including JFD)


    Leo Long
    download (10).jpg
    Leo is a very helpful male in the group. He has always been able to emotionlessly kill anything with a pulse, even infected humans. Sometimes he scares the others in his group, but they know he wouldn't hurt them. Right?
    Meat, Books, and the color Red
    Vegetables, Fruit, and the color Blue
    Rachel Jennings
    No one at the moment
    Can easily kill anything with a pulse, and feels no guilt
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  2. Name: Erin Anderson

    Age: 15

    Gender: Female

    Sexuality: Pansexual


    Personality: Quiet and reserved, Erin keeps to herself and gives off the message that she "doesn't want anything to do with you", although she greatly appreciates company. She doesn't start conversations well and prefers not to talk about the past unless it's a common interest with another group member (like cartoons or Barney idk) or a memory not including family or friends. Erin is loyal and stays with her group no matter what, always defending the weak. She has a good sense of what's right and wrong and had a leader type feel to her (although she prefers following not leading).

    Likes: Drawing (when she has the time), making others laugh, and dark colours

    Dislikes: Unknown

    Family: Unknown

    Friends: (Could she be Rachel's best friend?)

    Crush: None

    Special Skills: Shooting a bow and arrow

    Jobs: Hunter and scout

    Other: Virgo
  3. Love it! And yes, she can be Rachel best friend.
  4. Name: Kira Navis "Chef Napalm"
    Age: 16
    Gender: Female
    Sexuality: Heterosexual
    Appearance: (This works, right? She looks like this, except.... real. And yes, she only has one eye. She wears this suit most of the time anyways.
    Personality: Angry. Very angry. She is antisocial, and rude to everyone she doesn't know. She hates most people from the start. Once one can get past her shell, she's.... sorta nice. She hates liars, and will hold a grudge to her last breath.
    Likes: Fire, killing infected, cooking.
    Dislikes: People
    Family: Her family gave her the scar on her face. In response she burnt them alive.
    Friends: Nope
    Crush: Nope
    Special Skills: She has extensive knowledge of chemical formulas, allowing her to make the tastiest food, and explosives out of ordinary every day items. She can start fires pretty well.
    Jobs: Cook/Scout/Thing
  5. I'm very interested in this roleplay but two questions... Can characters have non-binary genders and can I just make a description for my character's appearance instead of posting a picture?
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