Explosions in Oslo, shootings on Utøya

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  1. I'm sure most people have heard about this by now. But if not, this ought to get you up to speed.


    There's no accurate death toll yet, but the numbers are set to increase from the current number of 17. This page is updated frequently with new information from multiple sources, including Norway's NRK.


    This page more outlines what happened. Included is a nice photo of the suspect in both incidents.

    Personally, I'm just in a bit of shock. Never thought I'd ever see a terror attack on Norway. I'm still waiting to hear back from a couple friends in Oslo. I don't think they'd have any need to be near the government buildings in Oslo, but you never really know where life takes you.
  2. http://www.freep.com/article/201107...least-80-killed-Norwegian-youth-camp-shooting

  3. I've been following this since yesterday. A video of the shoreline in Utoya (WARNING, extremely graphic):


    Blog post from one of the survivors (translated in to English):

    And a post from another forum that I am a member of (I included this simply because he makes a lot of amazing points regarding the situation, especially when many of the other members wanted retribution and revenge for the killings)

  4. This guy is good, and even looks like celebrity material. It's terrifying.

    If another similar act of slaughter is perpetrated in the near future, I may as well be shitting myself.
  5. TORSTY ARE YOU OK?????????
  6. I'm alive.