Explorers of Memories

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  1. It was a lovely evening in the beautiful world of Pokémon. Different Pokémon wandered home, retiring for the day. Different wild Pokémon settled into their habitats as the krabby started to blow their bubbles. There was something strange on the beach however. A small mudkip, bruised and fainted, was lying on the sand. It seemed like someone had attacked the poor pokémon.

    But who cares about the mudkip? This story is about a Torchic. This torchic wanted to be an explorer and help Pokémon who were trapped in dungeons. There was a certain guild that the pokemon wanted to become a part of. This guild was the Wigglytuff Guild. It was a large and foreboding place, despite having a cute and lovable pink pokemon as the design for the building. A large grate covered a deep hole which led into what could only be assumed was a very deep and dangerous pit. Today was the day. This was the day that the guild would get their greatest exploration team they ever met. Or at least, that's what the legends say...
  2. Blaze the Torchic stood at the edge of the guild's borders, prepared to go in. "Here's my chance... I just need to build up my courage and- and go for it!" She walked up to the grate, prepared to go inside, when she heard a voice echo up from underfoot...

    "Who is that? What Pokemon are you?"

    Blaze jumped a foot in the air as she heard the voice. Where did it come from? It didn't matter, the Torchic sped off, not caring who saw her bolting away from the guild, tears in her eyes. She ran to the edge of the beach in her daily ritual, watching the bubbles go floating by... She was too engrossed in her own thoughts.

    I'm just a coward... I'm not cut out for this stuff...

    Blaze was feeling down, when she saw a form lying on the sand. She broke into a run as she saw the form was an injured pokemon, a Mudkip, to be exact. The young Torchic ran up to examine the pokemon, and revive him or her, if she could.
  3. The mudkip groaned before sitting up, blinking. She shook her head and looked around. 'Huh...? Where am I?' She wondered, trying to remember what got her on this strange beach. She seemed confused.
  4. "A-are you alright?" The young Torchic asked, gazing intently at the Mudkip. "My name's Blaze. Who are you?" She asked curiously.
  5. "W-what? A pokemon...?" The mudkip shook her head and stood up. "Pokémon can't talk. I must have hit my head when I ended up here..." She looked around, trying to figure out where exactly she was. She didn't recognize the place.
  6. "Of course pokemon can talk," the Torchic giggled. "You're talking, aren't you?" She had a sense that the Mudkip was odd, but she didn't mind that. The pokemon looked a little lost, in fact.
  7. "Well yeah, but I'm not a-" The mudkip looked over to the sea near her. She froze. "Wh-wha... M... Is that... me?" She started to shake before letting out a scream. "Ah! This can't be happening!" She ran around in a circle, tumbling a bit because she wasn't used to using four legs to walk.
  8. The Torchic looked at the Mudkip inquisitively. She wasn't sure whether to laugh, or worry.
    "Please, calm down!" She said. "You might hurt yourself."
  9. The mudkip stopped for a minute. "Wait... this has to be a dream! I'm a human! I can't possibly be a pokemon!" She ranted, sitting down, almost overthinking what was going on around her. Her tail twitched a bit.
  10. "A... human?" The torchic asked, but powered on before the mudkip could answer. "You're a mudkip, friend, and I'm a torchic. We're pokemon, and this is crabby beach. What's your name?" She asked politely.
  11. "My... My name...?" The mudkip looked confused. 'What is my name?' She wondered before gasping. She smiled. "Oh yeah! It's Eliza! My name is Eliza. It's nice to meet you Blaze." She said, giving a small smile.
  12. The torchic was happy to see the other pokemon smile. "It's nice to meet you too, Eliza. Feeling a bit better now?"
  13. "Just a bit..." Eliza said with a small smile. She looked around, a bit confused. 'Where am I? ... Who am I? I can't remember anything besides my name...' She thought. Maybe she had amnesia?
  14. "Look!" Blaze said, glancing into the sky. "The Crabby are blowing their bubbles over the water!" Her eyes lit up as she watched the display.
  15. "Huh?" Eliza looked up at the bubbles, a bit entranced. The scene relaxed her. "Wow... that sure looks pretty... Huh?" She noticed a peculiar rock on the torchic's neck. "Hey, what's that? Some sort of talisman?" She poked at it, almost afraid it would curse her.
  16. "Oh!" Blaze exclaimed. "That's my lucky mystery stone. I found it one day while I was exploring. It's my personal treasure..."
    She ran a feather over the grooves in the granite rock. "See these patterns? It must match something, somewhere. I know that I'll find it one day! That's why I want to be an explorer, so that I can discover all the mysteries of our world..."
  17. "Wow..." Eliza said before standing up. "Welp, I better go... hope you have fun with your adventuring!" She started to walk down the beach. She wasn't sure where she was going to go though so she was just wandering aimlessly.
  18. "Wait!" Blaze called. "Where are you going?"
  19. "I'm... not quite sure actually. I'm not really sure of anything right now..." Eliza sat down in the sand, tears coming to her eyes. She wondered if she cried that easily when she was a human? She couldn't tell as fat tears rolled down her face.
  20. The Torchic skipped over to hug the Mudkip, hoping she wouldn't turn away. "It's okay. Your memories will come back, I promise!"