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    In an era of fantasy, every single kingdom is at a ceasefire due to the threat of mutually assured destruction. For countless generations, Kings, Emperors, Nobles, and basically anyone has been pushing their subjects to becoming sacrifices to the enigmatic place known as the Endless Dungeon.

    A dungeon that eats all those whom venture into it, the Endless Dungeon randomly ejects the same amount of ‘material’ that it is injected with. Yet it does not accept the unwilling, nor does it accept anything other than a humanoid, sentient being. At a specific time every month, the gate of the Endless Dungeon is opened, inviting all who are willing to enter, in order to give those on the outside the possibility of retrieving a magical artifact.

    What goes inside, no one knows, but rumors have circulated from town to town, country to country, that within the Dungeon, there exists a method of escaping without triggering its concept of Equivalent Exchange.

    A single exit, that allows one to bring out however many treasures they wish with them.

    Armies have been swallowed whole.

    Wielders of magic have been vanquished by its trials.

    And yet, the hope, the greed, remains.

    So, will you, too, venture into the maw of the Endless Dungeon?

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