Explicit's Creative Challenges: #1 - Humanity

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    Certain aspects of life can be hard to predict. Most are even harder to control.
    This challenge series is based on expressing your opinion of any one aspect of life.
    This can be done through a poem, short story or anything you can think of with writing.

    This Week's Topic: Humanity
    Of all the aspects of life, humanity is by far the most unpredictable.
    Whether it be war, love or something beyond that, I want to hear your thoughts

    A word that brings us warmth.
    Knowing we are not alone
    Knowing others are here to care.
    Knowing that if our world is destroyed,
    We will not be the only one to suffer

    A word that brings us fear.
    Knowing we are murderers.
    Knowing we may fall to others.
    Knowing that even when all is well,
    Others can potentially ruin our happiness.

    A word that lifts us higher
    Knowing of gods and of virtues
    Knowing that our prayers will prevail
    Knowing that our fates will guide us
    To feelings of warmth or fear
  2. Humanity is both our weakness and our power
    It's as strong as steel but as delicate as a flower
    It make us true, makes us brave
    An in times of danger it's why we don't cave
    It's the reason we have compassion
    Keeps us from turning into abominations
    We may no live long
    But it drives up to be strong