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"They won't be laughing at me for much longer.. I'll show them. All of them."
Angsty grumbles bounced back from the leaves they were directed at, the woman crouching down close to the ground, crawling on her hands and knees along the dirt of nature. An odd scene to behold by any passerby, there was reason behind the current state of such a being. The people of Laissez did not believe in mythical creatures, and inhuman appearences. Save for less than a handful, which consisted of the rambling sidewalk lunatic and that one guy from ninth grade that ended up in a nearby asylum, there were not many believers. As a scientist who did believe, so much as to search the woodland floor for clues and possible evidence, these were not the greatest of odds on her side. Fellow coworkers simply snickered upon hearing her claims to knowing they are out there. Persistancy was something she did have going for her, staying headstrong throughout all the mocking, teasing, fighting and shutdowns she had to endure on a daily routine. Why give up so quickly? She knew it was what they wanted. She was not just about to hand her pride over in defeat any time soon. Maybe in a week or a month, but not at the very second.

As a little girl, Evelynn always had the strange feeling the human race was not alone. Immensely, she enjoyed playing out with dolls, pretending they were werewolves and ghouls, faeries and elves, using her imagination to it's highest limit. Of course, her mother found this quite adorable, and encouraged the child to continue on believing, being true to her dreams and aspirations. On the opposing side, her father disapproved greatly of this playing style. Quickly, he had left home, all out of being immature over the dislike of his child's ways. She had stayed with her mother as they moved to Laissez, before it became the intensely populated area it was in the current time. Once old enough, graduating from the local university with honors, Evelynn took to working at the research center for scientists such as herself, though ones who did not believe in such foolish topics. While working on what she was assigned, on the side she found herself sneaking around to collect any kind of data she could find. A strange looking hair in the forest, which honestly probably belonged to a German Shepherd, became a sign of other lifeforms out there. This was exciting enough to keep her going, motivated to never give up. Which, still doing so today, she clearly did not slump over and say 'I quit' at any passing chance.

"I know I'll find something.. I know it."
Whimpering softly to herself, as she was sure there was no one else around her to listen, Dr. Evelynn Marie Kleiner sat up on her knees, taking a moment to breathe. Clearing her throat softly, a dainty pale hand rose to grasp at her glasses, cleaning off the lenses with such care. It seemed the air was starting to fog over, as it did before dusk every time she just had to go outside. Why must she be so unlucky? Rolling cinnamon shaded eyes to the side, a huff of air appeared before her, cold enough to allow physical visibility. Giving a grunt as her right leg shifted, carefully raising herself up to a standing position, she was bent over slightly to dust off all that dirtied up her attire. Mumbling incoherently to herself, the researcher straightened up her spine. Staring out into the vast length ahead of her, leading deeper and deeper into the shadowy extended family of trees, a shudder just had to crawl along each muscle, the correct human response to this sight. With the final habit of smoothing back stray locks of the softest blue tint from her face, Evelynn decided she was due back home soon. Though, hanging on her stance for another moment or two, she had the feeling something was different about this attempt along with others. Maybe she was meant to be fortunate tonight...or not. However, she was one to be a more optimistic woman. Therefore, she would stand still, and listen to her surroundings, as the forest whistled along with the night air, the painted picture of many typical horror scenes.


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Urban fantasy, cyberpunk.

John Stranger walked along the forest path, sniffing the air for any animals. He wasn't a vampire, but he was similar. He had a thirst that could only be satiated by blood, yet he also needed to sustain himself with food. His soul was split into three parts - The soul of a human, the soul of an angel and the soul of a demon. He had three sides to him, three sides that was in a never ending battle for supremacy, leading them to be locked in equilibrium. Due to the equal struggle, John remained mentally stable unlike others who were similar to him - Those that had been tainted by a demon only, or an angel, or didn't even have a human soul at all. Those were the ones that were dangerous, erratic. In other words, mad.

He looked around him and sighed. It was difficult to see nature like this around anymore. As the humans advanced in technology and science, they had sacrificed nature in order to build their 'clockwork marvels', as John liked to call them machines. It wasn't that he didn't use them, he just believed that the manufacturing and usage could be much more prudent. Forests were burnt down for farms and housing, that was understandable but factories? No. Furthermore, some factories were unused after a few years and those built near water usually caused water pollution too, dragging down two aspects of nature with them in their death spiral. The advancement of technology had too, ate away at their belief in the occult. Those like him had once been worshipped as Gods, but now they were forgotten.

Most had left the Earth for other realms, some of their own creation via the usage of complicated magicks John did not comprehend but others like John stayed. Some wanted to stay for their own reasons, keeping to themselves in their mysterious studies. Some wreaked havoc in the human race, becoming the roots of many superstitions and dark myth and nightmares. People like John had stayed behind because they liked the life here in the human world. They liked the humans. They wanted to live amongst them, be like them as much as possible. They were the weakest race to walk this earth, yet with their innovation and adaptability they had emerged supreme to rule over the Earth.

His hand snatched out as he broke the neck of a passing stag in a single blow, putting it to his mouth. He sucked it dry in seconds, the hot blood soothing the thirst that had burnt inside him since a week ago - That was how long since he had fed himself with blood. His urgency was also due to him hearing and smelling a human presence in the area. He didn't want to be walked in on. Once he was done, he dropped the drained body of the stag on the floor and he blurred away, appearing at the clearing where the human girl was, right at the very fringes.

An eyebrow was raised at the site of the girl crawling on the floor, and he noted that the girl was rather attractive, despite the glasses making her look like somewhat of a nerd.

"My my. What is a lady doing scrabbling in the dirt like that?"


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Jumping almost completely out of her skin, the young woman turned around to spot the one speaking to her, it seemed. Catching a quick glimpse of brown hair, pale skin, and finally dark eyes, burning into her own, Evelynn didn't seem to find it odd quite yet that she hadn't heard footsteps prior to the appearence of this man. Huffing, ignoring everything that might be wrong with this scene or peculiar, she felt insulted by his choice of words. Cheeks flushing to a bright pink color, arms brought up to fold across her chest, her vision was limited with squinting eyes beyond the pair of sleek glasses resting along her nose.
"I will have you know I was not 'scrabbling' in the dirt."
Briefly tilting her head to the side, whipping away a couple strands of hair that obscured her sight, it was normal for this scientist in particular to feel sensitive towards others. With a childhood filled to the brim with stories of bullying, being pushed around, picked on, mimicked, she wasn't really to blame for acting so harshly towards a complete stranger. But, that was just it as well, she was speaking to a stranger. Realizing this soon enough, Eve felt her eyes widen, lips parted in a small gasp.
"Wait. Who are you? What do you want? I.. I don't have any money on me.."

Raising her hands up as if in a defensive mode, sort of out of nowhere, Evelynn tried her best to look not as vulnerable as she felt. The scene was set as so in her head: she was alone, in a forest, with a strange man, who had appeared without any sound to warn her of him. This was all kind of strange. Alas, she did enjoy strange, but not when she was unprepared for it to happen. Biting her lower lip gently, she awaited his response, bracing herself as muscles tensed, limbs caught lock. No, she had never fought back a bully when she was younger, nor had she really ever stood up for herself. But right now, the sudden burst of energy rushed to her head, adrenaline pumping along her heart like a metronome on speed. Eyes held upon his, Evelynn kept still, and waited patiently.