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Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by Kame, Sep 10, 2015.


What is your favorite type of Roleplay?

  1. Action/Adventure

  2. Drama/Psychological

  3. Horror/Gore

  4. Cartoon/Disney

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  5. Strict Anime

  6. Strict Realistic

  7. Religious/Historical

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  8. Sexual/Pornagraphic

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  9. Yuri

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  10. Governmental/Military

  11. Video Game

  12. TV Show/Media

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  13. Other/Not listed

  14. Romance

  15. Fantasy

  16. Yaoi

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Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. Just a little experiment to see what interests everyone here on iwaku. I've made a few roleplays in the small time i've been here on iwaku, supported and even helped out other roleplays grow. Needless to say i've seen a lot of different types of roleplays here, Others getting more interest than others and others getting literally NO INTEREST which makes me curious and leads me to make this sort of experimental poll to see what everyone wants to see as a roleplay.

    Don't get the wrong idea, I'm not doing this so i can just make a RP out of the biggest interest shown. Most of these i don't like myself to be honest but only to see what others like. It would help not only me but others to see what everyone likes! :)

    Post below too, not only to help this poll be seen and not fade away back in the pages of this forum but to get most out of this experiment. Discuss with others here and see why they like the things that they do. So without hesitation please vote above then post a discussion why you picked the thing you did! have fun and respect others decision! :)
  2. I could only vote for three? ;___; And some options I want to vote for one half but not the other. O__O Like I would play Historical but Not Religious. And I like Horror, but not necessarily Gore.

    I went ahead and voted "Not Listed". 8D My favorite thing is Romance subplots within almost any genre.
  3. You can vote the one you want and just state which half you actually voted for. i did that because i didn't want it to be too long.
  4. "Fantasy" is not listed.
  5. I knew i was missing something LOL
  6. Psychological would have to be my favorite and if it is psychological horror then all the better.
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  7. Voted.

    It should be noted you're only getting what's popular in General Chat with this though.
    Not what's popular among site users as a whole.
  8. Epic adventure, fantasy/fantasy modern (I voted before the change in the poll XD), drama, slice of life (but not strictly realism), action, and thriller are all my favorites in that order. I also prefer to mix it with some elements of historical or loosely based off historical just to add more to it. Romance is always optional. I like my roleplays to feel like an episodic show or a huge movie XD.

    But, I have noticed that there seems to be a "RP of the month" when it comes to request or interest. Nothing wrong with that, but most ideas being suggest aren't things I'm too interested in.~ And, it seems like ones I like aren't too popular right now.
  9. Now I've voted. :3
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  10. Apocalyptic.
  11. For 1x1s I do prefer fantasy adventures (with very little action since I suck at writing fight scenes) and for group roleplays I like horror (mainly haunted house/location survival horror.)
  12. Wish I could have voted for more than three. The ones I did vote for fantasy, action-adventure, and romance...not instant romance either. I get excited about pretty much anything with a solid plot and characters.
  13. Anything that has nothing to do with the mundane. Fantasy, science fiction, supernatural stuff, the apocalypse... Though a setting is only as interesting as its plot. It's possible to make the fascinating, boring.
  14. I love to do Nation Roleplays, but it seems like I am the only one :(
  15. Talk to @Kadaeux he still makes them on occasion. :ferret:
  16. /

    That I do. I don't have one immediately scheduled. But I do have one nearly ready for deployment soon.
  17. Why is there an option for Yuri but not Yaoi?
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  18. I forgot about it.
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