Experienced Rper returns from the void.

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  1. Hello Everyone from Iwaku,

    I am Kurogane, an experienced Rper from the days of Otaku zone. I have found that my current life is lacking the excitement of daily Rp's so i have decided to come back and have fun. I am an older Rper currently in my late 20's but my age has given me experience and with that i have learned that i don't care if people see me as odd for doing something i love. I love all kinds of genre's and can play a variety of characters from the quite genius to the loud party guy. I look forward to writing wonderful adventures with you all.

    Thank you,

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  2. Well welcome back and the more experience the better!
  3. Thank you Shayla. I agree entirely, hopefully i can put my experience to good use.
  4. Welcome back! I hope you enjoy it more on this try :)
  5. Welcome back! May you find all the adventures you're looking for.
  6. Thank you Lady Amalthea, I plan on enjoying this new rp life of mine to the fullest.
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  7. Thank you Mari, I plan on it.
  8. This thread is a real experience.
  9. Here's a bucket of rainbows for you as a welcome gift.

  10. Hello there! Welcome back!

    By the way, I love your avatar! It looks really nice~
  11. Thank you Asmodeus. I wanted to make an impact upon my return, looks like I have.
  12. Hi kuroka-chan, thank you for the warm welcome.
  13. Welcome:3
  14. Thank you so much archwar, you sure know how to make a guy feel welcome.
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  15. Thank you Domo, It's Archer from fate stay night. I like your avatar as well.
  16. I had a feeling it was! I haven't seen much of it, but it's on my list to watch (Just need to catch up on Assassination Classroom first...xD; ).

    And thank you! I appreciate that! ^^
  17. It's good, I highly recommend it as well as the movie and prequels.
  18. Welcome to Iwaku, Kurogane. Hope you find everything you're looking for :)
  19. Thank you Esthalia, so far I am. Everyone has been really nice and welcoming.
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