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  1. I have many flaws as a roleplayer but one of my greatest is setting boundaries and then staying within them. I do not push myself enough to improve my writing. Here is where I'm going to challenge that.

    There will be characters, rp plots, character rp starters, random tidbits of my writing, and possibly some art.

    Feel free to leave comments but please be polite.


    Table of Contents

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  2. WIP

    Character Name:
    Name Meaning: tbc
    Alias: "xienie"
    Sex: Male
    Gender: Agender
    Species/Race: Korean American
    Age: 21
    B-Day: 6/22/93
    Zodiac Sign: Zodiac sign for "personality" help.
    Bloodtype: Also interesting for personality types.
    Place of Birth: Where the character comes from.
    Current Residence: Where the live right now.
    Occupation: Their job.
    School/Grade: Their school grade or college major.
    Family: Any living or dead family members.
    Gemstone: For birth month or even a favorite!



    Height: How tall.
    Hair: Hair color and style.
    Eyes: Eye color.
    Distinguishing Marks: Tattoos, scars, birthmarks, etc.
    General Appearance: Basic physical description and clothing style. Pictures are also good.
    Strengths: These are the thing your character is physically good at doing.
    Weaknesses: These are things your character physically WEAK at.


    Allies: Friends and trusted people to the character.
    Enemies: Their foes.
    Current Goal/Purpose: Their agenda they would like to accomplish.
    Aspirations: Personal dreams and desires!
    Hobbies: Things they like to do.
    Likes: Things they enjoy. Stuff, food, music, etc.
    Dislikes: Things they hate!
    Talents: Little things your character is good at. This can be anything from cooking to playing Sudoku.
    Inabilities: Things your character is terrible at. For example, spelling or getting along with animals.
    Fears: Things your character is afraid of, has a phobia of, or even small events they don't want to happen.
    General Personality: This is the personality that the world sees. What people believe of your character. How the interact with other people.
    Inner Personality: The part of your character's personality that they don't like to reveal to others. What people rarely get to see!
    Fondest Memory: A memory that stands out as a favorite.
    Biggest Regret: The one they they really regret about their life.
    Secret: That one thing they don't want the world to find out.


    Special Items: Any items that might be precious or important to the character.
    Weapons: Weapons they might carry or know how to use.
    Magics: Kinds of magics, spells or abilities they might have.


    General History: Childhood and important events that helped make your character who they are today.

    Present Life: The events in the present life that tie them to the current plot!

    Special Historic Notes: A quick checklist of the major "events" in the character's life.
  3. [​IMG]

    Code Name: Bloodletter Secret Identity: Lazar Vuković

    Age: 26

    Gender: Male

    Race: Human (genetically engineered)

    Adaptable | Conservative | Focused | Protective | Skeptical | Vindictive

    A man with conflicting outward and internal appearances. He shows the world a cool and and collected front as he rages from the inside. His temper is explosive but he hides it by erasing all emotion from his face. Lazar is very dedicated to carrying out any task he's given or he sets for himself. He lets very few close to him but when he does they will receive all of his loyalty and he would kill or maim anyone who brings them harm.

    Born : 7-22-87 | Kosovo, Serbia | Blood Type O

    He was born in the house of his parents as they were unable to afford hospital fees or the proper care needed for a newborn baby. They were Kosovo Serbs and victims of ethnic hatred. High recession and rising unemployment rates riddled the country as Civil War threatened to break out. Lazar was raised surrounded by ever growing tension and fear. He lost an older brother to the Kosovo War and his father was wounded.

    Lazar had tired quickly of the ethnic hatred in Serbia and decided to leave as soon as he could. He joined the military and climbed the ranks with ease. He was a good soldier and greater leader. One fateful day he was drafted into a classified experimental mission. He underwent genetic engineering that altered his very DNA. They injected him with a man-made mutant gene that gave him the ability to manipulate his own blood.

    After the torturous experiment, Lazar left Serbia as a fugitive. He was wanted by the Serbian military but he did not wish to become a human weapon for them. He settled in America and worked contracted manual labor jobs while moonlighting as a superhero. He was named by the public "the Crimson Warrior."

    He underwent many trials and tribulations as a superhero and as a civilian. He found a man he trusted enough to share both his bed and story. They fell in love. Lazar was happy. He started to break out of his shell, smiling at the world more often. Drama still surrounded him but it no longer affected him in the same way. He had someone to share the burden with.

    Then it all changed.


    1. Haemokinetic Creation : Can create tools, armor, and even appendages out of blood.
    2. Enhanced Agility : Can go from one motion to another effortlessly, effectively dodge attacks, swing from things easily, sprint, do numerous gymnastic, athletic and martial implements with little effort.
    3. Regenerative Healing : He can regenerate minor injuries and can endlessly produce blood at a high rate.


    Assorted blades and Sig Sauer MPX Pistol


    Proficient in hand to hand combat.
    Can handle blades and guns (prefers not to use them).

    What made them cross the line?:

    The death of his lover.

    The man that had brought Lazar so much happiness, Sonny, was murdered by a criminal bent on revenge against Lazar for putting him in prison. He had stalked Lazar when he was in his superhero identity and discovered his name and address. The criminal then murdered his lover and left a message in his blood, "Come find me."

    Lazar did. He killed him. His hope had left him.

  4. Complete Form

    Code Name: Cerberus

    Secret Identity: Damon Fisher

    Age: 23

    Gender: Male

    Race: Hellion


    Aggressive | Confident | Dynamic | Fatalistic | Resourceful

    He's the noisy, irritating friend who won't stop complaining. He knows just how annoying he is but lives off of people's reactions. Damon is impulsive and follows his instincts instead of his brain. Most often this works in his favor but it has also landed him in many tight situations. His lack of interest towards his own personal safety throws people off but he cares little about life and death. He's already been to Hell. There are many things that interest Damon and despite appearances he likes to learn. He was a good student and still enjoys gathering tidbits of information. Damon is loyal to a select few and enjoys sibling like relationships in a team because of his only child status.

    Born: 8-21-94 | Blood Type AB | Hell, Earth

    There wasn't any celebration when Damon was born. He was son to one of the lords of Hell and a human from above. His father wanted to keep him and raise him to eventually take over his position but Damon's mother escaped back to Terrestrial Earth with him when he was only a few years old. Damon had to learn to control his powers when only a toddler in order to blend into society.

    With his mother's teachings and his natural interest in ethics, Damon revolted against his blood inclination to do evil. He instead became a super hero. He used his powers to do good and repent for what his father did in the past. He respects his mother more than anyone and visits her often even as an adult. Damon went to Hell when he turned twenty to visit his father. He wanted to know more about where he came from and who exactly the man who aided in his birth was.

    That was his biggest mistake.

    Beast Creation & Life Link - Damon can summon up to three Hellhounds at a time. His mind is melded with theirs when they are called into existence and he can control them as if he was on of them. When they are summoned he has limited canine physiology.
    Hellfire Manipulation - Can summon flames from the planes of Hell and manipulate them. Contact causes excruciating pain or healing depending on Damon's intention.

    FN SCAR-L / Mk.16 assault rifle

    Agile | Flexible | Keen Reflexes

    What made them cross the line?:

    His father.

    When Damon visited his father in Hell he was held in captivity and tortured. His father wanted to break him and then use him as an underling. Damon eventually escaped killing his father and any who denied him passage back to his home: above.
  5. Story

    hell is a thing, main character comes from it. is good. becomes super hero. has friends who are also heroes, college age cause high school 'n adults are overrated. main guy controls hellhounds and hellfire, second teleportation/portal, third shapeshifting, fourth tattoo something or other, fifth

    enemies are from hell and earth. main has to fight old home and new home, drama, stuff

    Hell - greek/roman influenced
    Hades 'n whatnot
    Cerberus is Damon's father. Mother was human.

    alignment : good
    image ref
    power : hellhounds + hellfire

    alignment : good
    [​IMG] / [​IMG]
    power : shapeshifting

    alignment : good
    power : tattoo manipulation & empowerment

    alignment : bad
    power : snake manipulation & physiology

    Kian / Connor
    alignment : good
    [​IMG] / [​IMG]
    power : teleportation/portal

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  6. Working Title : Awaiting Grace
    do not steal

    He was running out of time. The doors were closing, chains snaking from spirit to spirit, dragging all loose souls back down. His cover would be blown if no one escaped. As a guardian of the underworld it's his duty to collect any soul that crossed to the other side. In other words, a reasonable excuse for his visiting Earth. This would be his chance to escape his duty and traverse the aboveworld he had heard so much about.

    Ducking behind a stalagmite, Damon watched covertly as two large behemoths passed by on patrol for escapees. Their steps left minor earthquakes in their wake. With their passage though meant he would have a window of time to go through the doors of Hell. He waited with bated breath as they moved on to the next quadrant. Slipping silently through the maze of natural formations, Damon made his way to the exit. It looked just like any doorway if a bit larger and darker but in reality it was a portal. One that would transport him to somewhere on Earth. Damon stepped through knowing he didn't have the time for second thoughts. His surroundings warped; colors blending, sounds sucked away, and where he thought he'd feel wind he instead felt a vast nothingness. It lasted for what felt like hours, trapped in a state of motion without end, but truthfully was only mere minutes.

    Suddenly he was stumbling into an alley. It was filthy and stank of all kinds of past sins. Damon tried his very best not to imagine what inappropriate behavior had been enacted here. He took stock of his immediate environment as he patted himself down. There was no apparent evidence of an entrance to the Underworld but he could feel its presence.

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