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Expanded Characters area

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by Kakumei, Sep 28, 2015.


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  1. I know we generally have the Characters tab above, that lets us upload pictures for our characters and that we have blogs for storing in-depth character information. But I (personally) feel like this is a bit much. Why not have a tab above that lets us upload a picture of a character, and have a "profile skeleton" that allows us to fill in details about our characters. That way, when joining in on a group or doing a one on one role play, we can link the character that we want to use with all readily available information there for convenience. It sets a low basic standard that everyone can see and know what to look for. Name, Age, Race, Magical Powers, Physical Description, Personal Description, Etc etc.

    I think that this would be a big help to the site, and something that would be very interesting to see implemented. Again, these are just personal feelings and ideas so take it as such.

    Have a lovely day everyone!

  2. I'm a a bit confused. If you go into the character media you can upload pictures of characters and fill in default feilds or the bio section for personlized information, and it is quite link able. Example: my character Adora.
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  3. I don't understand what I am missing then. I don't see a place to fill in that information like you did. Any text that I add somehow manages to find itself above the picture instead of below it.
  4. If you post your character, there should be a little pencil icon above it. Click on it and voila :) If the default feilds aren't what you're looking for, then simply type all information in the bio section and it'll appear like normal.

    I never, ever noticed this. Seriously... WHAT!?

    ~> Goes and cries in the smallest of small corners possible <~

    I can't believe I never noticed this lovely beast of an option!!!

    Please ignore my above idea request. It is absolutely useless to read. XD

    And Noctis... A million thank yous!
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