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  1. Hello! I'm a girl in my late teens who loves creating characters and watching them thrive in the world that is roleplay. I am currently working on how characters evolve throughout stories. I guess that's it! :D
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  11. I'm curious about the differences between The Knights' Templar and The Round Table. They're thrust forward into the modern era by either or, but what is the purpose? Are these both organizations, groups, or something else? What are their goals? How do they operate? Do they have morals or certain weapons and magic they prefer above others? How do they each view hybrids? *and many more questions to come*
  12. You can be a witch or witch-hybrid if you want curses
  13. I'll get a hierarchy system up for both. The Round Table are lot more honor-bound and seemingly have far better morals. But someone within their ranks (not saying who yet but you may guess it once I throw up some NPC character sheets) is using dark magic - with permission admittedly, these are the end times after all - and does have more questionable morals. As for the Knight's Templar, there are two main moral codes: The militaristic, get the job done at all costs, army-type of lack of morals. And the religious, holier than thou, everyone else is a heathen and we are the best, but still got to help people and save the human race for our Lord God. But, ultimately, they are both organisations made up of a variety of people and they way they behave in accordance with any morals really does come down to the individual. For now, until the split and their infighting begins, think more about your characters origin and their geographic location for which order they would belong to. There is also a third order that came up during some planning, a minor one, the Knights of the Maple I think it was called (will have to check that thread). This third order needs to have almost all of planned so I guess it may be best to not rely on this one too much at the moment and keep their main stuff for a future story arc. Does that help or make any sense? I feel like I'm not answering the questions very well :(
  14. Names: Knight Connor McKinley of the Order of the Maple.
    Age: 25
    Year of Death: 1584
    Species: Human
    Allegiance: He currently follows the Knights Templar, for their goals align. Though his loyalty will forever remain with the Order and the Lady.
    Affiliates: Grand Master Alberic of the Order of the Maple. Sir Warren of the Knight's Templar. Abigail McKinley, mother, and Mattrim McKinley, father.

    Solid green plate armor for him and his horse, Stepper.
    Stepper, a large that could easily be mistaken for a beast that pulls the plow on a farm. The size, weight, speed, and resulting momentum leads to devastating charges. And once in the thick of battle, Stepper has been trained to kick and bite at any that approach. This means that one should not approach Stepper unless Connor gives you expressed permission to do so.
    A large, green, and metallic lance. The vamplate further protects him from direct blows as he charges at the foe.
    A green and yellow heater shield with a black, styalized maple tree in the center to represent his affiliation with the Order of the Maple.
    A great sword rounds out his chosen equipment. Once he is fully committed to a melee, or his lance is lost (which ever is first), he will switch to his great sword.

    Skills: A trained and experienced lancer, Connor can guide Stepper seemingly with thought alone while his lance pierces the foe, and his shield prevents that same foe from doing the same to him. An expert in wielding two handed weapons, specifically the great sword, it is ill advised to choose that weapon if you were to challenge him to a duel. While he can certainly more then handle himself in a duel, he thrives most in the midst of battle, his great sword cutting through the foe like the scythe through wheat. He can also speak several languages with little to no trouble and has adopted modern dialect. English, French, and a smattering of Latin.
    Magic: Specializing in primarily Bronze and Silver magics, few spells and beasts can touch Connor without consequences. His skill with these two types of magics is so great, that they are often done unconsciously. However, for particularly difficult spells, concentration is required. He can also use Earth magic to a lesser degree, such as quickly filling in a hole that would otherwise break Stepper's leg and Connor's neck.


    Armored (open)


    Connor stands at a respectable 6', quite tall for that time and a sign of his good health and the overall wealth of his family. Aside from that, he is quite dull to look at. Short brown hair, brown eyes, trimmed mustache and beard, and a couple scars scattered about from previous hunts and battles.

    'Knight Templar Archives: Connor McKinley'

    "The circumstances surrounding Connor McKinley's current situation, that of him being alive in well several centuries after most people are dead, is a special one, even among the other recovered knights. He was simply found wandering the European countryside, lost yet still slaying beasts as he went, speaking in Old English with an occasional French or Latin word thrown in. When first approached by our members, he was openly hostile. Can't blame him, I'd be rather annoyed myself. But after seeing our coat of arms and a portion of our history, he has accepted that we are the Knight's Templar. Though we were a much smaller order then what we were, and we are a speck compared to what we were at our peak, he recognized our order.

    After asking key questions, we deduced that his name was Connor McKinley and was 'alive' in the late 16th century. And as a member of the Order of the Maple, he served a divine being called The Lady, who at the time we had no record of. It would seem that the last thing he remembers before appearing in the present day, was him being sent on a quest in the name of The Lady. My theory suggest that he stumbled upon a temporal anomaly that may have also put him in a pocket dimension. Take a record, we are on the outside of that record, whizzing by at an incredible speed and covering a lot of distance with little effort. No go to the inside of the disk. In the same quarter rotation, he has barely moved in comparison to us. That is how he has remained the way he has for so long, and with no recollection of any time passing. Upon further questioning, we have found the location of the temporal anomaly. I suggest we watch it for further disturbances. Perhaps another knight will fall into our laps."