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  1. This is a revised post of a group roleplay I attempted, though failed to start. I am looking for multiple partners to roleplay this through with, as I enjoy seeing how different people react and add their own spin to the story, so feel free to hit me up either in this thread or in pm for any additional information or for us to set up for the rp. So now, here it is, in all of it's glory! The starship Excelsior! Below is the plot leading up to the story which you can read, or just continue down for the short and sweet version. In preparation for this roleplay, I have gathered pictures from across the internet to use for this roleplay, as can be found here:

    Long Plot (open)

    "With this ship, the Starship Excelsior, We venture into a frontier that will never come to its grand finale. No, for space is ever expanding, with new worlds and life forms to experience, with trials for both us, and any others we find fairing at a high enough capacity to meet us. This is the greater space race. This, is the power of the human race!"
    -- Charleston Velemore, President of NASA, 2364

    The final words in the christening of the flagship in a twelve ship fleet of space vessels were forever immortalized in those few moments, forever to be recalled to future generations, and to any that the human race, nothing more than fledglings in interstellar space travel, may encounter on their long journeys into. Children dreamt of soaring amongst the stars, commanding their own vessels, striving to become better, the greatest of engineers, biologists, chemists, fighters, doctors, and lawyers. Piracy had eventually become less of a problem with the implementation of more effective weapon systems, and stronger police fleets as well as judicial policies. The Intergalactic Court of Equivalent Rights, otherwise known as the Equivalency to any rebel groups or pirates operating outside of the law, became a firmly entrenched governmental force among the stars, one that many came to fear. Intergalactic wars had come and gone, and the seas of politics were sent into an ever turbulent storm, but even so, life remained in a relatively normal state for the commoners, and even for the higher classes. One could only know of the quarrels in the beauty of the night sky if they were training to be a piolet or perhaps within the governmental tree. That was, until the Equivalency was defeated by a tactical group of liberationists who knew where to strike, and had knowledge as to when the governmental power was at its weakest. Lives were changed that day…

    Over fifteen centuries have now passed since the end of the wars, however, the date now 3675. It has finally been legalized to construct one's own star ship from scraps without a permit as the final remnants of the old, oppressive governmental system have been weeded out of the new, exploration and science based ruling party. Planets that have been spent in resources beyond the point of repair have been delegated as scrap planets, junkyards of sorts, Old Earth being one of those such planets. Having been fished from the seas of a Central Gamma Quadrant Planet, the Excelsior was rendered unusable and thrown into one such junk pile on Earth. Law is lax here due to the high population of pirates and poor who live amongst the rubble of past civilizations, and thus, hidden amiss the junkyards are gangs that are almost constantly in territory wars, mostly run by the pirates in their own twisted efforts to provide for the poor who had sheltered them for so long. By working for a specific gang of pirates, one could receive benefits, and, on occasion, money from some of their escapades, breeding a race of humans much like those of the pre space fairing days. In a word, corrupt. Every so often, however, something good comes from the small spinning marble. With the new ordinance allowing for public building of space craft, a team of scrappers were sent to Earth, they digging up whatever scrap ship parts they could find to sell on the public market, allowing for a college to buy up the old parts of the legendary ship that started it all. Buying it off of the school as part of a project, a couple of engineering majors brought the beauty back to life, a twelve person craft now, but elevated to the standards of most fighter and racer ships. The two engineers, along with some of their friends had only a couple of months left in school, each striving for their respective degrees, their final project being interpreting data from a probe that had been sent out to a new planet and setting up a navigable route through treacherous territory. These friends all passed with flying colors, and soon enough, were awarded licenses combined to be able to get a license to fly that far of a distance within the Excelsior. Without a doubt in any of the nine friend's minds, they set off towards this unknown planet, with unknown dangers, having only each other to depend on for the journey ahead.

    Unprepared for the true experience of flying through a real atmosphere, no matter how many simulations they had been through, as well as turbulence created from an ion storm caused the second demise of the vessel, it being sent spiraling down into a thick forest, all of the ship occupants being ejected with parachutes. Even so, they could be just a couple of yards from each other, or miles. And what of their ship? And the planet they are on? The probe scans showed that there was life on this planet, and abundant for that matter. What if that 'life' found and took theirs?

    Short Plot (open)

    15 Centuries after the creation of technology to travel interstellarly, the ship that was considered the flagship of the original explorers of the universe is found and revamped by some college students who are on the edge of graduation. After graduation, they decide to go on an exploration mission to a planet that was picked up by a probe, but never examined further than that. Entering the atmosphere, however, control was lost over the vessel, in addition to a severe ion storm, damaging the ship to such a degree that it had to be abandoned, the entire nine person crew being ejected. No one knows where the other is, or if anyone else besides themself is even alive, though they know that based on the probe scans, this planet has life on it and a very diverse ecosystem. But where there is ecosystem diversity, there is always a carnivore....
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  2. Oh, love this concept! I'll work up a basic character template for myself, just so you can see my charrie(s). But, they will be WIP, for I will possibly be inquiring on a few things to insure my charrie(s) will work in this universe.
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  3. If you would pm those to me, that would be much appreciated. Thank you for your interest in my ideas ^^
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