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  1. Excalibur
    - Set in the middle Ages of 1340, 7 years before the Black Death. -

    Vikings, Knights, And Nobles live peacefully together in a structured world till 7 years later new found viruses and plagues overwhelm the civil community and needless war and anarchy brawled endlessly between kingdoms and the two classes of warriors. Not only is the civil community and warriors getting hit rapidly with depression and hard times but the holy lands of churches and religious factions undergo controversy and heresy.
    ''May you be for the war or against the war, We are all the same here''
    Your character starts off 7 years before this tragedy, It is your choice what faction you are apart of and in accordance to your faction determines what attire you wear and what type of weapons you use. There are three factions that occupy two lands and in these lands you are free to do whatever you feel necessary to your characters development. If you want to be a rebel and a thief who steels and kills guards then do that, if you want to be a regular warrior who works for the military then do so. This is a PC roleplay with slight gore so if you want sexual themes and or major gore then this is not for you.

    † Factions †
    • Vikings - These people live in the northern areas of the world where snow always falls. Known for there wild and ruthless behavior they tend to get on multiple ships and travel by sea to evade other lands with brute force. When not at war they usually tend to occupy themselves at the local inns to get drunk and get massive amounts of food for there pleasure, even tell war stories. Vikings usually wear fur and armor with long hair and long beards to warm themselves in winter. They fight with long axes and spears but sometimes with short swords and bows.
    • Knights - These people usually live in the royal and or forested lands usually within large castles. Although they are seen to be more factions of knights usually they all are the same thing that worship the same god. Rather you name yourself a Templar or a Black knight you are a knight regardless who is built for war and structure. Knights usually wear cloth mixed with silver and metal armor chest plates, gauntlets, Boots, and even shoulder plates. They usually wield claymores (Great Swords) Long Swords and even spears and daggers.
    • Nobles - These people are usually the ones running the show with power from kings and queens to princes and princesses. They are normally seen to reside in castles or larger building like structures away from civil community and war zones mostly because they are not built for it. Nobles usually wear fancy clothes made of cloth and jewels with crowns or fancy masks made of gold. Although these people are not built for war they usually are trained in battle tactics for modern defense, thus they wield rapiers and small daggers.
    Nobles are be limited to 2 people, each one will be under one faction and will be picked by the system of ''First come first serve'' rule. Nobles can enforce laws on there lands and have to be intelligent enough to make structured ones. They cannot leave there land nor can they participate in wars. They cannot declare wars but they can only make laws and place guards around the land and roleplay as the guards around the land that they are under.

    Vikings and Knights will elect a commander amongst there ranks via vote under a private message group. Commanders will be able to declare wars and promote or demote people under them. These people can choose there 2nd and there front man to which can help them structure wars and plan attacks against the opposite faction. There can only be one commander per faction of these two and there can only be one 2nd and one front man per faction.

    • Commanders can roleplay as Front liners (Regular Warriors) in battle. They can also roleplay as civil people.
    • 2nds can roleplay as bow and spearmen (Long range Warriors) in battle. They can also roleplay as Merchants.
    • Front man can roleplay as trapmen and flankers (Stealth Warriors) in battle.
    Any questions please don't be afraid to ask and if you have a opinion or if you want to join this roleplay please post below. Hope you guys like this!
  2. This looks interesting... Is there another thread or is this the first one so far?
    I'd be interested in the spot of a Noble or a Viking
  3. The only other thread is a interest thread. I will start the roleplay once we have enough people to fill the major spots. We currently have 3 interests, however probably 2 more people interested would do it.
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