Exalted: Chronicle of Leo

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    In the beginning of the Second Era, magic appeared to be all but lost. Those with magic still retained the old ways as the New World Tree allowed it, but those born within the Second Era were born without magic, or so the world thought. Elves gave birth to seemingly magicless children in a shocking twist for their kind, Shadow Casters found themselves without connection to The Darkness, and the world suffered a century of panic. The only magic that managed to survive was the Inner Light and Blood Magic. This incited many wars which led to the eventual immigration of humans to Myast.

    It was then technology boomed as residents of Myast gathered together to engineer a new frontier. They discovered the very crystals that they used to keep their airships hovering high in the skies could also be harnessed to create magic. What they soon came to realize was that each person had the ability to wield magic, but lacked the capacity to push it forward and utilize it. Magitech was invented to channel such magical potential using energized crystals, either within exoskeletons, armor, or weapons.

    Not everyone in Myast chooses to tap into their Potential. In fact, there are millions who prefer to remain magicless. Those who do choose to tap into their magic undergo a series of tests to determine which magic they possess, and from there they take on exclusive studies. This can become expensive, and so most poor do not get to explore magic without a sponsor.

    In the Lyn continents of the Eastern Hemisphere, technology was forbidden in the Second Era. They struggled against another eventual rise in a new era of Shadow Casters known as Umbramancers, and due to their inability to combat such a foe, they were overrun. The Umbramancers locked the Lyn Continents in an almost literal Dark Age, and eventually threatened to overtake the rest of the world as a means to continue their pure connection with The Darkness.​
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