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CURRENT DATE: Game Year 1, Resplendent Wood, Day 15
(Leo, Sixler, Zabasaz) - in the deserts of the South
(Flood) - undisclosed
-Being paid by the Guild to get a caravan safely to Gem, where they will receive further orders.

GY1, RW1 - The Exalted leave Gutan for Gem, expecting a month-long journey. They are warned by their Guild supervisors of attacks by "ghost bandits" on their prior caravans, and have hired the Exalted to keep an eye on things. A reasonably wealthy man named Zabasaz joins them. Rumors of Gem falling into a nihilist slump make this mission crucial to the Guild.

GY1, RW14 - As dusk approaches, a band of raiders attack the Caravan, but instead of being made up of bandits, it is made up of undead skeletons led by two ghostly raiders. They are easily dispatched by the Exalted Circle and Zabasaz, but the ghosts escape being incorporeal and difficult to harm.

GY1, RW15 - The Caravan decides given the circumstances of the prior night's attack to try and take a shortcut. They end up in a canyon where a pale man garbed entirely in black with a pale horse also garbed in black approaches the Exalted with an alternate deal.


Want to join? Here are the 'rules.'

1) No villains. To be more specific, no OBVIOUS villains. If you want to be an enemy to the party who is part of the party as per his evil devices, then fine. But the point of the rp is for everyone to move as a unified party from beginning to end, to play out the whole chronicle. Exceptions may be worked out, though. ah who cares, we'll take villains.

2) Allowed Exalted types for the party, ordered by desirability: Solars, Lunars, Sidereals, Abyssals, Terrestrials, Infernals. Disallowed characters: Alchemicals, Gods/spirits, non-Exalted mortals. Exceptions apply only in the case of amazingly awesome exceptions.

3) This is a freeform Exalted-theme rp. You don't need to know any of the rules of Exalted to play. There'll be no generation, rolling, charms, etc. The only thing you need to know is not to have any abilities too far beyond your Exalted's present capabilities (around Essence 2-4.) If you don't know what this means, you don't need to because it won't be a problem. Again, NO STATS. NO ROLLS. COMPLETELY FREEFORM. Like any Fantasy rp, but in the Exalted world.


5) All players know how to speak Old Realm unless they don't want to. This gives us a basis of communication so we can ignore the language barrier 95% of the time. Eclipse-caste Solars and Moonshadow-caste Abyssals can speak any damn language they want unless I rule its REALLY obscure. Educated Terrestrials can probably speak a lot, too.

How to join - the step by step process.

1 - PM me! I want to know you're interested. If you're PMing me, you should PM me with any questions about the rp so I can answer them. if you don't know anything about Exalted, tell me so I can fill you in. I'll give you the absolute necessities that you and your character need to know and get you started in the right direction.

2 - Give me your concept, if I give you the go. Concept is what your character is, in a short phrase. Examples are Wandering Warrior, Uncertain Necromancer, Pirate King, etc. If you know Exalted and know what you want to be, that's fine - if you don't, this'll help me narrow it down. Below are short descriptions of the Exalted, and a list of their castes. (Castes/aspects are what your specialties are, generally reflecting an Exalted's role in first age society.)

3 - Once you know what you're going to play as, I'll find you a way to jump into the plot and get you involved. If you don't got a backstory, think about one as time passes, because everyone is going to ultimately see their backstory revisited as the plot progresses.


Solars - Dawn, Zenith, Twilight, Night, Eclipse
Lawgivers of the Unconquered Sun. They were meant to rule the world in the First Age, now in the Second Age they've only recently rejoined the cycle of reincarnation to find their world a bit... worse for wear.
Dawn are warlords and generals, skilled in all forms of combat and war.
Zenith are preachers and high priests of the Unconquered Sun, known for their resilience and being near impossible to corrupt.
Twilight are scholars and sorcerers, intelligent and wise pursuers of knowledge and crafters.
Night are assassins and spies, without compare in stealth and espionage.
Finally, Eclipse are diplomats and couriers, skilled in maintaining society and traversing the vastness of Creation.
NOTE: Solars are basically people who are REALLY good at doing everything. An average Solar with a sword is way out of the league of the most experienced mortal with a sword. Playing one of these will make you blend in with the party/plot the easiest.

Lunars - Full Moon, Changing Moon, No Moon, Chimera
Champions of Luna, the moon, they are shapeshifters tasked with the protection of their Solar mate, which each one had in the First Age and still should. All Lunars have a spirit animal, which is the animal that symbolizes them. They all hold a feature of said animal (one with a cat totem might have cat ears or whiskers.) These features are impossible to recognize except by exceedingly powerful supernatural abilities that augment perception.
Full Moon - Exceedingly strong, dextrous, and enduring. Usually their spirit totem is an animal known for strength or swiftness, like a bear, tiger, or bull.
Changing Moon - Beguiling, charming, attractive and slick. Spirit totem is usually a graceful or cunning animal like a fox or peacock.
No Moon - Wise, clever, amazing memory and knowledge of the occult. Spirit totems are typically smart, wise, or majestic animals like owls, elephants, serpents, deep sea creatures, and cats.
Casteless/Chimera - Playing these is prohibited. They are not for the faint at heart, and would derail the rp too much with how many complications they cause.
NOTE: Lunars present some very unique and rewarding fluff opportunities. If you play a Lunar, rest assured you will have some of the most dramatic and epic potential for backstory.

Dragon-Blooded - Air, Earth, Fire, Water, Wood
Terrestrial Exalted that represent the five elemental dragons, they are the current masters of Creation, having overthrown the Solars. Their world is coming apart at the seams as all of their problems mount at once. They were the soldiers of the Solars great armies. Some Terrestrials are Dynasts from the Realm, royal nobles, while others may be lost eggs or from alternate societies like Lookshy.
Air - Light-footed scholars and assassins, closely in touch with the element of air.
Earth - Stable and productive craftsmen and sturdy generals, closely in touch with the element of Earth.
Fire - Socialites and soldiers among the Dragon-Blooded with fiery personalities, closely in touch with the element of Fire.
Water - Exceptional sailors, bureaucrats, and martial artists, closely in touch with the element of Water.
Wood - Rangers, healers, wisemen, horsemen, performers, they understand and view the cycle of life differently, closely in touch with the element of Life, or Wood.
NOTE: Dynasts are ENEMIES of our party, though treachery or curiosity as well as hefty persuasive skills might make the party stay their blade and invite you. Dragon-Blooded are usually weaker than other Exalted, but more numerous and deadly in groups. Do not underestimate them though; they're versatile and much more widely accepted in Creation, and therefore have their social and wealth-based advantages.

Sidereals - Chosen of Journeys, Serenity, Battles, Secrets, Endings
Champions of the five maidens, the Sidereal Exalted are mysterious astrologers that operate from the Heavens above Creation, ultimately for its protection. They are powerful and possess amazing resources, but are regulated carefully by the Gods and due to ancient measures to protect Creation find it difficult to create identities in Creation, since they are near impossible to remember. They (literally) manipulate the fates in order to possess an edge and to fulfill their goals.
Chosen of Journeys - Couriers and spies, they are based in a magnificent airship in Heaven. Their patron is the Maiden Mercury.
Chosen of Serenity - Diplomats and seducers, they are based in a brothel/opium den/office in Heaven and their Maiden is Venus.
Chosen of Battles - Warriors and generals of the Maiden Mars based in a fortress in Heaven.
Chosen of Secrets - Jupiter's counselors and sorcerers based in Heaven's library.
Chosen of Endings - The morbid assassins and censors of the Maiden Saturn, they reside in an office-monetary in Heaven. Do NOT mess with them, they are basically in charge of when someone's fate ends.
NOTE: Very complicated and restricted playing style reserved for those who really want it. Rewarding, though, if it's your kind of thing. It is likely your party won't even know you're a Sidereal for the longest time, as they disguise themselves in alternate identities called Resplendent Destinies.

Abyssals - It's a secret.

Infernals - Also a secret.

Actually, if you're really interested in playing them, just ask. It can be arranged.

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We are now unwillingly accepting more people.

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